Regional Pricing ONLY for OMEGA when?

Yes, but CCP can just as equally say that a handful of people from your country not being able to afford their game isn’t their problem either.

I’m sure their staff has already done the calculations, and figured out that offering regional pricing wouldn’t lead to increased revenues. They’re a business, after all. Making money is quite literally their primary concern.

Argentina is a very special case. It wouldn’t necessarily be that simple (or cheap) to start an Argentinian front for your EVE accounts. Besides, CCP is likely to correct this pricing discrepancy at some point, making the effort to go through Argentina to play EVE pointless.

It feels to me that you’re unduly lashing out at Argentina for having lower prices than your country, but this isn’t by intent. They’re not being given preferential treatment over you.

On the other hand, in countries like Russia or China (places that have roughly similar purchasing power indices compared to Brazil, and would benefit from regional pricing about as much as Brazil would), it would be trivially easy to set up account farms using proxies and widely available payment methods with very low fees.

Im not lashing out in Argentina, it could be any other country and I would use as a example the same way. Im refering to Argentina because its where Omega have the cheapest price at the moment.

This game is dead for a long time anyway… ■■■■ this ■■■■.

Like I said, Argentina is a special case. Everywhere else in the world, EVE pricing is similar. There might be a window of about ±20% because of fluctuating currency values, but that’s not related to regional pricing.

Do you think you’re any worse off than Russian players, for example? You aren’t.

People exploit regional pricing. About 7 years ago, Valve placed severe restrictions on international game trading because it was being exploited so much. It sucked for me because I could get new triple-A game releases for like $20, but I understood why they did it. CCP can’t implement the same restrictions for EVE, because we have one server with one economy, and free trade is an integral part of the game.

I agree that this sucks from your perspective, but it’s unlikely to change. The only thing you can do is focus more on in-game grinding in order to purchase PLEX from other players, at least some of the time. Players from developing economies are able to derive more benefit from doing so than players from wealthier countries. For me for example it makes no sense to grind out 300 million ISK per hour, because it would take me 8 hours to make the equivalent of the $15-20 it takes to subscribe, which doesn’t even buy a sandwich where I live. But for you, making that same amount of ISK is actually competitive with an entry-level job.


If you can’t afford the game with your RL wallet, then join everyone else who can’t afford it and grind in game. Hey it sucks that not everyone can afford it…but such is life, at least there is a way around it!.

Posting in a stealth EvE is Dying thread.


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More a “If I don’t get what I want (which I’m trying to do by talking about how good and helpful it would be) the game can fcking die. Give me my cookie!”.


CCP needs to create a “Dying EVE” simulator.

A game where you make “posts” on a “forum” about how bad the game is. You don’t actually write anything, but choose things to “type” from a list of “attacks” of sorts. Kind of like a text adventure RPG. On the side you would see an image of the EVE launcher with the player count visible. As you keep “winning” with your posts by out-arguing the griefer sociopaths defending the game, the player count would decrease, until it finally hits zero, and the evil game is defeated. Players could compete for high scores based on how few posts it took them to do the world a massive favor by putting EVE out of its misery. Just make sure not to cross the line (too much), because the mods will ban you, and then it’s game over!

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The sim would start with asking you what type of game you’d want to play and then it would automatically pick the exact opposite. So lets say you select an easy going chill single player story driven game and then BOOM! The sim drops you in a sweaty pvp sandbox with player driven content. You’d get bonus points every time your whining makes the devs change the game in your favour.

Name me that game so I can try it out.

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People have been scoring bonus points over the years.


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How would you even ban abusers? If someone who is legit in brazil wants to buy 10 accounts, how will ccp know?

First it was dying, now its dead, huh. Well that escalated quickly.

All your arguments are basically destroyed and now youre just resorting to nihilism. You remind me of a guy from minerbumping who threatened to start world war 3 and wipe out humanity because he was ganked.

I mean, i get it. If you cant get regional pricing, the game should just shut down. Because its all about you.


Just buy longer gametime, then its get much cheaper per month. 24 Month cost here 270.99€ that will be 11.29€ per Month.

Wow Triple AAA games are cheap in Brazil.

I wanted to back to EVE, but when I saw the new price… there are so many good games that are not so expensive.

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VPN’s exist and this is why regional pricing doesn’t really work

And they aren’t free. What you save on the EVE sub, you pay for with the VPN sub.

Do you people ever think these things through before posting?

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There are literally free VPN’s available, do you ever think before posting? :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t all cost money and they are more than enough for making it look like you live somewhere else to buy omega, and that is why regional pricing doesn’t really work anymore


If it’s free, you are the product. And your government the customer.

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