CCP. You can make more money

I had a random thought I wanted to explore further.

I think Eve could make a small fortune from selling advertising space in the Eve universe, Massive billboards could be placed at some of the popular jump-gates and real-life brands could advertise there with 1000s of players seeing their brand daily, That’s got to be worth something.

I remember in Battlefield 2142 Multiplayer some of the maps had billboards advertising real-life films due to be released in theatres, I thought it was a nice touch.

CCP do have a look at this, take these big companies money and use it to maintain Eve Online. I’m sure things are pretty harsh for businesses these days, every penny counts.


That’s already in the works, don’t worry.




I belive you have best intention but I have to warn you that those numbers a pretty small, do you know how much I paid 1000 impressions on TARGETED AUDIENCE ???
Hint: very little, without 100 000 unique impressions daily it is all useless :frowning:
Proof on concept: Niantic with Ingress tried something like that and had enough unique impressions daily but targeted audience was “wrong”.

The future of EVE:

“We will implement your system jump in a moment, but first a word from today’s gate sponser!”


Anarchy Online did this, somewhere I have a picture of an Intel Ad having to do with arms power :slight_smile:

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I always found those adds immersion breaking. This game has no basis in the current reality and honestly most of the time they are just ignored.


We need quafe ads, not coca cola ads.


Terrible idea… also, ‘1000’s of players’??? Really? Most players don’t even leave their home system where they carebear in null or high. What are they gonna advertise? Do you have any idea what the Eve playerbase is like?

Advertising! Right! why not link eve to facebook and instagram etc so all the data can be shared with scammers world wide, Or just lost by facebook!

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inb4 “like EVE Online on facebook for 10K unallocated skillpoints” :facepalm:


Avast anti virus software could be advertised here. Windows PC’s need anti-malware/virus software right? Samsung make mobile phones, Hard Drives, many other tech devices, I think lots of companies could get onboard.

Sounds terrible tbh lol.

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Hey you take that back! mission runners have to leave their system all the time.

In my help channel i have a guy thats trying to convince me that if eve went more micro transactions on a full f2p model they make more money lol. He calls be a cheapskate for not wanting to pay money for ships, while he is an alpha that refuses to pay for omega and believe that omegas who pay plex arent contributing to CCP bottom line.

He also wants undocking/docking to be done away with because it takes too much time but want a video/speech to listen to from mission agents.

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I think they should just expand PLEX with more interesting services.

Like a month Station ad time or a month billboard add time etc.

Again this… This post is about a player giving some idea to help maintain the game… bad idea or not , he has good intentions…what. Carebears /gankers/ wormholers, hisecs have to do with the post? Go punch some sandbags, do some swimming, hit 100miles/h with your car, and dissipate your hate elsewhere.

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Advertise snacks fast food and fizzy drinks

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And then we should pay subscription to get a game full of ads and microtransactions? Not interested in such a shitty product


I don’t mind subtle advertising if it will help CCP pay some bills. Their internet and data backup must be very expensive.

LOL, he needs a “Hate Dissipation Field”

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Only if ads are targeted at alpha accounts. I pay for the game, I’ll be damned if I’ll watch ads in it.

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