A subscription price increase at this moment in time is very bad for player morale

Always when you think you have seen the worst of crying on the interwebs for silly first world problems, some dude comes along and holds an EVE player’s beer (how much is a beer over there btw?).

TWO pounds :smiley: TWO !

If 2 GBP is breaking you so bad, i guess you better put that subscription money in… a big bag of rice maybe… or apples, so you don’t ■■■■■■■ starve.

I have been playingng eve for almost 16 years and my reward from CCP is to have my subscription increased. Im cancelling all my accounts and going to play New World instead.

Cancelled all my accounts and purchased Amazon New World.

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Thanks for heads-up, re New World. However, a quick look suggests that it is not actually launching now until early 2021?

That aside, I understand your pain. I’m unemployed (partly due to COVID) and also had to invest my own money to re-build my physical internet connection. Which was needed in anticipation of a hard lockdown. I get the issue, but for me, it’s been a good(ish) investment on top of the usual subs. (The caveat is prob sitting on my duff overlong as a consequence of much better streaming in general.)

Anyway. Hope it works out for you. And remember the good times. 16 years in EvE couldn’t have been all bad.

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Another thread full of unempathic scoundrels.

Well, heard all those “arguments” already in threads about russian price increase, now british fellows feel our pain and have to deal with “lol blame your ■■■■ country” morons.

They call it inflation. Look it up.

This is the first I’ve heard of New World! I’ll be checking it out.

Welcome to EVE.

“lol blame your ■■■■ country”

Well yes, when a country votes to devalue its currency they get to deal with the consequences. It’s not like this price increase is a surprise to anyone, the UK was warned that this would happen (among other things) and they made a clear statement that they wanted it. They can’t even blame their government going against the will of the people, the vote was open to all UK citizens and the government has done exactly what the citizens told them to do.

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