Open (short) question to CCP

Have you given up on EvE?

What makes you think they have?

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explain how they have given up?

m fully aware that they are just lazy

I’ve been on here for a while
And the Devs enthusiasm for EVE is not what it once was.
And their focus on skins jobs and trinkets shows.

No one is asking for game changing revolution Dev blog

But Soon™ used to mean something around here

But all you see now is sales on skin jobs
Even Hillmar in the last fest looked tired and hopeless
Almost uninterested…

I dunno… It no longer the same

They said they were making anothere MMO, so yeah maybe they have

well yeah they run low of ideas and are scratching the bottom in accordance of what they want to do, i mean resource wars was cancelled because no one is running them due to no real reward.

they come up with ideas but than try to balance it with something and than find out people dont want to do it because of how they balanced it.

@zander exvirus what mmo?

they haven’t said the name, just the said another was in the works

Was it called World of Darkness?

That died centuries ago

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I’m trying to be optimistic, but the last few years have been rough. So many false starts, poor dev decisions, and abandoned game play options. However, I’m hoping that the recent data mining abilities put in this year will help promote focused, well designed changes in gameplay and opportunities for all players. Perhaps wishful thinking, but it’s obvious that something has lit a fire under CCP in regards to questioning some of their long held dev decisions from the past, although I imagine that both PA and 240 million are part of the heat. The next 6 months will tell the tale of what the future for EVE will be.

I’ve been playing for about two months now, but with the attitude of these forums I’d be tired and less than motivated too. It seems like damn near every 3rd post is slamming the dev team. These guys have kept a MMO alive for 15 years… holy s-t that is a feat. The game is older than my kids, but looks absolutely amazing and has one of the most unique feels I’ve seen in a game. it’s completely mindboggling how the Dev team gets b-d at when they clearly know what they are doing, and do it very well.

From what I’ve seen the team is quickly realizing that predatory PvP via manipulating the game mechanics is hurting the game. A new player starts off at a massive disadvantage due to the skill requirement, actual player skill requirements, and vast wealth discrepancy. While much of this is warranted, as these are things that develop over time, there is clearly groups out there that enjoy newbro smashing over choosing to PvP targets of their own caliber.


Because … you know … fear. Better not ask. It’s already bad enough what we get what we have not asked for.

Are you sure you aren’t blinkered somewhat?

We have the new Abyss instancing which is being expanded … something new. And we have the new event, using planet surface/atmosphere … also new.

Why would you ignore these things and focus solely on skins?


My 2 cents, people are harsh with the devs because they have a deep attachement to the game. I’ve been playing for 4 years, 4 years of fun, pain, friendship and hate. It’s not tetris, it’s not angry birds, and the other gazillion of games i’ve played and forgotten, this is Eve and it’s something else.

As for the so called disadvantage due to the skill requirement, it’s gone. I mean i thought about that when i started and it looked overwhelming. But now that i know how the game works, i find that irrelevant.

Correct, once you understood the game. New players joining the game are just trying to grasp the controls and figure out how they can make some isk to be better. they will eventually learn that you don’t need a full skilled battleship to be effective, but if they don’t stick around long enough to figure it out then it’s a moot point.

When starting up the game I tried to pull in a couple RL friends and the response was all the same. “Hell no I tried that game back in 200X. I got ganked by a squad of PvP pirates X times just trying to mine. Not for me. You’re crazy for trying to start so late in the game.”


But you are here. Enjoy.
You can easily max frig skills and kick vet butts if your put some commitment in, and there’s nothing more rewarding than this.

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You’re missing the point. You have to actually get players to commit and stick around for them to “easily max frig skills”. IF a new player goes omega and IF they stick around 2 weeks they can fly a not-even-close-to-max skills frig with T2 modules. Hence, CCP trying to create a more pleasurable experience for new players and non-24/7 pvp focused mentalities. Unfortunately, more to the point, this results in bittervet screaming that CCP is ruining their game and the sky is falling because they can’t kill easy targets anymore.

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That’s not really the problem for a simple reason: the more people are connected, the larger the target pool is. Changes are good if they fulfill their objectives of getting more people in.
What is feared are unintended consequences. An example, i was against the box deposit thing in the citadels to reduce courier contract scams. The fix work as intended for couriers, ok. But there’s a catch, if you hunt and kill people in sov null, you can use the feature to deposit the loot in any structure, even if you can’t dock, even in your victim’s alliance stuctures, and use asset safety to transport it safely in lowsec. That’s an unintended consequence, and that’s the kind of ■■■■ that some people fear.

There will always be unintended consequences to any substantial change in game mechanics. Even with 100 testers and a year of test servers you may not catch all the possible scenarios… especially with a community like Eve’s that excel brilliantly at pushing game mechanics. Now I can’t say that loopholes like that should be closed up (such as simply making the deposit box not asset safety-able) within a timely frame, but calling the Devs half the things the community does in this forum on a daily basis doesn’t help anything. If anything it has to delay things because the devs would be like “f it, they’ll just break it some other way”.

Congratulations…I guess… For better or worse, you are the future of EvE. If you had been playing EvE for at least a number of years rather than a couple months, you might understand better why people are displeased with many ccp decisions and directions and distrustful. ccp has indeed kept this game going for 15 years, but, really, sometimes it has seemed in spite of themselves.
If you wished, you could google “greed is good” and “summer of rage” to learn where things started to get wobbly with EvE.

buy moar skins, too.