So you just bought CCP

So you just won the Powerball lottery (etc.), and being the die-hard EVE fan you are - just sealed a deal to buy CCP (or controlling interest). Excluding staffing, what changes would you make over the next 12 months? What direction would you take EVE and what would be your development/focus? What would you do to generate renewed interest in EVE and improve player retention?

I’d rebuild it to run as a pay as you go phone game with the focus on expensive space boxes full of random golden ammo.

Then I’d wait a few months and sell it to Google or Facebook or some other multi-nat for 10x what I paid for it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Close it,take few years to rebuild it on a new engine, sink multiple millions of dollars in it open it back up 0 wallet/item balance to all as a starting gift.

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Make it a requirement for all devs to check this forum several times a day and respond to @'s.

I would update the engine to expand what the game could handle. I would send out small packets for people to download a little at a time so everybody including those on metered connections like phone hotspots could keep up. Heavily advertise in game about the change to the new massive update.

Heavily advertise the Eve outside of Eve.

Ditch skill injectors/extractors completely but keep training boosters.

Bring back the watchlist only for those in a war. Both sides.

Do nothing to wardecs.

Dial back on what alpha accounts can do.

Make CCP Fozzie run his ideas past a committe before implimenting them.

Double the hardware currently being used to run the game.

Add a downvote button to the forums.




Get rid of local.


Fire all the players, and start Eve 2.0, with space hippos that have poor disposition.

Oh, and make Devs pay attention to the official forums, not their favorite 3rd party site.


get rid of crafting items. get rid of blueprints. get rid of 90% of book reading. give players a good starting ship. make mining automated. get rid of alliances/clans. make pvp zones instead of high and low sec. get rid of a lot of the nerdy crap and dumb it down a bit. make it more pve where you find rare items instead of buying it all in the stations you find the rarest stuff out pveing or pvping. instead of killing enemy ships you can only steal their gear. they respawn at a nearby station with their ship and character intact. you do missions to upgrade and level up your ship. you dont buy ships.


And with all this ideas eve will die xD


Roll everything back to pre-Rubicon, and focus on the problems being addressed by already retained players. The game has never had a problem attracting new problems, and it’s only lost long-retained players after Rubicon dropped.


I’ll second those three. Then I’ll add in a mandate that Devs follow through with features and updates before continuing onward. That means all current content has to find it’s place within EvE that the community is comfortable with, before anything new gets started. Stuff like resource wars might get completely redone so it’s not wasted (note this does not mean it should be isk competitive with higher-end things, just that there is a place for it like level 2 & 3 security missions). After all current content is settled into whatever place it may find itself in…

Finish tiericide.

  • Fire Hilmar.
  • Remove local.
  • Make EVE great again. Back to the roots instead of ever-more WoWfication.
  • Build a wall to keep the Americans out.
  • Implement a mandatory intelligence test that everyone has to pass before being allowed in. Fail it, and your characters get biomassed.
  • Cut down on renters, bots and RMTers.
  • Actually enforce rules on the entire playerbase. No more favoritism towards certain players or groups.
  • Remove alpha clones.
  • Remove SP trading.
  • Rebalance blops.


smart people don’t play eve. they have a life.


And here you are, living your ‘life’.


Print up some red MEGA baseball caps and I’ll buy one. If nothing else, wearing one should start some interesting conversations.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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I can tell that you haven’t been here long.

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To be fair, the whole ‘build a wall around america’ sentiment has probably been around in some form or another since the cold war. For someone on the outside looking in, most people, as products of the single most demented education system in the world, aren’t that bright. Seriously, there are bug reports on the Elite forums complaining about the spelling of ‘aluminium’ as if American English isn’t the bastardised version.

But you definitely haven’t been playing ‘from the beginning’ or you wouldn’t be saying so much dumb stuff that demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of what EVE is.


You know that if you write America with a lower case “a”, you get flagged and put on the terrorist watch list, right? Say hello to your NSA interrogator for me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Same with color and colour. The latter has much more grace to it, doesn’t it?

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