If CCP made Omega membership cheaper and did away with Alpha, would the game be better off?

There has to be an analysis somewhere that plots Omega membership price points vs. people willing to pay for them for the maximum amount of real life ISK for CCP.

The same would go for IRL PLEX prices. I bet if PLEX prices were cheaper, people would buy them more which will equate to more revenue.

What do you all think?


Omega isnt in the high bracket of subs in this industry.

Infact, one thing that encouraged me to switch to it over WoW was the fact it was cheaper.

And the way the economy is tanking in RL, it gets cheaper every day.

That really depends where you live. There’s a lot of untapped potential in the emerging economies around the world. Why do you think CCP charges less for membership for Russian players?

Im not sure it does charge less than what Im paying.

How much is Russian Federation membership these days?

From their helpdesk article:


  • USA and countries: $ 14.95
  • Europe: € 14.95 or $ 16.62
  • UK: £ 9.99 or $ 12.24
  • Russia: RUB 559 or $ 8.46

Ok cool, but glad to know Im still in the second cheapest seat.

Thing is, when I started playing, if we use USD as the standard, I was paying more.

Like I said, since around 2008 EvE has got cheaper for me to play.

Serious question: ESO charges £8.99 p/m, do you think this is in competition?

I think that is a fair price. In fact, regardless of what I’ve said, I think EVE is still a fair price. But I think we also have to consider what the majority have to say.

I myself live outside the US in a developing country but have to pay US prices. I don’t mind it since I can afford it, but imagine how much more people could play EVE if the prices were adjusted based on where a person lives. CCP could just expand what they did with Europe, UK, and Russia to the rest of the world.


Obviously Id prefer to pay less, the income in my part of the UK is substantially less than the rest of the country, though the cost of living is not. Regionalised pricing could be a way to go, but tbh the fact that some people complain that free Alpha isnt good enough content for FREE shows what I think of what the majority have to say.


I don’t really think that’s an accurate metric. Obviously free players are frustrated because they’re so limited, but we don’t know if they’re willing to pay for less. Their disposition might change if prices go down. Only a genuine market study could answer that.

AUS $24.12

$173.67 yr

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AU $22.11 for a month
AU 106.50 for 6 months

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Adjusted prices for countries with less income might be good to get more people. For me I happily pay the European abbo price , which equals to about 2 Starbucks latte macchiatos a month here in Zurich. CCP has to stay financially healthy too.

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I agree, but there’s nothing wrong with setting a quasi-“pay what you can” system as opposed to not getting revenue from players from other regions at all.

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EVE and video games in general aren’t price-sensitive commodities. You don’t pick up 10% more players if you lower the price by 10%.

As a hobby/leisure activity, EVE is fairly cheap. It runs you about the price of a single movie night, 2-4 drinks at a pub, a couple packs of cigarettes, or a lunch out at a half decent restaurant. In exchange you get on-demand entertainment for as many hours as a you care to indulge, over a 30-day span.

Alphas also are not there to compete directly with subs. ‘Doing away with them’ will only hurt the game. F2P games are based on the idea that only a small percent of your target audience are ever going to give you money anyway, so you might as well push as many people as possible through your game to increase the number of ‘paying hits’.

F2P is also based on the concept that ‘players are content’. That is, the more people active in the game (whether paying or not), the more attractive the game becomes to the small percent who will actually hand over money, and the more likely they are to become exposed to it (through friends and contacts).

Other F2P games also use the concept of ‘maybe they won’t stay, but if we get $5 out of them before they leave then that makes a difference’. EVE doesn’t take advantage of this potential because their cash shop is laughable and out of date, and because CCP decision makers have never actually understood the gaming market.

They think they are selling in the “$1,000 designer Japanese jeans” market when actually they are in the “Wal-Mart hobbies aisle” market.

What EVE should be doing is introducing more items to the cash shop, $2-$5-$10 ‘starter’ items (although they have made one attempt at this at least), tiered memberships beyond Alpha/Omega, and finding ways to differentiate those tiered memberships to the gaming needs/spending patterns of various portions of the MMO gamer market.


Ohhh now theres an idea, the multi tier packs.

Mining Pack
Industry Pack
Null Sec Domination Pack

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I totally agree they should add more interesting options to the cash shop, than only skins.

Another option could be, they streamline the upload process of in-game adds and sell add licenses for some time period. So for example, you could buy a 1 month license for some station, system or region to display an in-game add you’ve uploaded.

I would liek to inverse the question, “Why would anyone pay for the game?”.

I pay because I did so for years. If you half the price I will double the amount of accounts I subscribe. However, new players aren’t affected as we are seeing every possible game interested person log in freely as alpha. The Free To Play actually shows how horrible retention is.

What I suggest is to hire a starter team that plays EVE Online as “NewBro Launchers” in the starter and “NewBro healers/motivators” fallback corps. Also they can actively permaban all the accounts of the bad apples in all of those corps. That will probably make it easier for new players to hold their own without being pushed by “intrest groups”.


Makes sense. Well thoroughly put, thank you.

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Or say a Permit to operate a barge

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The idea of having a corporate-supported “Newbro starter team” is intriguing. Sort of like a volunteer ISD team that is focused on taking the automated NPE scripting a step farther, and moving players into the grouping/social/corporate cooperation aspect of the game.

I would think they could get away with having a small core of longer-term, moderately trained volunteers to guide the system, and then pick some additional volunteers from either the help channels, interested vets or even talented/dedicated players who are currently working their way through the “Community Experience” phase.

I doubt we could get a paid team out of CCP for this, since they already turfed the Community Management team. Presumably for telling CCP management things they didn’t want to hear, like “players think your new expansion/event/content sucks”.

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