Does CCP ever advertise EVE Online?

I’ve occasionally seen EVE articles over at but I never see the game mentioned elsewhere. I think that folks sometimes need reminding that EVE is still a current thing available to play.

Yeah they do, I see banner ads and videos on YouTube regularly.

They seem very targeted , which makes sense, I’m exactly the sort that would play so…

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They seem to only market it to people already playing it.


CCP has a ton of ads on Facebook

When my ad blocks are down it can pop up on YouTube and a like

I don’t browse without an adblocker, however nobody I know who used to play eve ever hears of it. Sometimes I’m like ‘‘bro you see the new expansion’’ and they’re like ‘‘that game is still running? thought it died years ago’’ and I’m like ‘‘yeah it pretty much died in 2012 but you can still play the reanimated corpse of it’’

based on a true conversation


This as far as I’ve noticed.

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Yes, i have it all the time on diffrent sites i visit.
Not a IT guy
But that’s algorithms/cookies work


Goddam how much contempt I have for marketers.
I swear, its always “hey guys we have this huge thing to do” and then after 3 months of partying they half-ass something in a massive hangover on the morning its due.

I’m already playing EVE, yet I’m the one that gets EVE ads all over my internets.
Utterly wasted money on bad incompetent idiots.


when they did their massive expance to the US for players that did a whole bit for incursions before a movie played.

This is what you get if you think targeted Google and Facebook ads are the thing to use. Pretty stupid IMHO.


I seen and clicked on ads before I played Eve. Not sure what internet habit I’ve got that led to Eve ads appearing, I guess the cookies and algorithms know me better than I know myself

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It was probably that one time by absolute coincidence you googled ‘Clothes for Chloe’ and the algorithms took over from there.


Most of EVEs advertisement is from in game actions that make gaming news. Outside of a few twitch streamers and youtubers who play multiple games and have a decent following. EVE has the advertising footprint of a gnat.

But most online games are about the same. Aside from WoW, or Rocket League, there hasn’t been much in the way of REAL mass media advertising in any MMO.

Honestly EVE doesn’t need this kind of marketing, I could see the mindless masses now crying in help chat about how something is OP, or UP, or how they need to have safe zones, or how Nullsec should be protected. OR how EVE needs to be more casual.

No really, I see this in every Steam review or game review from the sheeple who go out and play the new thing. Instead of researching and playing what is best for them.

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Yep. Seems to be the case with almost every game I play. I don’t actually see any adverts until I’m playing the game. Started playing ESO again recently and am seeing the advertising everywhere. I like to call it pointless advertising.

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Dear CSM,

Please petition CCP for the next piece of purchased hardware to be named Chloe.

Thank you,
Activist Gadget


You see ad’s for EvE online when you start playing EvE online ._.

it’s like in work when i look up information on hardware to buy on google. when i finaly go to the online shop you can be sure to get advertised the same products you just searched for on google.

Well, of course CCP advertises EVE. I’ve been seeing their ads everywhere since 3 days ago when I started a thread here at GD.

Guess that starting threads in General Discussion of the EVE Online forums, easily characterizes oneself as a target for EVE advertising. Unless you a) are playing EVE or b) won EVE…

Online advertising is a bit like “Joe bought a car, so he’s a person that buys cars, so obviously he’s gonna feel a need to buy a car the very next week after buying his last car”. :thinking:

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