Why the Plex cost sucks

It must suck for the new players. The methods to make isk for new players havent really changed, and the amount you get from them havent changed either. But now that Plex is reaching 2 bill, the amount a new player needs to sub his account, has gone way up.

I feel for you, new players. Must suck.

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Still the same:


Talkin bout buying plex on the in-game market to sub, but thanks for following the discussion. Wink wink.

I know. Basically I’m saying they’ll realistically have to buy from ccp.

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I know that too, but people hate to spend real money for anything, and everyone wants to sub by just playing the game.

Have to disagree. People love to spend money. IF they feel that they got a good deal, or value for their money. Our infatuation for ‘sales’ and discounts, for example. And also the feelings of ‘status’ we strive for in purchasing what we believe to be greater quality (or simply newer) items.

Sorry…carry on… :wink:

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Not everyone logs into the game to “work”. If you cant afford $15 per month gtfo already!

Back in the good ol days there was none of this Alpha/Omega crap! You just paid your monthly subscription and bought Chinese ISK like the rest of us :alien:


Other than the vista when first undocking, everything about this game sucks for new players.


The price of PLEX is way down the list of things that will piss off new players enough to leave. CCP has stated that most people leave the game well before the time to start thinking about upgrading arrives. The price of PLEX will never even have been noticed.

In any case. It’s actually better for new players as they are more likely to buy them from PA to sell rather than grind their newbie asses off in game for them to upgrade to Omega.


Why? That is but one method of subbing. And for a new player to think, “Oh I’ll PLEX and play for “free” and it will be awesome is a fools errand.”

I won’t spend a 1-2 hours worth of “work” to pay for 1-3 months of game time…but I’ll spend 50-100 hours of leisure time for 1 month of game time. Yep…smart move? Do you even understand opportunity cost?

And people spend money all the time? They spend alot on food, housing, transportation, and yes…entertainment. If you can’t part with a few hours worth of income to buy 6-12 months worth of game time and are instead trading 75 hours of leisure time for 1 months worth of game you are literally “doing it wrong,” IMO.


LOL no. Us newbs don’t give a crap. In fact, exactly opposite, the higher the plex price the better cause I can get more ships and ■■■■ for it to whelp and screw around with.

The thing that is hurting us are injector prices. Cause we’re back to square one on being unable to catch up.

The people that are hurt by plex prices the most are multiboxers and bots, most of all Rorq mining ones that are running low on plex and see gloom on the horizon, VNI ratters, ■■■■ like that. And damn good riddance if they quit, game better for everyone if those dipshits leave.

So either you legitimately got it backwards, or its a Rorq / VNi ratter screech veild in “but newbies …”.

Good try.


The problem is new players thinking that just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that you should, or that it is a good idea to try doing it right away.

Back when I started the prevailing advice for new players asking about plexing their accounts was “dont” not because it couldn’t be done, but because it’s a bad idea for new players to try and do.

Chasing the isk every month turns it from a game into a job. It’s also 1.8b or however much per month that you could be spending on damn near anything else that’s more fun or useful that is instead being eaten up.

Once you are established and have enough experience you will have enough isk flowing in that you won’t really need to worry much about plex prices. Until Then, if you want to go omega, just pay for it. Its like 50 cents a day, you could literally make that much panhandling.

Frankly I think the elevated plex prices might be a good thing for new players. Because the further it gets put out of reach, maybe they will start realizing that it’s a bad idea to aim for in the first place.


I have no issue pay $15 a month. Thats roughly less than I get paid per hour.


When I first started, PLEX was at 320M. Back then I thought “That’s not much, I can get that in my 1 month trail”. I put some effort into it, didn’t get very far and then I realized “Hey, why work yourself up so much about it. Subscription is cheaper and I can do whatever I want without having to worry about my sub status.” Since then I stopped bothering about PLEXing and instead enjoyed EVE. New users who think they must at all cost PLEX instead of subscribe won’t find long-lasting enjoyment in EVE.


I’ve met players who say they can’t because their SO would give them unlimited aggro

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Then they need to dump the SO or don’t use EVE if they think that SO is more important to them.



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Hows the plex doing on serenity?

The typical 15 year old with daddys credit card in hand maybe.
But people that actually have to pay a rent and have to spend money for other “real life things” prefer to play for free or at least pay with ingame currency.

And this is most of the people i guess :slight_smile:

I spent 3k dollars so I could play this game for free.

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