[@CCP] What's your future?

You hear a lot of the “Eve is dying” stuff and I know it must be annoying but it brings a good question. Eve has been the back bone of CCP Games as a whole, the fall back when things go bad. The game is diminishing, from being a niche game, having bad reputation (like the cyber tyrant and bullying cases that ended in death), etc. Such things drive down the value too, making it off putting to buyers.

So, if Eve Online were gone, I know I asked the players but this is for you now…

what will you do?

Where will you go?

What will happen to you all?

I may be a kid, but I know living in denial and relying on one thing isn’t a permanent solution, or a stable way of life.

This isn’t about Eve, the corporation, none of the business… Just the people, what really matters



I’m just going to put this here.

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Starting from single dude doing agroculture to small,medium,lage and global bussiness VAST majority of them relying on one thing thru generations even…i know tweeter is telling you the oposite.

Good product thrumps all last thing you want is neglect it over and over again to follow “thrends” last thing eve needs is another mobile game.

Dont care much what anyone of them is gonna do past default “land on your feet” due to them being talented bunch vauched thru product i am using.

I dont get it.

You might as well be asking, “So if planet Earth were to be hit by an asteroid tomorrow and the world ended, What will you do? Where would you go?”

We all know that the planet is going to be unable to support life one day or another, whether it be by an asteroid, or from the sun expanding into a red giant. But for the forseeable future, it wont happen.

The same thing goes for EVE online. Its not going away today, or tomorrow, or even next year. Eve online has a dedicated fanbase that is, more importantly, made up of older farts, which means that they are less likely to leave because of outgrowing this sort of game.

I dont even comprehend why you ask this to CCP. How exactly are they supposed to answer such a question? What would be the point? And why would it be any different than a player answering? The answers are easy. Either CCP shuts down, and everyone is fired/quits, they get bought out by a larger company, or they come up with a new IPO, new game and scrape on by. I mean, it takes like 2 seconds to realize that these are the possibilities, if EVE shuts down.

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