Eve needs a change

We’ve seen products and changes to eve that doesn’t seem to really make a whole lot sense untill you think about PA. I’m getting tired of this new $$$$$$$$$ for anything line of game dev.

Why should I log in when 5$ gives you almost 500million isk? I don’t have the extra money to spend and blow on random stuff. Why devalue in game actions by directly telling us to sell Plex?

This needs to stop. I’m fine with there being a healthy Plex market, player driven. CCP is crossing the line with popup ads and directly telling us to sell Plex.

Whomever is in charge over at CCP, I know you think this is going to make you money, but all it’s going to do is slowly kill your revenue stream. Focus on making players stay. Focus on keeping and growing subs. There’s a reason most phone games go out of style or one they get popular the next cool thing comes and they don’t last.

Eve needs to be a unique game with its own identity. This is what keep people coming around. They want to be part of that. They want time in-game to mean something. The more you devalue what has been done before the more you’re going to make salty, unpleasant, bitter players.

This is a sad way to watch this game go. I’ll probably fly till I run out of isk and ships then never come back . I refuse to whale you into a new bloodsucking mobile company.

I’m sorry the only vote or voice has to be my wallet. This was a cool game. Fly safe out there. o7


And another player leaving… it’s getting to be a chorus.
I wonder how long it will take for CCP to wake up and smell the bacon.


Probably never. After all CCP Rattati, the game’s executive producer, famously stated that he didn’t care that players left Eve as he knew they would be back.

It’s that arrogant and condescending attitude from those at the top of CCP that’s severely hurting the game.


I agree. That point was made yesterday by one of my good friends on here.

Pride cometh before a fall.

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Another attention seeking forum alt “leaving” while the main keeps on keeping on. Like every other post like this over the last decade and a half.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Virtue signalling is a thing.

Agreed. This is all noise no virtue.

You say that, but people have posted in the past here, and elsewhere, of coming back lol.

This again? Don’t like it stop playing.

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That will be hard. Ego and Pride are like stage 4 or 5 cancer. It will be hard for CCP to accept thier mistakes. Seems CCP doesnt have a vision or dream for this game already. Its all just about return of investments.

tenor (68)

Yup and the delusional Soycrowd that thought getting a EVE tattoo at fanfest was a cool and totally badass idea are still in full denial. “Just stop playing if you dont like it bro”

Brands are a new religion. Dare you question godccp.

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EVE is change and CCP lacks neither imagination or forethought.

just a reminder of what was

Why I am eternally invested and you should be to.

Headquartered in Ethernity. Come and find me.

Heard something similar with another game about phones and look how that turned out.

It would be interesting if majority of alts leaves and the only remaining are the mains.:slightly_smiling_face: I love logging this recents days when logged in accounts are just 14000-15000.

Which 50-80% of at least are alts and/or bots

Wouldnt be surprised if actual real people would be more like 5.000


this one is probably more on topic

It’s okay to flunk out of eve-academy
tho self-defeat irks
the universe remains
and we must do what works

we will welcome you back with fireworks (or lasers)
when the time comes
but until that day Oh-Pee
the salute is returned

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If I can just buy it then I don’t need to play as much. When I don’t need to play as much, engage with others I might have, then there is less content. With less content there is a dying game.

Hi Raven sorry to hear your story. It’s the same for most players they come they see the CCP rules of thumb and have to make an active choice about weather to stay or go. I know myself over the years I have come and gone only to be back again. I also have a hard time with the way it was to the way it is and I also have a harder time coming back each time I do as the game itself has been going down the path as you described in your post. I also would hope that by enough of the community seeing your post and my reply that they would do something about player retention and helping people like ourselves find new and interesting ways of subbing our accounts again through in-game play. But the baseline of doing that has been getting more and more away from a achievable monthly goal as it was in the past. When I first started 20 or so hours of mining each month and few level 4 missions or some sigs in space would get you the 1 plex you needed to sub. But over the years they raised the value of a sub which I understand but then decreased there own ingame plex and isk values by watering it down. It was shocking to be apart of and see first hand. Then decreasing the mission values and increasing the hardness to all leveling. Reducing the ore content in space. Reducing the income value of combat sigs. It’s hard for everyone to see whats been going on but I hope you leave and come back someday to a better game. GL and Fly Safe…

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Now everyone has their reasons and all the best to you Pilot Raven Farlane 07

The thing is one has to think about is the skill points that a Pilot currently has could be extracted for years to come to play Eve while still maintaining Omega.

Even when a skill extraction is considered a huge loss of SP, it still gives that final option to continue having Omega and still voting with your wallet.

While seeing that ad, ask yourself does it really effect your game play?"

I don’t see it effecting my game play and I if I need would buy plex again. I started in 2017 and really don’t have the time to invest hours into grinding for ISK like I could before. if I need ISK I would sell off some unused assets, extract some skill (keeping under 50million point) keeps me partly interested in staying active.

IDK how you are feeling right now as I don’t and never will own a Titan and to me that was my goal in playing eve online.

I read a news article about a huge battle and wanted to check this game out because of that battle.

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1M:50Sec into Vod he tells us what their games are about, People playing people and not people playing games.

Note, following questions aren’t directed towards you.

When we ask ourselves, are we asking for that fundamental beginning to be changed about Eve?
Or are those who are asking for change wanting to play the game that was not what CCP designed their game to be played like?

Does anyone ever ask themselves if it is us/them/me who is wanting a change and moving our own goal posts here?

Seeing the past changes, how do they focus on that very fact that their game was designed so that the player plays the player and not the game in New Eden.

Wow those sort of questions blows my mind after watching that Vod.