Hello everyone, and

@CCP which shines by its deafening silence within all these important debates! They are the ones I would personally like to read on this forum, instead of all this horde of harmful trolls and useless lollipops at their command!

Are you so on the street following all your accumulated trade policy errors, including that of inflation of +33% immediately followed by false discounts, thus signing in 2022, the climax of a decade of trade mismanagement? nameless in spite of us, that you now prefer to keep quiet, rather than really come and discuss with us everything that is wrong? So come and chat with us instead of constantly relying on your facade CSM while brandishing your EULA, a CSM which, moreover, is of absolutely no use to you!

Because New Eden really needs a real revolution today, and fast!

I allow myself to react, in particular to what I have just read this morning under other subjects coming out of the pen of lollipops proving to be decidedly totally useless for you in more ways than one!

There are not between 17 and 23,000 players connected each day to EvE Online simultaneously. What is simultaneously connected are between 17 and 23,000 accounts! In other words, a very certainly lower number of players due to the multi-account policy pursued by CCP throughout the last few years, and this in an attempt, no doubt, to save the day, as we say!

These figures for 2022 are therefore in no way comparable to those for 2009-2013, situated well before the great wave of perfectly understandable and legitimate defections by a large part of the veterans!

This is also what happens when you despise your customers to such an extent for the sole benefit of greed, and this while turning your back on what nevertheless made the glory of CCP between 2003-2009, namely: the status of New Eden’s persistent universes, for the most remarkable MMO-RPG-RTS of all time!

Go understand! Me there, as a veteran survivor of the wave of defections, whose character Ully Loom was born in 2003, I no longer seek to understand! Where have all my stats gone in all your pretty cardboard analyzes content with a sample of data located between 2012 and today?

Consistency in data analysis? Does this speak to you? Initially: NO!

It’s flat out guys because of your limitless stubbornness!

I observe powerless in spite of myself, and this despite the many advices that I have been able to deliver voluntarily on this forum, the slow agony of the online game which nevertheless took part in the construction of the spirit that I have become 20 years after !

How did we get here ?

How can we allow ourselves to be so misunderstood with regard to an entire community that remained loyal to CCP throughout the first decade?

Open your eyes, guys, and see what’s left at the end! All this is your work! By no means ours!

Moreover, there is absolutely nothing surprising that it is the quality of the community itself that suffers the most in view of so many errors accumulated in just over 10 years! Indeed, by despising the entire community of passionate MMO-RPG-RTS veterans to such an extent, you have quite simply made New Eden fall prey to the most erratic behaviors possible!

Your ignorance of player psychology is your main flaw, which constantly feeds the frustration of the most patient players, rather than relieving it! You are incapable of any form of psychological anticipation, which, on a systemic level, only maintains the flow of defections from the last veterans!

So is it lost? Is EvE Online doomed to die?

Under certain conditions, my answer as a systemician is clearly: NO!

And those conditions are as follows:

1- You must first accept the fact that there are two kinds of players: the patient, and the impatient; the first are real MMO-RPG-RTS players ready to devote a lot of their personal time to take part in the construction of a whole persistent universe and leave their mark on it, while the second are just simple arena players in favor of so-called fast PvP games; you have there two categories of players who cannot in any case cohabit on one and the same server; it is a real problem of social anthropology!

2- You must then offer two separate servers; the first would be devoted exclusively to building the persistent universe of New Eden, without cheating (ie without PLEX, without injectors, etc.) and also, without any harmful intervention on your part, and the second would be reserved for players ready to pay hundreds of dollars in the short term to have everything right away!

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom


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  • CCP despises their players.
  • Low player numbers are due to the alt-focused nature of Eve.
  • Wants two servers. One with, and one without plex, injectors, and P2W stuff.

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Astral Mining Inc. (edit Once Paid me) to mine for them

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this is the dream
and make multiboxing a bannable offense

I mean if they make a seperate server that is only 500 systems where there is 15% high sec 25% low sec 25% wh 25% npc null 10% sov null where there is no injectors, I’ll be there in seconds.


