Returning player who will no longer return due to price hike

I have 67m SP on this character and was getting the itch to resub to Eve Online since there is nothing else like it. I see monthly sub is now $20. I see the Updates section on the website has disappeared. So no new expansions or anything huh?

FF14 is $13 a month by the way. It is the second most profitable MMO. Eve Online is like a piece of toilet paper stuck on the bottom of FF14’s shoes.

I will not be returning.


I wish my itches were that easily sorted.


Not a fan of the art style or the fact everyone is running around with animal ears.

Still, I hope FF14 keeps you engaged for as long as EVE Online once did.

I hear you on the “not paying increased sub for a second-or-third tier game” part.

There may or may not be new expansions coming; apparently CCP has shifted the development cycle to a “when we feel like it, maybe. But good things coming! Soon!” plan.

On the “Updates section removed” point, apparently they made it a little button near the search section of ‘News’.

I pay for 3 months at a time…which was £10 a month before the rise, and will be £12.50 a month with the increase. Over on another MMO I pay £25 a month just for a big house to live in…so for me Eve is still pretty cheap.

Cancelled my 4 main accounts, of 21 total accounts this past billing cycle, and a let them know exactly why in the reason section. There were a few ‘F’ words, and no, ‘fjord’ wasn’t one of them.


CCP wants New Players, and soon that is all they will have.


Ah! Thank you.

So you are only running 17 accounts now?


ty for the input , i also think EVE is to expensive
well …


It’s okay, you weren’t leaving much of a mark on the game anyway, “vet.”


A couple of hours washing dishes at Burger King will pay for a month’s sub. Quit your whining…


Do you only exclusively play content that is added recently? If not, you could log in as Alpha and play a large portion of the game TOTALLY FREE?

And? I never played it, some friends of mine play it because they like it. none of them said “Oh, I like EVE and hate FF14, but it’s cheaper so I’ll go play that…”

If you cannot afford it, play Alpha or play other games.

What do you want CCP to do? Make losses and go bankrupt? If you have a great idea to grow the business model they have, feel free to tell them.

Anyways, send me your stuff, I’ll take care of it, you go to that other game and I’ll be here.


The game isn’t worth washing dishes at Burger King for.

Why don’t you post Chribba’s zkill profile, and then say he has not left much of a mark on the game?

On the other hand you might look a bit (more) stupid if you did that.

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I will, right after you post a picture of Rocket Hellfire’s statue.

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Burger King, washing dishes, think it through :slight_smile:


Where is the statue for Erotica 1?

I have a few of her corpses. I’m willing to sell one. Gonna be a big price tag tho.

There should be a monument in game though.

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Ok, I’ll say it. Chribba has not left much of a mark on the game. What has he done? As far as I can tell, not much at all, maybe a little Highsec mining.

This is the most significant moment in Chribba’s entire EvE career.

That killmail literally defines who he is, what he represents, and what his role in EvE was (as he no longer has any role whatsoever). CCP should replace the Chribba monument with a new monument, entitled Death of the AFK Carebear, showing the brave agents striking down the bloated beast.

I ask you, again, what has Chribba done?