PLEX GER vs RU 43% more expensive. why?



Who with a clear mind would pay 500 € for that?

Even to think about it deserves a smack :slight_smile:


That makes no difference, all prices are so different. Don’t change the subject.

Sure it makes a difference…even 1/10 of that price would be usury…

I mean, all of offers have different prices. Why so much? Should I use russian contacts to shop in the store now?

Obviously purchase power difference. But nobody is stopping you from jumping through all the hoops to get your EVE fix through rubbles.

I just think it’s very unfair and I don’t want to know what the prices look like in Korea. 1000% cheaper maybe?

if I would pay in roubles, there would be about two year abos for about 50B with which I could buy a character with > 50 Mio in the Bazaar. Character would then have even more SP than if he would learn two years.

This is not the point…

In MY world the flaw of it all is that someone is WILLING to pay this much and not what he gets for it…

I also would NEVER buy an i-phone for 1000 €+ despite i could affort it…it’s simply not worth its price…

Your world and what you would do is of no interest here. The question is why some countries get such discounts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a monthly subscription, PLEX, or other goods from the store.

It’s just a rip-off.

Because CCP said so and sets the price…

I don’t see your point…

The seller decides the price that suits best for the specific market…

There is no ‘equality’ in prices worldwide…NOWHERE…

And no ‘right’ to pay the same price for you if you live somewhere else…

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Ebay, Amazon etc etc etc.

No matter from which country you visit the site the price does not vary.

we are talking about the same offer on the same site from the same provider for people due TOGETHER playing on SAME server

Just some pay 43% more for the same ■■■■

There is no Russian PLEX, US PLEX, EU PLEX, it’s all PLEX

You really believe that amazon BS?

You get offers SPECIFIC for your country from amazon…

Just for fun use a proxy and start to wonder…

Due to the devaluation of the euro , the rubel is a stronger currency now :smiley:

Sorry, are you brain-dead?

What price do you see? I see €1.99.


Did you just woke up after 20 years of deep sleep? Literally every product is sold for different prices around the world. There are many reasons for that. People in Germany have over 4 times the average income, so id say its fair to pay a bit more for Eve. Compared to your income its fare more expensive in Russia.

List of Steam, that does the same. So does GOG and every other game shop i guess:


Don’t tell him…he will not believe you…


I understand it perfectly, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a very serious difference.

It’s kind of like the wealth tax. And I haven’t been playing this game long enough to know that CCP takes such full advantage of it.

@Darlo_Kubika , problem solved, see you in 4 month again.

And the Centauri Ducat is worth 100 times of that :slight_smile:

You ever heared of different taxes and laws? Just ignore them.

Yeah, you make over 4 times the money and only need to pay 40% more, thats super unfair.

CCPls increas the german prices, i feel abused!