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I see that the price has been upped from $14.99 to $19.99. My only real question is did anything get added in addition to warrant the price increase or is this just considered their “cost of business” increase?

Just a simple question. I do not want to debate philosophical values or subjective it’s worth it to me for ‘x’. I just want to know if there is a reason for me to pay the additional cost? If not, I’ll just stick to free since I can still do level 4 quests in my leisure time. Thanks for the response in advance.

Edit: I may take advantage of simple sale periods as well. I see that’s a thing as well.

It’s only you, who can find out.


That is true, but that comes with knowing the actual initial question. :roll_eyes:

EvE is still EvE, ever evolving. Would you like to still be paid the salary of 20 years ago?


No, they didn’t add anything to warrant the price increase other than “cost of business”.

I know little about missions, but I don’t think level 4 missions are still possible as Alpha.

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Those were removed from Alpha clones over botting issues before the price change. So any L4 agent, even locators are cut off from Alpha clones

I found that out yesterday. That is a shame. With the amount of options available I’ll just be on my way. Thanks for the two responses that didn’t get into the weeds of subjectivism.

because you SHOULD be allowed to play a game for free, while it requires money to pay devs, servers etc
when you go to the cinema, you watch the movie and don’t pay anythg yes?

They probably just roughly matched it to inflation. It was probably more expensive 15-20 years ago than it was now since I think it was $15 from the start.

But you are allowed to play the game for free. This is part of CCP’s busines model.

Exactly. Just paying monthly is the most expensive way.
There were some server updates, new ships and Pochven, also Graphics are updated. Right now they are updating the Launcher.

The Alpha Clone state is an extended trial account. No crabbing, but some fun possible.

I haven’t quibbled over twenty bucks since I was like 16?


$20 a month, cash shop, they know that most of the player base is shitty with money and will buy into it.

If users keep buying into the shitty business models in video games they have every reason to keep increasing the prices. It’s not cuz of “inflation” if that was the case other MMORPGs would increase their sub prices as well.

Overall greed

Time to get a better job.

You even lift brah?

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