300 Plex for Omega

How does everyone feel about it? Seems like the best solution to the perceived problems at the moment.

I’m happy for it. :smiley:

That’s over 1.2b isk. The choice is clear: grind 'til blood comes out ears and nose or fork over the 20 bucks. I think I prefer to open wallet. The day I can’t pay 20 bucks I quit EVE.


Or you can simply work an hour or two at pretty much any job on the planet and pay the $20 sub fee like everyone else…


I definitely prefer to pay the sub, but I’m seeing more players who can’t handle the exchange rate.

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You may want to check this thread.
Also, ISD Brisc Rubal mentioned that he will discuss the issue with the marketing department.
We’ll see what comes out of it.

Continuing the discussion from Subscription (Omega) Price Outside US/EU:

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Perhaps someone better versed in economics can help me understand what this is all about.

Am i correct that when you buy plex for real money it shows on CCP’s books as a liability, until redeemed for a subscription or items from the New Eden Store?

I could buy [USA] 500 plex for @$25.00 pay 300 plex @15.00 worth, and have 200 plex left over. The 300 plex offer makes it about the same as 1 Month pre-increase . So is CCP trying to pull old plex from storage or introduce more plex?
Or by creating a new demand for plex, causing a rapid increase of cost of ISK/Plex, is this an ISK sink?
Or maybe both at once?

Explore the 1 year history of plex on https://evemarketer.com some interesting data there.

As for me, I only keep a small supply of plex on hand to tide me over for the next 3mo/3mcu deal.

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