Eve Sub pricing for Non-dollar earning locations


I want to try and bring attention to eve pricing for other regions outside Europe/US which have very strong currencies.

I am from Brazil and current eve subscription prices are the highest among ALL of the MMOs on the market, for example, Eve 1 month of omega costs R$ 107, World of Warcraft costs R$ 39 and Final Fantasy XIV R$ 28,90.

I understand the concern regarding regional pricing, so maybe one policy would be to allow players from a few regions, say South America, to ONLY pay for Omega subscription at a lower price, do not allow them to buy any plex or skins or any other cash items, but only the omega subscription at better conversion rates, maybe via steam which is an option that’s already there, CCP just need to adjust their regional pricing on steam.

Maybe only allowing the purchase to be made with “local” credit cards, or adding more forms of verification during payment of the subscription (Social Security number or any form of citizen ID) to avoid people from other US/Europa or other regions using VPNs to get better prices.

There’s definitely a way to implement this, i’m not super Tech Savy, all i know is that at the current R$107 price tag it’s simply not feasible for most players from Brazil to use this method of subscription, the ones who do still play, have to be always worried about plexxing their accounts because paying for the sub is just not an option.

I’ve already tried eve support and it seems there’s no plans for it to be even considered, and the GM suggested to bring this up with the CSM, so here i am, here’s hoping :smiley:

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We’ve brought this up before, but unfortunately we’ve seen no action on it.


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