We mobile gaming now bois

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Nice f2p farmville EA mobile adds ccp.


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I guess maybe he’s parodying my thread about CCP’s advertising badness?

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I realize each of those things is words, but the only ones that form a coherent sequence are the ones in the picture. @OP, those things you typed… those aren’t a sentence. Attend grade school and try again.

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No, CCP now makes advertisements of PLEX sales via in-game calendar notifications

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Rofl at this Thread topic.

And yeah f’ing annoying, CCP has marketing / Sales Bug of addicted to it. Is CCP a public company of something? Freaking annoying dude.

I started in 2008 Apocrypha and miss old CCP and I am sick of Sales and Plex and ingame store.

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Still nothing has beaten a ‘plex reward’ for participating in the latest drone event and getting skins rewarded valued billions of isk and top if which were only worth a couple of 100k’s turned out.(rip pre-investors of skins)
I think the mother company of CCP is trying to get rid of EVE online but they are never sure when they hit high so they keep gambling and try to figure out when it makes the right squeeze to sell the IP on the market, they even hired someone from EA pr sales managment or something if I got that correctly, that’s when you were start seing the adds for ‘get more slots and more firepower’ with that one deal and wasted dreams pictures of piles of gold ugh mean plex in crates of hopeless dreams desires

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