It’s gone far beyond crying at this point.

I’m just going to curl up on the bathroom floor in the fetal position and suck my thumb.

Tama? What you on bro. Tama’s where the party is at.

No, I was hauling through Uedema.


Mostly blue pill lil crash and some quafe.

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No strippers?

Do you even know how to party?

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Knew I forgot something.

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Shout out to someone very talented Mister Monopoly by doing his thing something that he is very good as it delivers to the Eve Community “Tama News”

Tama News o/

Mister Monopoly Youtube Channel, great entertainment for Tama low sec community

/since how we as Capsuleers are currently sending a message to CCP

Tama is just like any other low sec system. The only difference is that it’s a choke point, and a lot of people try to pass through.

A bit busier than Hevrice, where I typically roam about.

Just seen the Corp/Alliance [Oceanic] Is that an Australian group?

//looks to be the active corp in that System Hevrice

How should I know? I’m a 12 year old that lives in his moms basement. Or so I’ve been told, numerous times.

This is the only way I will ever pay ccp a sub again, I wont play on any server with plex or injectors CCP can piss off till then. I last actively subbed this game in 2020 nor do I play it as alpha after 13 years. I started my boycott 2 years ago after all the shet ccp started pulling.

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Can I have your stuff? I am still playing and it would help me greatly.

Thank you!


Hello @xavier69 ,

Yes, and this is exactly the attitude adopted by many of us in the face of so much manipulation on the part of CCP.

Not to mention all those who left the game for good after being sufficiently disgusted by so much hypocrisy on the part of the publisher, some now preferring to play EvE CONQUESTS rather than EvE Online; the advantage of EvE CONQUESTS is that CCP no longer has any control over its rules of the game, they remain forever unchanged.

And then anyway, it is the right of every consumer to make known publicly all that is wrong with a trader after such a commercial gesture worthy of the greatest scams.

Also, either CCP hears very clearly what is being offered to them here so that it is at least tested on their end, in which case they may be able to salvage everything that can still be salvaged with even the hope of being able to bring back old veterans within EvE Online, either they persist and they sign on the path of stubbornness and commercial stupidity, like alas many other charlatans in this world before them, in which case they will definitely drink the cup while sinking with their drakar.

In this second case, we will no longer speak of EvE Online as the most resounding commercial failure in the entire history of online games, because CCP will very quickly have become ancient history, but rather of the late New Eden as the most regrettable, most realistic and immersive persistent universe collapse of all time, because in the end, that’s what veterans will remember most, especially all those who made CCP famous between 2003 and 2009, and of which I myself am a part.

So this is it.

The ball is now in their court. And they may try to scratch their heads all over the place to try to salvage what’s left of their paltry pride, that’s the only solution really worth trying, which is to remake EvE Online the greatest and the most majestic MMO-RPG-RTS of all time.

But they will also and above all have to know how to be convincing with regard to all that the veterans of the first decade have already lost because of them, and this throughout the second decade. But there, that is up to them, that is to say to CCP, to know how to get out of the dirty mess in which they foolishly stuffed themselves; this is generally what hangs in the face of any merchant who abuses his customers’ trust to such an extent…

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

ps: Don’t feed the troll - [Preferences][Notifications][Users][Users Ignored] + Add what you want Forever…

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I thought your other message was the last?

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Wannabe Edgelords of 2006 dont need rules, man

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The entire perception of ‘unfair advantage’ is wrong. The person who has masses of time on their hands in which to log in has just as much of an advantage as someone with very little time but a bit in their wallet. Time and money balance out. And PLEX, injectors, etc, provide no guarantee that the capsuleer is really skilled enough to manage whatever ship they have ‘unfairly’ gotten their hands on.


Hi there,

Definitely, we see green and unripe ones on this forum, and this one underlined yet again by Miss @Altara_Zemara , and repeated in all sauces everywhere on this forum, now takes the form of a psalm in which each of us should blindly believe.

Q. Long live catechism with CCP sauce, isn’t it? We invent totally bogus beliefs, then we make filthy propaganda of them in search of the least available pigeon wallet.

Except that in reality, no!

In no case these PLEXs and these injectors are not a good thing and do not have the unanimity of the players, the latter being as I have already underlined, categorized essentially into two groups.

This false pretext linked to the lack of time that you systematically put forward in your remarks inevitably comes from the fact that you belong exclusively to the category of so-called impatient arena players, wanting everything right away, for the sole benefit of consumption. so-called fast online game. This type of behavior is therefore in no way compatible with that of real MMO-RPG-RTS players called patients, of which I am one, and whom CCP has despised and wrongly neglected for more than 10 years for the benefit of greed. Suddenly, the question of lack of time has absolutely nothing to do with it; moreover, if I had to personally report on everything I work on, and all the subjects on which I have been involved in my IRL life, and this in particular for more than 20 years while being a fan of EvE Online for 2003, your reasoning would absolutely not hold, even for half a second.

