What would you change in EVE if you could?

Nevermind. Game is perfect. Move a long :slight_smile:

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As much as I enjoy the referral program for 1M SP, the in-game spam of it needs to be stopped.

Way back the Dominix would sometimes bug out and do gentle flips while you warped. I want that back.

remove skins
allow to train 3 charcters on an account at once by default, no MCT needed
jump cloning into WH space :smiley:
reduce the cost of the game back to pre-increased levels

CCP should reate a real mining permit system that people could buy a license to issue in hisec in a certain system and enforce if someone mines without a permit in their system without CONCORD interfering with their lawful aggression towards the ore thieves. They could be called Empire Space Mining Supervisors or something.


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Question 1: Are you Aiko’s alt?
Question 2: Are you saying that the permits Aiko sells are fake?
Question 3: Who would be able to sell them and where would they come from? Would they drop if you kill a concord npc after ganking someone?

A1: Silly question. You should know better than to even consider that a possibility. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

A2: Only @Iceacid_Frostpacker can answer that question as I don’t have personal experience with Aiko’s permits.

A3: Didn’t think that far about how it to be implemented but that could be an option to consider among others.

Originally just thought people could buy the permits from a local station for a set amount of time for an amount of ISK (price may be depending on the amount of ore extracted in the system) or something (and some method should be also needed to avoid it being exploited by miners so if the law is not enforced there should be penalties in the form of ISK and maybe even security status loss thus paying collateral beforehand that the person loses if too much ore is mined without a permit is one possibility for that purpose) and nobody else could buy a permit until the current holder has it.

The permit holder could sell (license) permits to anyone who wants to buy one in order to be able to mine in that specific system and if someone mines without one the permit owner that sells the license (or further sells the permits or whatever) would have to enforce the law.

There should be a system-wide mining ledger so the owner can see who broke the law and maybe could even attack the thieves in other systems as well or something. Also the criminal miners could pay ISK later to pay for the permit and repay their stolen ore or whatever that the owner could pay towards the mining authorities to erase the failure to enforce the law or pay from own pocket to do the same.

If in the end the balance is positive they would have the option of priority buying the permit again before anyone else has the opportunity to do so (prolong permit ownership) for the same price (maybe still altered based on amount of ore mined locally) and if they failed in enforcing the law they would lose the priority option and would lose some or all of the collateral as well.

So in short one could acquire a permit from the local mining authorities of the empire the system belongs to and handle the related sub-licensing of the permits and enforcing the mining rights themselves.

Note: Obviously this would not apply to moon mining just regular belts. Not sure whether it should apply to ice mining as well.

Btw the permits sold to miners could be for a fixed max. amount of ore mined each permit and if they go beyond that limit they would have to acquire another (copy of the) permit again to can continue mining legally otherwise they would be criminal miners.

Dunno just a random idea I had was mostly just a joke to be honest but it could be worked out if some thought is put into it.

Hmm, I kinda skimmed through that wall of text, and this is what I got;

there should be a set amount of permits per system, and that after the set amount of ore is mined (by the current permit owner/holder), the permit goes back onto the market, and if you mine too much ore, you can get ganked by the (previous?) permit owner/holder, and there is also a collateral that is taken if you go over the ore limit, and a standings hit as well

I might need to actually read everything you said instead of just skimming through it, but I think that was the general idea

If you don’t bother reading it then don’t bother replying. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I did go back and read it all

I had once warped to the centre of a star once and was flung out at 1000km/s because I never held a permit.