Is Eve too expensive to play?

My Eve subscription is up for renewal. On current exchange rates, I’d be paying AU$190 for a yearly subscription. $190 per year to play a game? Jeez, that’s more expensive than an Office365 subscription. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m out. I guess I’ll keep an eye out for any subscription deals.


Good riddance.

Pretty standard MMO subscription prices.

Both WoW and FF14 have approximately the same rates.

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It’s the standard price for any subscription MMO, plus Eve gives you a f2p option and the ability to buy subscription with in game currency. So no, definitely not too expensive to play.


So that’s 52 AU cents a day.

I brew my coffee at home, as I’m too cheap to pay for coffee out.
When I sit down each morning with my fresh brewed cup, it costs me about 30 cents (US). I have frequently reflected on the fact that my home brewed coffee is almost the exact same price as my Eve subscription. That clocks in at 36 cents a day.

I can live without coffee and live without Eve.
Without either my life would be poorer.


Have you tried getting enough isk to plex your account?

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! You’d probably cry about how that’s too expensive as well!

I guess it is kind of expensive. How much does it work out to if you pay monthly?

I’ve played for free for almost 4 years now… God Bless the character bazaar.

If you feel that the value the game gives you is not worth the money, it’s your right not to play it. But what do you expect by posting here? That Hilmar will come down from the skies and give you a discount for how special you are?

Not gonna happen. HTFU or GTFO.

Can I have your stuff, by the way? I’ll put it to good use.

Things to notice here!

For some reason there’s no alternative.

EVE And Office can’t be compared, for a wide variety of reasons.

Either you’re trolling or you’re kind of dumb.


Or both?


I’d say the subscription rates are about par for the course for MMOs. You do also have the option of waiting for a sale (which have been a bit scarce lately) or going for a shorter sub - maybe grab 3 months and see if the value is there or not. If there’s no sale, and you haven’t got anything crucial running atm that needs Omega, just go Alpha for a couple months and maybe catch the next sale.

For me, it’s not that “EVE is too expensive”, it’s simply that “EVE provides very little of compelling value”. They’ve been coasting on 15 year old game design for way too long, and there’s very little in the game that doesn’t feel old, stale, or done in a (frankly) half-assed, barely competent fashion.

I don’t know.

Butt Cigar.



The OP comes up empty on zkillboard. It should surprise nobody that avoiding all contact in EVE leads to a sub-par experience.

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As far as entertainment goes, EvE is actually a pretty good value.
As far as hobbies go it is an excellent value.

I mean, with just the money I’ve spent at nightclubs I could easily sub everyone in this thread for the next 16 years (and EvE has never given me a venereal disease or taken my dog…so far…)

If You choose to leave EvE over an amount you probably routinely waste without thinking about it that is your decision.

I will be staying for now at least.

So if you choose to leave I would gratefully accept anything you might wish to give me.


Like the link. Both tasty and addictive.

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On a per hour basis, it’s probably the best value of any game. People spend way more than that per year on “cosmetics” for games they think are “free”… work out how many hours you actually spend in the game.

And who pays full price Office 365? Most work places offer the Home Use Program for $80 AUD a year for up to 5 installs, per user, for 6 users and include 1 TB of online storage per user… That’s ~$13 per person per year for Office 365… oh and did I mention it’s a tax write-off? Well it is because it’s for work.

Sounds like you just need to be smarter with your money instead of worrying about perceived value…

As others have said, the cost per hour is quite low for most MMOs and that includes EVE. I try to only spend money on games if I’ll get an hour of entertainment per dollar spent. EVE is about $15 per month so I try to get 15 hours a month in. I usually cover that in a weekend!

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