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What a patent lack of both economic and psychosocial knowledge… It’s maddening!

Let’s get along please!

I never said that players should no longer be able to buy PLEX if that’s what they really want. On the other hand, I say danger: addiction!

I said too that there are at least two categories of players and that these two categories can in no way cohabit:

1- second-generation players, favorable to pay-to-win, since buying PLEXs or injectors really amounts to saving time, in other words skipping steps.

2- first generation players, favorable to the MMO-RPG-RTS which was the basis of the ancestral rules of EvE Online; I can talk to you about it for hours, I was there.

However, by proceeding as CCP did, namely by imposing on both categories of players the introduction, on the one hand of PLEXs, then on the other hand of injectors, CCP scared off an impressive number of veterans who Yet all of them were made in EvE Online on the basis of precisely these ancestral rules, namely those specific to the MMO-RPG-RTS that this online game once was. Unfortunately, this is not! no longer the case today despite all the communication efforts of CCP to make us believe just the opposite. I have been staying for all these years. I am a survivor. As proof of this, my long list of friends remains hopelessly extinct in 2022, regardless of the time of day. Of this first generation of players, hardly anyone connects anymore, that’s also why I asked the other day where my statistics could have passed in all these analyzes starting only in 2012. In short, by doing this, CCP has quite simply emptied its game of its essential substance: its players!

I know some of these players IRL, we sometimes play EvE CONQUESTS together. We are passionate about strategy. They all tell me the same thing: “CCP made a huge mistake with their PLEXs! They condemned their game!” this moment, the game having lost all its appeal. And when we tackle the question of solutions together, the answer is unmistakable: “CCP must backtrack! They have a massively multiplayer strategy game with unparalleled potential so far!”, and again, I am perfectly in tune with them. .

So, the idea that I’ve been suggesting to CCP for months now - my god they’re hard on the leaf of our little vikings - is to radically change the situation before it’s definitely too late for them, the simultaneous daily connections not ceasing to drop, by creating a second server dedicated exclusively to MMO-RPG-RTS, a server which would be devoid of PLEXs, injectors, etc., as well as any form of external intervention by their hand, all on the basis of a balance of parameters such as that which was already in place during the period 2003-2009 for example, the one which made the glory of CCP precisely, and not the decline which we are witnessing.

CCP must stop its ostrich policy! He must hear this because he would be very wrong not to try! As I wrote, two servers = two sources of income from two distinct categories of players, but who can in no way cohabit!

A good communication of relaunch without language of wood having to show imperatively convincing with regard to all that certain players lost because of this very bad commercial policy carried out throughout the last decade, and they will be able to reactivate all their commercial base! And there, the turn will be played!

As a result, you too would have the choice between these two servers, knowing that nothing would prevent you from opening an account in each. You could buy as many PLEXs as you want in one, and play by the rules of a true MMO-RPG-RTS in the other!

So tell me ! Where is the problem ?

I don’t see any since with such a solution, everyone comes out a winner, including our little CCP vikings!

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

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No, you have once again ignored the fact that there is no such thing as ‘free ISK’. That is the entirety of your problem. Nobody is grinding away getting ISK that simply magically appear from nowhere. All ISK in Eve originate from real money. If you have a problem with real money…you have a problem with the very stuff that underpins all those allegedly ‘free ISK’ and the entirety of Eve. Someone is paying for it all.

Who do you think is actually buying…originating…all those PLEX that multiboxers PLEX their accounts with using all those ‘free ISK’ ? Those PLEX have to exist in the first place. It’s people like me who buy PLEX that originate it all.

But ALL you see is the person grinding away for their ‘free ISK’, and you give a load of blah about ‘ancestral rules’ as if some magic wand is waved and the ISK fairy brings ISK into being.

It really is high time ‘paying to win’ was re-phrased to ‘paying to keep the game going’…as that is effectively what it actually is.


I always thought myself to be a pretty rational person… CCP runs a business and they need to make a profit. EVE needs to turn out a profit and keep with the changing demographics.

EVE of 2022 is not the EVE of back in @Ully_Loom’s day. To be blunt it will never return to that state. Why? Because the consumer/gamer of today wants near instant content. We have seen that with the addition of abyssal dead space and the PVP arena CCP added in. As a young EVE player I don’t see anything wrong with LSIs/Plex. All my friends in the incursion community often brag about injecting a lot and so on. Good for them.

Having more SP doesn’t make you a better EVE player. Having more ISK doesn’t make you a better EVE player. Yes, I do value my gear. I value the expensive toys I have in EVE. But I know there are players who are 100000% better than me. I have explained the plex system. It honestly works out for everyone and is a big attraction to people who want to play such a complex game as EVE.

I agree we as a community have accepted things like plex and LSIs as a necessary thing to keep the game afloat! @Ully_Loom Wants EVE to go back to ancient times of the true MMO-RPG-RTS era. Sorry to say this era can’t support the games costs.

