Price change on steam monthly price for OMEGA

So I just received a notification about a price increase on the OMEGA monthly signature saying it’s very important everyone pays the same price… thing is not everyone has the same conditions, I live in Brazil which is a third world country, my salary is €1,15 an hour, the total I make a month is €229,27, before the price for 3 months of OMEGA was €17,46 now it’s €33,54!!! almost double, which means i’m gonna have to work 41 hours to pay for 3 months of OMEGA taking into account that my salary to survive, to feed myself to clothe myself and such a whole month is just €229,27 (In Iceland where CCP is located the minimum wage is €2.319,59 as of this year ) , it might be fair that in EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA pays the same since US and Canada are first world countries, but for us in third world countries it means sadly the end of being an OMEGA player, people who live in third world countries cannot pay the same price as you folk who live in the most privileged parts of the world without affecting our livelihood.


Damn dude, that really sucks. The exchange rate has a lot to do with the price fluctuations though, I looks like 1 BRL is only worth 0.23 EUR at the moment, that might explain why it is more expensive for you.

I don’t think it’s the case though, I think they’re adjusting the US/CANADA price to be the same for us down here in the south :frowning:

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1 BRL is 0.26 USD so for $14.99 that must cost you 58.09 BRL?

Yes :frowning:

Unfortunately there is not a lot that CCP can do on that, its your nation’s currency that is lacking value at the moment. The price (in USD) was probably overdue for a rise anyways as it has been the same for years.

Thing is they could give us a lower price, a lot of games come cheaper for us here because we make a lot less money than people in first world countries, the prices we have on steam are very different, they can give different prices to different countries through steam, I get that they need the money and if I could pay without affecting my life I would, but €33,54 is a lot of money for me, it’s almost a month of my college tuition so you have an idea.
My guess is that they gonna lose a lot of players from poorer countries with this change so it might be financially a bad decision for them.


EvE is on steam too now, no?

It is, they doubled the price of subscription for Brazil but I imagine it was for everyone on other third world countries*.

:frowning: darn. Sorry, man.

Lots of countries are involved, I am glad that CCP thinks that EVE has enough players now and they would like to earn more.

And then people commit fraud to get a cheaper countries price.
It does suck, but in this day and age it’s too easy to bypass such things.


Steam regional price works well for the most publishers now.
It is not that easy and very risky to bypass.

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wow… That really sucks man. I am sorry to hear that Brazil is having such a currency/exchange issue.

Perhaps there are some economic holding degrees out there who could offer some good advice on any loopholes for this situation and how he can stretch his dollar?

Maybe in California and New York - We The Thinking are stomping that ■■■■ out and it has nothing to do with HATE!

You are way out of line sir, even if trying to make a point through sarcasm or humor :angry:

Involved regions/currencies:
Brazilian Real: 246,00 -> 486,00 ~$125.40
Indonesian Rupiah: 1049360 -> 1748394 ~$132.85
Malaysian Ringgit: 319.99 -> 538.70 ~$131.70
Philippine Peso: 3700 -> 6833 ~$131.36
Singapore Dollar: 107.00 -> 178.70 ~$131.91
Thai Baht: 2759 -> 4073 ~$127.69
Vietnamese Dong: 1791000 -> 3022000 ~$130.30
South Korean Won: 88360 -> 147270 ~$129.44
Turkish Lira: 185,00 -> 689,85 ~$122.61
Ukrainian Hryvnia: 1800 -> 3548 ~$131.20
Mexican Peso: 1320 -> 2497 ~$130.92
Polish Zloty: 286,00 -> 492,75 ~$128.78
Chinese Yuan Renminbi: 505 -> 867 ~$129.05
Indian Rupee: 5045 -> 9198 ~$132.85
Chilean Peso: 51245 -> 86724 ~$130.35
Peruvian Nuevo Sol: 256 -> 433 ~$131.28
Colombian Peso: 229660 -> 409311 ~$130.83
South African Rand: 1025 -> 1774 ~$125.85
Hong Kong Dollar: 607.99 -> 1024.00 ~$130.44
Taiwan Dollar: 2373 -> 3940 ~$127.90
Argentine Peso: 1379,00 -> 2917,00 ~$66.45
Israeli New Shekel: 275 -> 473 ~$132.20
Kazakhstani Tenge: 26316 -> 49275 ~$129.93
Kuwaiti Dinar: 23.65 -> 39.42 ~$129.41
South Asia - U.S. Dollar: 78.84 -> 131.40 ~$131.40

Still low price regions/currencies:
Argentine Peso: ~$66.45 (even increased from 1379,00 -> 2917,00)
Russian Ruble: ~$75.10
Uruguayan Peso: ~$75.68
Costa Rican Colon: ~$78.39
U.A.E. Dirham: ~$78.77
Qatari Riyal: ~$78.79
Saudi Riyal: ~$78.82

South Asia was adjusted to $78.84 in Dec 11, 2017 and now back to 131.40 in Feb 28, 2019 with all other involved regions.

I heard that CCP has a similar system but with less currencies supported and much easier to bypass, which support USD, GBP or EUR?, RUB and JPY(no more after terminating the partnership with NIXON). And RUB is much cheaper, as the same as Steam.

In my opinion, this would not affect that much for the players in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korean, but for other regions, lots of players would just unsubscribe and leave.

I am glad that some genius in CCP thinks that North America and South America should pay the same to play EVE Online…



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as a turkish player ı will consider to stop playing, prices are increased x3.3 here, ı also mailed and informed them.

ı love eve but with that prices its not attractive anymore. so instead of getting more, they get none.

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I’m ignoring here that the conversion is pretty much invalid anyway, so …

… why the ■■■■ is this happening?
… why do people ignore that they can still play as Alphas?

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For the second question, let’s be real, we all know that Alpha is just for some cases and all these players are paid customers, just imagine that you have been played for years and now sub is 400 dollars per year and someone tells you just play as Alpha if you are poor.