Price of plex in Brazil

Hello guys, I wanted to ask this because my friend with who I used to play EVE back im the day refuses to come back to the game because the cost of subbing here in Brazil is really prohibiting for us, I’ve been trying to get back in the game and called him to try with me but he refused for this reason it costs us 107 BRL a month for omega and that is a significant percentage of our minimum wage here in Brazil! I guess i just wanted to vent but also ask CCP if there are any plans to normalize this at all? Thank you for your time.

If I remember CCP prices things based on the US Dollar? They recently hiked prices for people in Russia and now the US. Obviously CCP can’t price their game according to every country’s currency.

I can’t relate to your RL situation all I can say is good luck. Very unlikely anything will happen.

I have known people who slowly had to give up omega due to their economic situation. I envy the people who can go omega with their $$$ as I plex and play the game casually. It’s just life in the end.

Unfortunately this was brought up at the CSM+CCP roundtable and according to the notes is not going to change due to abuse. People outside of Brazil would pay in BRL if it meant paying $15 USD equivalent instead of $20 USD.

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