I can afford $5

That’s what I can afford for a subscription, I can’t do any more, I love EVE a lot, but my currency (ZAR) wasn’t built for the current sub fees.

It’s frustrating.

I would happily buy skill injectors etc, on a whim, back when I was subbed, but the sub requirement is just too brutal for continual long-term engagement.

It’s an embarrassing post to write, but I felt I had to. Happy New Years, guys, fly safe.

$4,99 :fist:


There are regularly some good bundle offers that give you x months and a decent amount of plex on top. Yes, it is a bit higher one time investment, but you sit on some months and also have enough plex to go for another one or two.
Other than that you can go for plexing your account, but that is a full time job, really.

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haha, yes I reckon if I played enough to actually plex my own account the price of a sub would be justified! I have thought about this, I love EVE but I’m just too casual for this sub’s price.

Think the problem here is I look at the sub fee, then I realize there’s a chance I’m going to be spending on extra things in the game as well, which makes the whole thing unsustainable for a guy like me (Who likes to play / spend on other entertainment).

Iracing charges me (Adjusted regionally on Steam) around $5-7, that’s comfortable for me, I’m happy to pay even if I don’t play much, know what I mean? That’s a happy price for me. But, $5 for me, is a fortune for someone in Zimbabwe, so these things are complicated, I guess.

I get where you are coming from. That being said, Eve is pretty much the opposite of a casual game, if you want to go Omega. Justifying 20 to 25 $ a month requires you to spend x amount of time in the game, otherwise it is badly spent money. But there are bundles that cost the price of one month, give you one month, but also 500 Plex on top, so effectively 2 months. Each of these bundles however (Platinum, Gold, SIlver, etc) can only be bought once per account.
You could semiplex your account, meaning you buy whatever plex you can afford ingame, and then supplement that by buying plex from the store.

Agree, I think if you play EVE the way it’s meant to be played, then the sub probably isn’t much. Maybe this is less about cost and more the back of my brain going “Man, you’re too damn casual to justify this money!” lol, have to admit, though, wouldn’t have this conversation with myself if the sub wasn’t as demanding.

The player count seems fine, though, so ultimately it was a solid financial call by CCP.

You can get a weekend fleet pack that gives you a 3 days sub and 50? plex for £3.99.

You could save the plex to buy a full month sub now and then.

Thanks for the suggestion, but given the nature of the game (skill training), that’s not really the kind of value/cost I’m after.

I’m going to just fly around in an alpha clone and enjoy the sights until I’m bored, lol, thanks guys.

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You could also try and find a friendly corp that has no issue with helping you in plexing.
A month is around… 2.5 billion isk give or take.
A lot of real money omegas are sitting on more isk than they could ever use a lot of the time.
If just 20 peeps donate or lend 100 mil, you are looking at 2 billion.

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That’s an idea, man, thanks, this game is just me standing outside a sports car dealership, LOL, think I should swing around in a few months, maybe things will change (either for myself financially or on CCP’s side), this isn’t doing my self-esteem any good.

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You should log in to the game :wink:


hahaha, this is awkward, my download is pretty slow, whatever you did, thanks man. I’m no beggar, will repay whatever you just did when I can.

Don’t sweat it. It’s the miracle of disposable income. And at the current stage I am just sitting on my isk. Omega is secured until April and I am currently locked behind skill learning in order to make further use of the isk I have.
Consider it a gift as incentive or bridge.
If you ever can or want to pay me back, I will not say no, but that is not a prerequisite. Just remember me, when one day you become a pvp king and I cross your path XD


Whenever you don’t have enough ISK for something you need (e.g. subscription, ships, skill injectors), you can simply take it from other players.


That is also a valid approach, indeed.

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lol, absolutely, sadly I’ve never won in pvp in Eve online in my entire life. I like shooting rocks. :expressionless:

Buy one month - then PLEX the rest as an Omega.

Sorry to say this OP but it is simply tough luck… I started out plexing here too. Didnt give CCP a dime for a few years.

I heard the Russians got to play EVE for cheap vs the US for years until CCP changed prices.

Then stuff with the UK made the game cheap for them too vs the US. So, CCP decided to peg everything to the US dollar to level the field.

I really hope your economic situation changes eventually OP.

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sorry to read this but eve online is a luxury entertainment product. if you cant affort it anymore then you stop it and watch fix your life at first ! there are way more interesting things out there then playing a game you cant affort !

and if you cant stop it then eve has already a free to play option with some restrictions but you can play it if you want !

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A Ferrari is a luxury entertainment product. A Samsung 98" QLED 4K Q80C TV is a luxury entertainment product.

EVE Online is an MMO. A dirt cheap form of entertainment to keep the poors distracted with mindless repetition instead of overthrowing their government.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


yes this is correct !

its a luxury product entertainment product ! “dirt cheap” is still a payment for a product you dont need to survive

free TV and youtube are base entertainment products ! any entertainment form whith mothly payments are not a base entertainment product ! its luxury ! you dont need it because of so many free entertainment products …

conspiracy theory… alternate facts … call it like you want → poors are poor because of lack of education !