If I can’t plex in EVE and not give CCP my $$$ (Yes, I know others paid for that plex) That’s a deal breaker.

ccp would get less money if u’d pay your sub regulary and dont support pay2win mechanics by plex
500 plex is 24,99 while a regular sub is 19,99

No, in no case @Adorno_Ado !

With two separate servers, a first in exclusively MMO-RPG-RTS format funded over the long term only through recurring subscriptions without requiring any intervention from CCP except for new content, and a second in the current format funded in the short term in which PLEX, injectors, etc. would remain, CCP would thus obtain two distinct sources of income, while meeting the needs of two distinct categories of players, knowing moreover that certain players could very well choose to take an account on each server proposed in order to take full advantage of the two styles of play; personally I would not, but I know players who would most likely make this choice!

By doing so, CCP already has a titanic commercial database that it only needs to reactivate in a few clicks through fair communication explaining to all former players, its awareness of the problem. within New Eden, and its choice in favor of a new offer dedicated exclusively to MMO-RPG-RTS and coming in addition to the current offer! And presto, voila!

CCP will only have to observe its results and draw its new balance sheet!

After that, CCP should, I think, also review its irrational position regarding NFTs, even if it means having to create a third server dedicated solely to this type of very special offer! It could even become a very nice development project for them; Eventually, and contrary to everything that is currently happening, the blockchain will become the essential economic lever in a world where absolutely everything must be rethought, in order to try everything to save our species from its own extinction!

And presto, on the way to a third source of income for CCP, while meeting the needs of a third category of players, say the investors, knowing that some players present on the other two servers could very well in turn take the plunge. …

This is how to allow CCP to meet its internal needs, without provoking the ire of veterans identical to that of the last 10 years; Too bad they didn’t think of it themselves earlier, especially before throwing themselves so stupidly on these PLEXs and these injectors, but also everything else…

After that, the ball is obviously in their court. At my level, this will be my last message. It is then they who must make the best decisions. But when I see how the numbers are changing after everything they’ve already tried, what I read here and there on the forum, trolls and lollipops aside;), I tell myself that they would be very wrong not to try this solution…

Strategic mistakes happen to everyone. The most important thing is to recognize them and assume them. EvE Online has seen nearly 17.5 million characters created so far (! Their bases for commercial revival are therefore already necessarily gigantic; this is a very good point for them! There is therefore only more, on the part of CCP, provided that they decide FINALLY to know how to take the plunge, while telling themselves that they will thus put a definitive end to the slow agony of New Eden !

So stop procrastinating!
Save New Eden!

Ully Loom

Whole reason why I play EVE is the system where I can put my time and earn premium (omega) off of someone else’s $$$. How is that pay 2 win? I haven’t even given CCP my own money and noone is being put at a disadvantage? XD? Alphas can gank me anytime they like. Smarter alphas know how to do explo WAY better than me.

Frankly many people play EVE because of the ISK-Plex-Omega system. It what creates multiboxing.


Are you telling me us miners @Aiko_Danuja that once we convert all of our current LP over to that new IB Credit we will be as space rich as or close to becoming as space rich as James 315 once was?

This person has some kind of weird obsession with lollipops, and it’s really creeping me out.


This person only cares for lolipops if it will help with getting off that list.

Shouldn’t even be on that list in the first place, it’s a dumb list.

Imperials and their damn lists.

Its near imposible I keep getting near to 5.0 and it goes down again by the time a random story line comes around its down just enough not to hit 5.0 and then there is no story lines for IB so eventually it will go down again.


Sorry not a cockarouch but that is too easily minipulated.

It is fine for CCP to earn money from players but extracting lots from a few leaves people in a bad state, better to improve the player count so that their earnings are also more moral. (less from more)

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Can we have a server where structures are not allowed in high sec, and the old wardec mechanic is reinstated?

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