Regional Pricing ONLY for OMEGA when?

Regional pricing ONLY FOR OMEGA when?
I don’t care about any item in-game that can be bought with real money (PLEX, Boosters, etc) CCP can definitely keep this other stuff out of regional pricing, since I’m not interested in it and never would be, I only care about the subscription which is called Omega and won’t affect the economy in-game, and that’s what really have the potential to keep new players out of the game.

Omega cost in Steam is R$107 in my country Brazil (around US$21) half the price of a triple AAA game (which is around R$200) for a monthly subscription, and more expensive than the US$20 if I bought directly from the website. While in Argentina Omega costs around US$10.

Now comparing to other MMOs and Streaming Services:

Runescape - R$ 27 / US$12.5 (Very Acceptable)
World of Warcraft - R$33 / US$15 (Acceptable)
WarThunder - R$40 / US$ ? (Acceptable)
The Elder Scrolls Online - R$ 55 / US$ 15 (Kind of Expensive)
Final Fantasy - R$ ? / US$ 15 (Too Expensive)
Eve Online - R$ 107 / US$20 (Extremely Expensive)

Netflix - R$26
Amazon PrimeVideo - R$15
DisneyPlus - R$28

Subscriptions/Memberships shouldn’t be above R$30 in my country, otherwise people think its not worth it.
If the price for Omega was around R$30, I would spend like R$120 to activate my 4 accounts without a problem, but paying R$107 for a single account? HELL NO!

Please help me play this game again, only 1 account isn’t enough for me, its too boring.

Anyone feel the same?

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Regional pricing can’t exist in EVE because the value of skill points is directly tied to real-life money. If they offer Omega cheaper in a certain place, then the value of skill points will baseline around their cost in that location. Essentially what would happen is that if CCP offers Omega cheaper in one place, it will make additional money in that place, at the expense of losing income in all other places, which I would assume would lead to having lower overall profits. Your country would have to offer CCP a lot of new paying customers in order to offset losses elsewhere. Can you vouch for it being able to do so?

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No, it’ll just get abused. Also why should a global game company be ok with getting less income from part of their customers. They have offers very often, go use those.

That’s the most ridiculous excuse I ever heard. If the gap between prices is so dangerous because people will abuse it, then they already are… price of Omega in Argentina is US$ 10, and even converting this price to Brazil it would cost R$50, and not R$107.

And how the F… the skill points have anything to do with the Subscription? (FYI Omega isn’t the same as PLEX, it doesn’t affect the economy in-game, its just game time.)
Subscription literally just allow someone to play the game without the ■■■■■■■■ limitation for X days, it doesn’t add anything to the economy in-game, its not PLEX where people spend real-life money to sell it in Jita to get ISK. Omega is totally different and doesn’t make sense to keep it out of Regional Pricing.

This argument of “it will get abused” is just brainless stupid.
Regional Pricing is used by multiple MMOs to get more players from regions where its too expensive to pay in Euro or Dollar, so the companies charge less for subscriptions in those regions to get more money out of it.
I doubt CCP is getting $1000 out from Brazil players, if they added regional pricing here they would get even more than $1000, because there would be more people willing to play and pay for the subscription. Like I said, I’m not willing to pay R$107 to activate a single account, but I would pay R$120 for 3~4 accounts, because it feels more worth it.

EVE had regional pricing, it got abused, CCP removed it. If you feel it’s not worth it then don’t pay it. Besides, “3-4 accounts” is hilarious. You’re not special, no one cares, no one has to adjust to you especially not global companies. Instead I would suggest to adjust your number of accounts.


That’s a really bad example. Argentina is like Zimbabwe was in the 90s.

Argentina’s currency lost 50% of its value in the past year. Considering that’s when the last price adjustment was, it makes complete sense that a sub there would cost about half of what it costs everywhere else today.


They simply haven’t gotten around to adjusting the prices again. In fact they probably don’t even care to do so, since there’s probably only a handful of players from that country anyway.

The subscription doesn’t just remove restrictions. When you subscribe your accounts, you’re able to train your characters beyond the Alpha skill training restrictions, which would be skill points that you can extract in order to create skill injectors that you can sell.

Uneven regional pricing would mean that players would be able to exploit the lower price in order to start up cheap skill farms, which would tank the market price of skill points down to the new baseline driven by their cost in the cheapest region.


There’ll be a new reserve currency soon. Prices will be based on whatever it will be and not the USD.

Perhaps the conversion will be more favorable for countries like yours. A country at the forefront of the BRICS group that are creating this new reserve currency.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I wonder if those other MMOs also have their player-ran ingame economy and item value tightly coupled to the price of a running subscription like EVE has.

A subscription creates extractable SP, which can be translated to a value in ISK, PLEX or any real-life currency that could be used to buy PLEX.



Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

But just like the Euro: the countries that perform below the average (which is what the new currency will be valued at) will get in trouble more and more, the only countries benefitting are the ones who operate above that average.

Most MMOs dont have a passive ways to create value and in-game currency just from being subscribed. I can sit here in an omega clone, queue up 6 months worth of skills, not log in for a single time inbetween, come back 6 months later and extract and sell the skills and make isk.

I could create a bunch of accounts and use regional pricing and a VPN to create a bunch of alts, farm, and ruin the economy.

Ccp needs to balance the economy of the game with subscription, because they are inevitably tied together. You might not have realized that, but its a fact.


CCP should’ve banned the abusers then… and not punish the majority of the players who needed that by removing it.
Anyway I won’t waste my time replying to a troll, go to another thread brag about botting with dozens of accounts.


TBH if people are abusing regional pricing, that’s not my problem… CCP could simply ban all of them.

Your argument doesn’t make sense, if Omega costing cheaper is a problem and Argentina IS THAT problem now, and like you said CCP doesn’t care to change the price. Why not make it cheaper for other countries?

I dont care about BRICS, its a joke… every single country in it.

For what I’ve seen from this game since 2011, this game will be dead before CCP does anything. Regional Pricing is one of the best things they could do to increase the player base, but instead of banning the abusers looks like they preferred to remove it.

Find me a thread where I’m even remotely doing that. I have 2 accounts, possibly downsizing to one.

No, it’s just easier (and better for their wallet) to make it all the same.

Sorry. I forgot to welcome you to the forum.

And though you won’t be here for long, you are certainly amusingly angry. Much more interesting to read than the smugnorants that usually post here these days.

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