CCP, can you, just once, not drag this IP into the dirt

I mean, I’m not saying this is some ridiculous data harvesting scheme, but I’m not saying it isn’t. Can you please just concentrate on this game and the people who play it instead of constantly looking for crypto-nft-data mining weirdness all the time?



I would like to play more dirt… I mean Dust
I’ve just answered to another CCP survey mentioning EVE FPS :smiling_imp:
Did you know Minh Le, the guy who started CS, joined PA in 2018 the same year CCP did? But he probably works on PA’s Plan 8 rather than EVE FPS :confused: but who knows :crossed_fingers:

I hear the asterolds calling…

That’s terrible.

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The Prophet wonders how this stops you from blapping others.

Or infiltrating a corp and selling information to a rival corp.

The Prophet feels the true downfall of New Eden is the endless victimhood parade.

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Yo man, I can’t wait to earn some dank pugs. This shit’s gonna be so lit, no cap.

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Obviously it doesn’t, does it? But is that really the point? I think the concern I have is the more stuff like this happens, the easier it is to google “eve” and get an absolute ■■■■ show of weird nonsense like this. Is eve better now that you can link your shopping habits to it? Did this help grow the game? Is there someone out there who was looking for a dystopian space game and thought, you know what would really put it over the top? If only I could get pugs for buying toothbrushes.

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Isn’t doing business about throwing money at everything there is and observing where it sticks and start multiplying itself?

You can play science of course but you can throw your scientist at less things at a time :stuck_out_tongue: …unless you have more volunteer scientists to throw around at things than money :smiley:

Scams are just so low effort these days.

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It seems to the Prophet, then simply make moves in New Eden that are newsworthy.

Sadly, in these shallow times, it is us who have changed New Eden for the worse.

If CCP go bankrupt Valve or someone can take it over and give it some proper attention and care. We are probably close to a situation like this. CCP must not have alot of money left in order to be selling out like this? It seems desperate?

The future of EVE Online...


It was already taken care of by Pearl Abyss, and got injected with $40M for making Project Awakening using blockchain tech for data persistence (and possibly monetization of in-game activities).

As I wrote earlier: throwing money at things to see what sticks

…if EVE Online no longer sticks it will be simply shut down in a matter of day :confused:

It has been holding for 20 years by now. And if you see how much an Upwell structure/Capital ships/Invasion fleets cost ISK to build and all the blueprints required for subcomponents and materials combined together then multiply it by number of hardcore players spending RL money on PLEX.

Example: the largest 20k PLEX pack costs €650 and it roughly converts to 90 000 000 000 ISK (@~4.5M ISK/PLEX). A Sotiyo blueprint costs 100 000 000 000 ISK plus all the blueprints for subcomponents. I am not new to EO but somehow I am still green on how such amount of ISK can be obtained simply by PVE or PVP (ie. ganking :wink: ) and selling things/services to NPCs. I mean to finance that building in-game activities RL money has to be involved.

…and there are quite a lot of Sotiyos out there meaning RL money still flowing in.

The cool part is one of the investors of the 40 million is on the board of directors of millionpugs. The circle of life is a beautiful thing.

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Dude what? Look I white knight the hell out of eve. I love this game. But your theory that somehow I’m the one in charge of marketing eve and that it somehow falls on me to make the news rather than the company that owns the game is a ridiculous take. No one, literally no one, in this forum has been the one to say “You know what hillmar, your time would be better spent with a long list of failed and non-supported side projects, nfts, blockchain nonsense, and data harvesting.” That’s not us, that’s CCP.

“Oh look ! A benefit for you. See how we care about and respect our customers ?”.

Right … Maybe the new ones are naive, most of the old ones aren’t. A data leach site. Is that how they think they will pump up the PCU, by tapping into sites like MillionPugs ? LOL. The ones who do not see those programs for what they really are are not the ones who will ever stay in EvE Online. Just sayin’.

Isn’t there really anything you wouldn’t try ?


The Prophet does not suggest it is your role to “market” New Eden as you say.

However, at some point you must decide whether or not to renew your clone contract.

If New Eden is no longer the garden that was promised to you, then move on.

Darn it, I’ve already agreed to sell my data to NineteenDobermans


But that content is NOT for individual players. It’s something that alliances of hundreds or thousands of players which exist for 5, 10 or 15 years are spending ISK on. That ISK is only partially coming from ratting, the other bigger part is coming from moon goo (oh, sweet Technetium).

It’s actually good to have content like this - to drain the abnormal amounts of ISK which alliances accumulated over the years.