EVE World Region Price Suggestion

Its basically what the title says, a suggestion to create price of Subscription/Omega (at least, maybe plex would have a negative effect on game economy) based on world region. That would increase the player base of the game by changing the price to more affordable cost so people like myself be able to play the game.

The current price of the game make it too expensive to me play the game, converting to the current subscription price US$15 to my currency equals R$ 47,70, if I activated both of my accounts it would be R$ 95,40.
This price per month based on my country (Brazil) current minimum wage (R$ 937) is almost 10%, so too expensive, its almost a price of a AAA game per month.

Dont know if its correct to compare 2 games subscription methods, but World of Warcraft have their subscription based on regions, for me their month costs R$ 23,90.

Anyway thats a suggestion I wish CCP takes seriously, cause i love this game and its being some time i dont play it, which makes me sad :frowning:

Btw i know its kinda free now, but i still wish to train my advanced skills.


valid point


Ccp does localize their pricing structure IF there are enough players in an area and enough diversion from the normal price to justify it. EU for example has its own price structure. As does Russia.
I don’t know how many players it takes to justify them creating a seperate price point. But you don’t hear people talking about “those brazillians” the same way they talk about “the russians”

You still have the option to plex your act for isk. And if you don’t want to spend as much time grinding and since you are willing to pay some money. You can always split it 50/50 and plex every other month.

I feel for your plight. But it would add considerable work to localize payment for every country that has even 200 players total.

If you want it though. Push for it oog by recruiting as many new players as you can. Get enough people playing and you might just make things change.

How much does a coffee cost in Brazil on average?

I wasn’t aware that CCP had such geo-political and economic sway…

Its arround R$ 5… at starbucks its arround R$ 15.
But im more concerned about EVE Subscription, its more important than coffe for me. U.u

Brasil has way more than 200 players. There are many Brazilian corporations arround.

Exact number wasn’t the point.

Well thats how currency conversion works, otherwise you end up in a situation where everyone pays via the lowest priced currency because they don’t want to pay more for the same time, i mean sure i sucks, but EVE is a luxury item not a necessity, what next, Ferrari should lower their prices in brazil because people can’t afford it easily?

They could implement a system like Steam does… In Russia games are cheaper than in Brazil, but brazilians cant buy with Russian price unless they are in Russia. Its determined by the IP address.

And like i said, World of Warcraft already done it. If they didnt a month subscription would cost me R$ 50 instead of R$ 24.

IP restrictions are easily bypassed

For the price of a few starbucks, I get a month of sub. Same for you it seems. Maybe EVE happen to be a luxury product and it’s “normal” some people won’t be able to afford it easily.

Thinking like that is the reason EvE will never have huge player base.
If you think its better that way you gotta change your perspective.

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Very few people actually do and if caught they lose everything. So is it really worth it just to save a few dollars a month?

There is no question that regional pricing would increase the number of people playing in those regions so it is something that should be strongly considered.

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I will give you a short hint of price fairness and region difference for another country.
And to led it with mentioned comparission.
Coffe cup in here cost on average 0.930 US Dollar per cup (and that’s considered to be a cup in more or less good place, not luxary but kind of Starbucks )

I’m living in Ukraine and regional price tag is EU which is 14.99$/m

So while in Brasil you have to pay R$ 15 for the cup and at 3 cups you have full month of EVE covered, I’ll have to pay more than 15 cups for one month.

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