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Dear ISD Buldath,

Please unlock my thread. It doiesn’t belong in the “oh, noes we are upset and ranting about CCP being CCP hamfisted in anything PR” thread you would have me exiled to!

They could pay with Bitcoin if CCP made it happen.

Alternatively they (Russia) also have their own payment system growing.

It’s more like won’t pay, what with CCP stupidly taking sides in this conflict. The worst possible thing a game company catering to an international clientele could have done.

CCP, you’ve been sanctioned. Are you going to pander to the sinophobes next? Lose a whole lot more income?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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but if they disconnect from global network then they wont be able to engage even VPN will be issue to get on… cryptocurrency for eve online would be literally end of eve. no joke,that would be final straw and players would just flip switch and say goodbye… this would be far far beyond red line.

anyway increasing omega price in current situation is terrible financial strategy. not only distracts new players but also distracts old players so its not win win. what credit card company is trying to do,its exacly to attract new players take their money and leave them to perish… the fanfest - its gonna be just empty words of upcoming content but in final that content will be cut in half or even cancelled… evryone know what happened to drifter lore,drifter incursions… theres no future for this game its all deadend but they trying to squeeze last coin before pulling power cord.

Tor is a thing.

they (we, the players) raised a few hundred thousand dollars for ukraine, then raised prices because russians got sanctioned. ccp hasnt taken a position in the conflict. They just need moneys.

because its ccp Credit Card comPany. even if things would go out of control,they would still do their job… other gaming companies used sanctions. why ccp does not? because they have strong interests with russians… this means that once russians cant play anymore we have to pay for their loss of players in fact its not ccp fault but still we have to pay their losses so they increasing omega price to cover it. the fanfest thing ineed is something we want hear but its just empty promises,they can announce golden mountains or apricots on anvil tree but none of these would happen. ccp just loves to pull trigger and watch it backfires at their knee,feet.

tor wont work either if they cut all cables to global world… perhaps goverment will keep connection with global network but cut off for evryone else

Every country can do that, the internet cables are not as resilient as you think they are. Every country has chokepoints and cut off points.

There is always mesh and radio and satellite.

Also, you will be surprised when the power supplies goes dark with all the kill switches on PLC’s and SCADA systems.

well not evry country want to do that… whatever happens when we will see lack of russian players we will have way less content to hunt. no gilas in dronespace at all,probably we would lose famous gangs in aridia/fountain regions… lowsechnaya sholupen/nullschenaya sholupen and GF company would suffer heavily. but good news is that evry gap is filled over time,freedom in aridia would be short. probably the initiative would take their roles. but still potential loss of 2000-4000 players is still loss but because of it we should not be sanctioned by increasing omega time for notthing in return,yes the price increase is not covered by anything good for us… fanfest will be just empty word catapult. we will hear tons of promises that will never happen or happen in couple years…

Because those sanctions won’t affect anyone with any power to do anything, sanctions only work when it causes people issues like the financial sanctions did, blocking a handful of games in the region won’t actually do anything expect hurt the games losing players, the general russian populace hasn’t done anything wrong and they have no power to stop it, so punishing them is kind of pointless, especially on the scale of the couple of thousand people CCP would only really slightly annoy due to the block being circumvented in about 60 seconds given people already have to circumvent it to get access to vastly more important things than EVE lol

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