Returned to see what EVE is like

Hi Folks

I’ve not played for many years, but have been trying to get back into it over the past week.
Using only Alpha clone at this stage.

I used to play enough to earn a 30 day PLEX with about 10 hours of gameplay, and didn’t pay for my 2 accounts, but I cant really put that much time into EVE at the moment.

Also with Alpha skills only and current PLEX prices, its going to take me a lot longer than 10 hours a month to earn 30 day game time

So, my main conditions for a full return to playing would be -

  1. That I can use both my accounts at the same time, but then I need omega status > £20 a month.
  2. That I can use my whole skill set. > needs omega

I’m not paying £20 a month for a single game, this is just too much,
I mean you can get Xbox game pass on the PC for £10 a month, or £5 a month if you go for 3rd party seller.

I think £10 a month and you get to run 2 omega accounts is fair, I would pay that, and i’m sure it would attract a lot of former players back, I have 120 player contacts, from many corps and alliances in my contact list, and I have not seen a single one online in the week I have been playing.

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Since you are back you shoulds also understand that you cannot see if they are online anymore… unless you added them now as a buddy and they did the same. So that is not a way to determine if people you know is online or not.

And ignore Kell. he is the grumpy old man of the forums. Glass is always half empty argumentative type person. And calls everything cash grabbing because he is EVE poor.

To address your statement. This is not what you consider fair. You don’t get to decide that. You can get discount by buying longer subs. CCP still has to cover operational costs but if you are to quibble about a few pounds a month. You have other priorities if a few pounds is to much for you.

And comparing a subscription for games on Xbox pass… really now?

I buy yearly subs, I mean a nice dinner with GF or lunch every Sunday costs more than yearly sub. The fun i get out of eve more than covers the sub I pay yearly.


Then don’t…go play xBox…


unbridled greed coupled with no real desire to innovate on the the items that made eve great.

Think of the Eve you know dumbed down to appeal to the average Fortnite player who will swipe mom’s credit card at the chance for the next great bobble.

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Have an example of the do you?

If you can’t put (much) time into EvE, stick with alpha and have some fun discovering other hull types you didn’t fly before. You’re good for at least 5 months normal training up to the 5M limit. It also gives you time to get a feel for the current possibilities re plexing accounts. 10 hrs to plex two accounts via an alpha, nope.

If you see a way to consistently get enough isk to plex again, it may be worth it to do one financial injection for a single month on both accounts, to get the ball rolling again (which you must have done in the past too).

But if the game itself is not attractive enough to you, there’s enough out there that can keep you occupied for the little time you have available for gaming. EvE tends to consume a lot of time :slight_smile:

This is just a nonsense statement on many levels. How can you define the “eve you know” and the “average Fortnite player”. If you have specific points about daily rewards or cash shops why not say it?

But you want to play EVE because EVE is better.

Better costs more.

And really, if 20 is outside your financial reach then maybe take some online course and get a better career?

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handing the core game out for free then selling in game items , in game currency and skins that expire all sound very familar and comparible to me.

Good riddance.


"my 2 accounts could pay eve in 10 hours "
even nowadays this is yikes material
best regards o/

eve is Fu$%$$# fantastic
best game ever
the other day some new guys joined amarr fw
i entered a helping frenzy gave some ships some money at the end i have distributed 120 million and some small ships
yesterday i was like yah I’m a bit on the low side , with 300 million on the wallet ,THEM out of nowhere a dude gave me this BEAUTIFUL SHIP

i agree eve is expensive but is such a wonderful game


Some of the replies provide useful insight, and then there is the other replies that are full of bitterness, spite and defensiveness that is so typical of the EVE community.

EVE was the first MMO I played and I used to think that level of forum hatred was normal, but it’s not.

Community toxic levels for some space games -

Star citizen - 10
EVE - 9
Elite Dangerous - 2

Predicted Reply -
Well go any play Elite then, good riddance, can I has ur stuff.

thats the spirit
i like amarr stuff but i really don’t want your stuff dude :smiley:

but i think that was cool so we are ok S3

Well, you can have one of my stuff

name one item or ship, if I have it I will give it to you

Keep this guy around. He words better.

here moderators let a few very toxic and vocal minority spoil what could be meaningful discourse on how to improve the game.

They’re replying to a toxic op who wants to run TWO Omega accounts for… “reasons” but is only willing to pay less than one current Omega account cost for it. Comparing EVE to some console nonsense as an excuse.

“Hello, I would like to play this game but only if you agree for the company to go bankrupt, its employees to lose their jobs and all other players to lose the game they’re enjoying and are willing to pay for”.

That is a level of toxicity, ignorance and narsicism that warrants a “no, ■■■■ off” response.

The longer I’m here on the forums the more I start to understand, and even appreciate at times, the harsh and blunt replies I see at times. Replies which I found “unacceptable” only a few months ago.


As a result of trolling, your barred from entering the game to name an item, and if i have it , i will give it.

You are unable to play at least 10 hours a month? Did I understand that correctly? :thinking:

I’d offer you an opportunity for you to PLEX to Omega in a short period of time but… if you can’t even play 10 hours of month… I wonder why opt for an MMO - any MMO - to begin with.