A subscription price increase at this moment in time is very bad for player morale

At this time, especially in England where a lot of people are struggling financially and locked away in their homes due to the pandemic. Increasing the price of the one thing that might help keep them sane and in I would guess more than a few cases, lead to them having to cancel, is honestly very bad business.

Claiming that you’re raising the price to take into account the amount others have been paying in different currencies is not really a sustainable argument given that the value of the currency changes, sometimes drastically depending on the situation that is occuring in said host country.

Surely this is something that the CSM can bring to the attention of CCP? While I’m not naíve enough to belive that CCP while abort this decision, it needs to be highlighted to them how the players will perceive it, which is as a price hike in a crisis by a (now somewhat rare) example of a financially stable business.

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An adjustment to reflect exchange rates is not a price increase - maybe you would prefer to pay in US$ where the price you pay in local currency changes daily instead of once in 6 years! That’s the situation we have in Canada.

Here’s a chart showing the value of the pound in US$ since the last adjustment. Why should you expect CCP to take the hit?


Perhaps Brexit wasn’t good business, either.


This. It’s not CCP’s fault you trashed your economy, why should they let your prices drop along with your collapsing currency if they can get more revenue by increasing prices?


Both good points that I can’t refute under normal circumstances, however 2020 has hardly been a good example of normal.

What normally happens when CCP nerfs something is that the people rage, posts get made on the forums, threats to quit are made etc etc, and then very little of any of that actually happens. The threats are forgotten, the “quitters” never actually quit and it all just wanders off into the ether.

My issue is more one of timing. It may not have been CCP’s fault that the economy is the UK is crashing but it isn’t the fault of the people either, the government (most of which I would wager have no idea about gamers ^^) is solely responsible for that. My point is simply that this price adjustment could have waited until the situation is the UK and other affected areas had stabilised.

People are really struggling financially and those players that “just about” justified paying for Eve as a tool for keeping them sane may find themselves quitting whether they want to or not simply because the price increase shut them down.

In this respect I’ve already met real life examples of people that are packing away their ingame stuff to highsec and arranging to hibernate their accounts because they can’t find the cash to pay for it.

So if a company is taking a hit, instead of raising prices to make a profit, you want them to keep selling and not making a profit? Newsflash, GBP isn’t the first they raised this year.

It is not on CCP to figure out what is best for players in regards to personally healthy financial expenditures; CCP has an obligation to its owners to remain profitable, and that includes charging equivalent prices for its services based on the final exchange rate into its home currency.

Nobody will ever say ‘okay, now is a good time for you to increase the price we pay’.

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You do remember that thing where your entire country voted on whether or not you should commit economic suicide, right? Everyone with any sense knew this was going to happen but 52% of your fellow citizens wanted it anyway.

My point is simply that this price adjustment could have waited until the situation is the UK and other affected areas had stabilised.

Why? Why should CCP give up on profit to shield you from the consequences of your poor decisions? CCP is a for-profit business, not a charity.

People are really struggling financially and those players that “just about” justified paying for Eve as a tool for keeping them sane may find themselves quitting whether they want to or not simply because the price increase shut them down.

Correct. CCP will lose some customers, just like any other price increase. They’re making the assumption that restoring per-subscription revenue to where it was before your country committed economic suicide will result in more total income than having more subscriptions at a lower per-subscription price.

economic suicide is paying 20% of your gross per capita turnover to a foreign power for the privilege of having them telling you what to do.



No. Economic suicide is losing 25% of your GDP via your currency crashing so that you can “recover” 20% of your GDP.

But sure, perhaps it’s worth making sacrifices to gain your independence. Paying more for EVE is just one more of those sacrifices. You made your choice and now you get to deal with the consequences.


Bah! Why should they pay Iceland for a game that the UK could easily build for itself? Down with foreign trade!

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I’m entirely unconvinced that the currency crash was anything to do with the Brexit vote. It was more to do with the run on bank accounts and the panic selling of stocks which started before the polls even opened (and most of that fall was happening before the UK markets even opened). The biggest Sterling crash didn’t occur until 4 months after the vote.

“It’s not Brexit, it’s the panic over Brexit”.

If this was merely a short-term panic then your currency would have increased back to normal levels by now as rational behavior takes over again. The fact that it remains at the new level is a sign that the markets believe this is now the true value of your currency and economy post-Brexit. And CCP has now decided to agree with that conclusion by raising your prices to offset your currency decline.


that’s up to CCP, and it’s up to their subscribers whether they want to pony up. I’m not blaming CCP, hell I support their efforts to make some money, and I would be opening my wallet if I had money. I guess I’m just not getting this whole “woe is me!” attitude I’m seeing from many quarters over this. Guess what, guys? We all have to eat.

I think the entire world saw this price increase coming when your country voted for it.

I mean, more independence is nice, but there was an economic reason to be part of that union.

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yes, to prop up the european banks.

There was zero benefit to Britain being in the EU.

Ted Heath was WARNED by his Cabinet that signing Britain into the EEC beginning the 1973 session was tantamount to high treason, which he duly ignored. Had DeGaulle somehow managed to carry on his Presidency through the 1970s, he no doubt would have continued to veto Britain’s entry for his own reasons - which would have done Britain a favour. Thanks, France.

Through the 1980s, Britain, being then the third POOREST EC member state, was also its biggest net contributor. Thatcher negotiated a “rebate” by threatening to withhold EC payments, which rebate came in the form of increased farming subsidies (which went further to destroy our agricultural industry).

In return, Britain was forced to buy 60% of its coal from France. This brown coal was of poorer quality than our local coal, and came at three times the price.

As to currency, how many EU member states using the Euro have defaulted on national debts now? Right at this moment I can name four: Italy, Greece, Spain, Eire. Greece to the point where twice in the last ten years they have mandated the shutdown of public banking facilities to prevent people accessing their own money. In Spain entire cities stand empty. There is a road in the South of the country that stops halfway up a mountain. There’s no money to finish it. It’s all been eaten up in inflation and toxic debt trading.

Soooo… tell me again, how was being an EEC/EU member state good for Britain?

(where in my home city two BILLION of public money has been spent on a tram network nobody asked for, which now runs at a net LOSS of over £6,000 an hour. The previous tram network we had was declared defunct with the introduction of trolley buses, also ran at a massive loss and was every bit as unreliable as our current one is).


Raising the Eve subscription price: HIGH TREASON!!

What I don’t understand is why there is a 20% increase in price when GBP has not droped by that level compared to USD and EUR. I can understand an increase in line with some form of retail price index but this level of increase is just milking the player base…

The second post in this thread shows, literally, a 20% drop.

USD price per month: 14.95
Converted to GBP: 11.60
Direct GBP price per month: 11.99

3 months USD: 38.85
Converted: 30.15
3 months GBP: 29.99

So… it’s as close to a converted price point as CCP could average out.