So, as we look to the new era of EVE CCP’s real challenge is managing this VERY delicate balance of price point, ISK faucets, and ISK sinks to keep people happy. As if one of these are messed up it can throw the entire company under. Trust me I have my limit to how much I am willing to work to plex. (About 2.5-2.7bil per month) due to RL

Finally, to close I ask this,

What am I missing here? It doesn’t take a degree to figure out CCP has changed EVE to support the players of today not the players of 2003? What’s wrong with plex? Or LSI’s? The more ISK or SP you have doesn’t equate to pure skill at EVE? Plex is a great system that allows so many people who may not have the $$$ or not willing to contribute out of pocket to play Omega. So many more people play EVE because of this?! I don’t know what I am missing here. I try to be logical and rational in my line of thinking but for me this doesn’t strike as pay to win stuff.


The PLEX system allows those who do have money to inject into the game to transfer it to those who don’t…and thus PLEX their accounts. Both groups benefit. The idea that any of this is ‘paying to win’ is nonsense. If anything it is paying to exist. It allows those who don’t have massive time for mining or trade to play the game, and it allows those with multiple accounts to PLEX them and carry on multiboxing. It’s a win-win scenario…and I really don’t understand what anyone’s problem with it is.

I mean…no, buying PLEX and converting to ISK does not in any way help me ‘win’ in terms of kills or being better at the game. It may allow me to get bigger ships faster, but it does not make me any better at flying them. It has not prevented me losing ships. So I’d love to know what Ully’s defintion of ‘win’ actually is.


You know what ? You are limited, so what do you want to answer your own question after all that I have just exposed and explained to you…

Moreover, the argumentum ad nauseam does not reach me… If you only knew…

Do you want to continue like this with your PLEXs and be satisfied with your luxury whales? So do as you see fit if you think/believe that’s what will ensure the survival of EvE Online…

On our side, we will continue to observe from afar, it is the case to say it, the slow agony of New Eden inexorably emptying itself of all its primordial substance: its players…

Because there can’t be a persistent universe without players… CCP should have made this its number 1 priority since the serious alerts of 2011… Instead, CCP sank into denial…

But the numbers speak for themselves, because this strategy is a monumental fiasco…

It is pathetic !

Tciao people, you who believe you are above everything! It is exactly this same ultra-liberal attitude that leads us into the IRL wall… Except that unlike IRL, New Eden could be saved… And it would be enough for that, that for once, CCP finally show common sense and humility…

But there, we are far from it…

Hi all,

Ully Loom

For someone making such a big deal about their “qualifications” by virtue of being here since the game came out, this person seems to be woefully unaware of the fact that players could trade game time codes to each other for ISK since 2004, and that the forum section in which these trades took place was more popular than all other forum sections combined.


“Combined” might be a stretch but it doesn’t detract from your point. Because indeed when you go to the “Timecode Bazaar” is over 351,000 posts while next up are "Character Bazaar " at 268,000 – where you’d trade toons for ISK – and finally some real discussion with “Eve General Discussion” at 203,000. The trading topics seem to outnumber the actual discussion topics.

No, it was combined, at the time.

Keep in mind that GTC trading dropped off significantly after PLEX was introduced, while the other forum sections went on and grew consistently until the old forums went down.

smh… you sound like that weirdo on the street corner " The end is at hand! Save yourself! "
Relax. It’s just a game. It’s legal.

EVE isn’t ‘p2w’ because it’s a sandbox. There is no endgame hence no ‘win’.

‘Ancestral’ :rofl:

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EVE is just a game let it go already. I hope you don’t lose sleep over the state of EVE go check out some other space titles coming out. I often have fun balancing EVE/Stellaris/Elite Dangerous

I got the end is at hand vibes also when Ully started saying “ancestral/primordial” :laughing: Not going to win over an audience with those words.

Yup I do, people like @Altara_Zemara buys plex with $$$ Plexers like me buy her plex for ISK. I get Omega time for it. New Eden goes round. I don’t support CCP with my own $$ but more power to people who buy plex. I don’t know how many times we have to explain the system that works for everyone.


The funniest thing to me is that her posts are directly translated from French - probably Google translate - so the idioms just don’t match, reads funny.
Small exemple: “my faith” - in french: ma foi - best translated as " well…".

I don’t want be mean or anything, it’s just funny to me.

Still, have to admire the passion. Respect nonetheless.

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’ Do I detect the smell of burning martyr ?’ ( John Cleese )

They facilitate and encourage and reward anti-player behavior. In all my 13 years it is astounding that they cannot comprehend this simple principle.

Zero consequence for anti-player behavior.

I think the Catalyst is the only ship that they’ve never nerfed in my time.

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HUSHhhhh! Don’t give them any ideas!
If they nerfed Catalyst I’d be gone from this game faster than you could say Bob’s your uncle !

Gila it has only gotten buff’s plus more modules and implants that make it even stronger “Drone + missiles combo”. It is also the ship that abyssals are balanced around and probibly any new Pve would be mainly tested with which sux for all other ships.

Wrong. It got nerfed at least once but maybe twice even during my time playing EVE. :stuck_out_tongue:

O you are right my bad I didn’t even notice the drone hp loss from 500% to 250%.

Also it only influences Alphas but once you could use T2 medium drones as Alpha which was later removed to limit Alpha botting / AFK farming. You can still field Navy drones though.

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That doesn’t really count.

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I don’t know about PLEX but the minerals I mine are free!

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