A subscription price increase at this moment in time is very bad for player morale

Why would alphas, players who are by definition not paying for a subscription, leave because the price of the thing they aren’t paying for goes up?

Also, let’s keep some perspective here: UK prices have gone up by ~20%, almost exactly in line with the decline in the value of the GPB post-Brexit, and have not gone up in countries that have not had a decline in the value of their currency. As a US player I’ve been paying the same subscription cost since 2006, meaning the price of EVE has gone down after adjusting for inflation. Your claim that CCP is increasing prices towards an unsustainable point in an effort to extract maximum income from addicts is, like all of your ideas, entirely without merit.

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Because alphas hope to plex through in game means, increasing the price makes them lose hope, basic logic hun.

What does a cost increase in the UK when paying with cash have to do with people who want to purchase PLEX with ISK? The number of PLEX required to buy 30 days of omega time has not changed.

Based on the fact that the only response you can come up with is pointless spam I’ll assume you’ve conceded defeat on all points and withdrawn your objections.

Meanwhile, here in the US, you can buy… about 19 liters of milk ($2.99/gallon, comes out at like 18.9 liters / $15?) for the cost of subscribing to EVE for a month. Though I suspect that has more to do with the US dairy industry than with EVE’s pricing being worse for Americans, relatively speaking.

While I’m uncertain that things make sense in terms of the Russian price model, given the cost of living and development differences, I generally assume Britain to be in the same sort of relative income bracket as the US, so the UK paying the same as the US, relatively speaking, makes sense to me, which to my knowledge from the above posts, does fall in line with.

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I’m jealous of your milk price; it’s easily $4 a gallon in the central states unless you are buying skim (which is running 3.19-3.69 a gallon right now depending on brand) or buying from a warehouse retailer (which aren’t indicative of true pricing since you are paying a membership fee to access the inexpensive milk). At average retailer prices in my city, a 1 month sub buys you 12 liters of milk.

Something that should be pointed out here to the people that think that the British public voted for brexit. The final result of the referendum was 51.9% to leave vs 48.1% stay. This isn’t a definitive result. This is a result of a population who basically that no real understanding of how the politics of the EU actually works and who were just lead by the nose by whichever newspaper happened to have the most gripping headline at the time.

Those with enough understanding of politics and of how the EU functioned were so laughably in the minority that they had no chance of meaningfully affecting the vote.

[Edit] Also I took the time to read up on my OP and while I’m less naive now, it’s still a shitty time to raise the price :thinking:


I do not think raising the price on subscription is ideal with half the majority of the world in an economic crisis. I do wonder, only CCP could tell us, that there may be a more demand for EVE than before and if they were to do the opposite by lowering the price they may get more subscribers. However, I do not have a review of their financial records to compare in their situation.

No one is increasing subscription prices. They just make sure that prices match exchange rates for different currencies.

I just found out about the price increase when I was trying to resolve a different billing issue with the usual lack of any customers services being the reply. In 15 years of playing that’s never been different even with a change of ownership.

I am from the North West which to anyone else is one of the poorest parts of the UK. Your overselling the problem we have sure I am annoyed by the price increase but £2 difference per month is not going to break anybody’s bank and if your finances are that dire I would recommend not actually renewing any game subscription for a while they would be frivolous purchases at best. And I mean that sincerely and not insultingly. I spent years of my life playing games and ignoring rl but it never goes way.

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