Returning player put off by price increase

I got the urge to play eve again for an undetermined amount of time until i saw that the subscription cost has been increased 33%.

I was looking at the gold starter pack which seemed to be the best value for money if omega time is considered but as i’m to understand, i can only get one of these packs once per account.
Looking at the previous packs before this price increase, it seems the amount of plex with each pack has significantly decreased as well, making them less value for money.

So, they increase the sub price and decrease starter pack value… Are they trying to push people away?

I am not paying 20 euros a month to play a game. In my opinion 15 is pushing it but more than that is just greedy.
Usually i would get 1 month to see if i still enjoy it enough to keep going and then see if i want a lengthier subscription.
But i’m not paying 20 bucks to see if i still enjoy it which means i will not be returning.
Plenty of other, more reasonably priced, option available.

I don’t care for comparison with other products. Like the cost of coffee or a movie. 20 bucks for a month is too expensive and their player base would probably be bigger if they were less greedy.

I was still thinking about getting the gold pack though i’m not sure if i bought one of the packs before which would make that option go out the window. But i do not support greed and so i will not spend money on this game until they lower the prices which i know they wont as they don’t particularly care about what the players want.

I’ll be sure to not let the door hit me on the way out. I’m sure someone will feel the need to tell me to.
And no, you cannot have my stuff.

Fly safe

Can I have your stuff?

Ah crap i forgot about that one.

Eh, no you cant. Im a horder.

They have to recoup the massive loss they’re going to incur from their new extraction shooter somehow.

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I personally think that lowering the prices and listening to what the playerbase wants is likely going to bring in/back more players which in turn will print more money.

Higher pricing does not equal more money. Especially not when people leave.
They should also consider dropping this new upcoming loss and give the players what they want which will make the game better than it ever was. Possibly.

They do reset the packs you buy occasionally so that you can buy them again.

It actually reads as if you’re a bit conflicted, Lex. I’ve been there, too.

In the end it’s about what you consider to be good value, and no-one can dictate that to you…

Why not start a free Alpha account, just to see if the bug bites again? While you’re pottering about as a low-skilled wishful-thinking free-loader, you can make some sketchy plans about what you might like to do with full-blown Omega.

As ever, the steering wheel, brake and accelerator are all under your control. Drive!

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That would be nice but the support guy i spoke to said only 1 started pack once per account. He did not mention occasional resets.

They did a reset recently if I’m remembering correctly.

I’m sure I bought the silver and bronze packs again. Yep, I bought them in April last year then at the end of January this year.

They might have reset in between those dates too.

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You read that correctly. I love this game.
There is no other game like it. The experiences i had over the years have been engraved in my memory. Even the bad ones where i completely screwed up my killboard cause i suck at PVP and i was a dumbass who took too many unnecessary risks which caused the loss of several billion isk.
And even though the losses and the almost 100% negative killboard suck. I loved every minute of it.

This is a pretty young character. I started playing in 2010 and created this new one in 2021 to relive the beginning.
Life got in the way and i did not have time to play so i quit and forgot about eve till now.
It’s a shame i missed the last sale.

So indeed, i am conflicted. I really want to get back into it but i have a really hard time to justify this price increase for a single month which is what i would get before i choose to keep playing longer.
I don’t look at it as just 5 bucks like most people seem to do. I look at it as 33% which is insane.

This character is nearing the 5m SP mark so pretty soon i wont be able to train new things unless i get SP injectors or SP rewards. Thats pretty limiting.

Definitely worth a shot should i convince myself that it’s not gonna haunt my dreams.

But maybe i should wait for a sale to get a better deal if it can only be bought periodically.

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Buy the 3-month package, save up 3600 PLEX and then you’re good for a year. You only need to earn $1.5-billion ISK/month and you can make that just extracting SPs with +4 implants. Once you get an income system setup it’s not hard to make 7.5 to 15-billion ISK per month.

I was never really good at making large amounts of isk. I was pretty good at losing it though.
But im older, and hopefully wiser now.

It seem that 500 plex cost 2.45b isk. In Jita anyway.
So, how does this work? If i use skill extractors, training my skills is going to be seriously slow i assume.

The trick for using PLEX is to save up 3600 and then you get a full year (which drops the price to 300 PLEX per month or roughly 1.5-billion ISK).

If you opt for 3-months of (paid) Omega time, this is enough time to allow you to earn the 18 billion ISK needed to buy 3600 PLEX. You can net roughly 4 billion ISK over 3 months from extracting and selling skills, which means you need to earn about 4-5 billion ISK each month for 3 months. If you’re able to complete the daily activities you can net an additional +300,000 SP each month.

You can easily make 20+ million ISK a day with about 30 minutes of L4 missions (a lot more if you blitz/run burners). Voila.

There’s also a 25% off PLEX sale on right now so that’s another option (just buy 3600 PLEX).

I just made up my mind and bought the gold starter pack which gives me 2 months omega and 500 plex so enough for 3 months total.
500k SP is nice too.
When you say “daily activities” i assume you are referring to the daily login rewards right?

This toon is going to need some training before he can do level 4 missions though.

There is no sale going on in my country right now unfortunately.

Thanks for the advice


I meant the daily Air Opportunities (you can earn 10,000 SP, some ISK and EverMarks). This is in addition to the daily login items (SKINs, boosters and SP).

You can blitz a lot of L4 missions with something even like a Praxis. If you do a search on Google you’ll find a few EVE L4 mission blitzing guides.

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Cool. AIR was not there last time i played eve in 2021 (i think) or i completely forgot about it.
I will look into that.


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