I would point out that at this stage of the pay to win era, which has been going on for more than a decade in the world of online games, and therefore not only that of EvE Online, that this false pretext linked to the lack of players’ time is invalidated by all the results of current research on this subject, and that, conversely, this raises above all serious questions in connection with addiction to gambling; Here are some examples of recent publications:‘Loot_Boxes’_in_Videogames


As with any form of addiction, people who are victims of it constantly fall into addiction denial, even trying by all means to make their behavior a social norm in itself. It is then necessary to put them back in the right direction, which sometimes is not an easy task in view of the power of this type of addictive and sneaky spiral; I personally know a person who is finally starting to get out of it, and this after having fallen into the trap of pay to win addiction; moreover, if the PLEXs and whatnot had not arrived in EvE Online, this type of incident would never have happened based on the ancestral rules of the game itself, but let’s move on, I have already warned on this point of the dozens of times.

So here is. The declaration of lack of time justifying the purchase of PLEXs and injectors within EvE Online, is simply a false pretext; it is the tree that hides the forest.

So we have here two categories of players who can in no way coexist, hence the massive defections of these last 10 years of all the true fans of MMO-RPG-RTS !

Well done CCP…

Ully Loom

What ? I’ve been playing Eve for 10 months now…actually 1,300 hours. That is longer than I’ve played Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout - New Vegas combined. And you don’t think that after all that time I have the right to want some sense of getting somewhere ? Especially as I am already paying £12.50 Omega for each of those months…just to ‘exist’ in Eve.

No…I don’t have the time or the patience to sit there endlessly in a barge and watch a damned mining laser. In addition to having a real life to live, I am also in several other MMOs that I have cut down on in order to play Eve. Why would any rational person in this situation not buy PLEX rather than grinding away for the hell of it ??

What is more, in your preferred grind scenario the person who has more time on their hands has the unfair advantage. You whine about ‘pay to win’…but your ‘use time to win’ preference does not contain any greater fairness. Someone who can grind for 10 hours a day is clearly going to have an advantage over someone who can grind for 1 hour a day. They have a better chance of ‘winning’.

Not only that, but we all know a great many of those ‘grinding away’ are actually AFK. Yeah, that’s really fair isn’t it…and is the real issue you should be dealing with. Thankfully we have gankers to deal with that.

Yes…I am impatient. After 10 months and £120 or so spent on Omega, I have every right to be ! And if you don’t like the fact that I buy PLEX rather than grind away for hours with a mining laser…tough. I truly don’t care.

Oh…and don’t forget the true irony. That the ‘free’ ISK you get from grinding away with a laser is actually paid for partly by people like me who buy PLEX.


What drives many to EVE is the unique system were people can WITHIN REASON grind enough ISK. (Was 1.4bil-2.1bil aprox) To get 500 plex and play as an omega. Frankly Everyone wins. CCP gets $$$ People get fun out of the ISK and people get Omega time with 0 out of pocket costs.

Yes I am addicted to putting my own time into EVE to make enough ISK (Then some extra) to be an omega with no out of pocket costs to do so.) Don’t care if someone else bought that plex. I care that I am an Omega in EVE and it costed me nothing than my time that I would spend normally playing the game anyways!

I will go out on a limb here, but I believe many multiboxers plex. Many people who don’t want to pay CCP from their own pockets also plex. Pretty sure the trillionaires and multi billionaires in EVE also plex. My point is ALOT of people use plex for omega time. And you’re attacking a fairly large segment of EVE’s community when you say plex is pay to win.

I don’t know why you see plex as so evil to EVE as literally EVE revolves around plex. Plex is what makes EVE unique. No other game has a business model like EVE’s. I dislike how you are trashing plex in EVE @Ully_Loom You can have all the ISK in EVE and still be the worst player. Plex is not PTW for this very reason.


The thing that Ully misses is that those ‘free’ ISK that miners get for grinding away for hours are not ‘free’ at all. Someone has paid real life cash, at some point, for every single ISK in the game…whether via Omega subscription or PLEX purchases. CCP is not a charity and are not handing out genuinely ‘free’ ISK. It may be free to mine, but is not overall free within the game.

Thus the whole notion of people going out and mining ‘free ISK’ and building up the Eve economy is a false one in the first place. A lot of players, especially alphas, are actually being subsidised by a collective pool of money. Because the source of that money gets lost in the mists of time and adverts about ‘free to play’…people live under the falsity that grind alone generates ISK.

It doesn’t. It is precisely people like myself who buy PLEX who inject money into the game that gets converted into all that supposedly ‘free’ ore that the grinders so proudly proclaim they have spent time mining rather than buying PLEX.

The sheer irony !