Customer service lacking in Why Was I Ganked!


If someone could sell me a highsec permit then I can attend a more relaxed safe space mining adventure.

For the past week I had been trying to obtain my permit ahead of time so I can attend the mining fleet that will be held next month.

I had first tried sending evemail though I can understand how busy dealing with the day to day New Eden and perhaps there is some long queue in receiving correspondence.

It is starting to become frustrating when my permit doesn’t arrive and the system shows payment was sent twice.

Fast forward to day I decide to join their channel to request a permit from someone in live chat support.
They must have a sale on as the fee I was offered was just 5million isk but still I (twice bitten) now demand my permit first then I will pay the fee.

I would like to submit the chat here with name withheld, but seriously concider offering some level of customer service for your chat channel.

Please forward my permit asap.!
Thank you

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Agents are absolutely swamped due to customer demand.


I just wanna make sure you know the permits are made up and you cannot expect them to be honored in any way shape or form. Not to mention if you pay a permit to one group and they honor it, another group has no knowledge or desire to honor your ‘permit’.

I understand you want to be passive and mine but even in HS you need to watch local for known gankers and watch out for local spikes and Catalyst on Dscan.


Permits are a scam


It’s a scam. But more to the point, why even mine in an area where the scammers operate ? For all their sabre rattling, the main scammer group really only hold continual tight control over a small area…mainly around Uedama. I can think of systems not far from there where I’ve never once been asked to show a permit, and I only see the gankers once in a blue moon anyway. Plus, if they do show up…I can simply log in as another character in a system miles away :wink:


How so?


OP - Seriously, you really think you were dealing with someone from CCP?! :open_mouth:

(A bit early for an April Fools joke)

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Thank god. Another thread about ganking.

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Permits? You mean like a computer driving license? (yes those are real).

More customer service is way better than no customer service and I still want my permit…damnit Princess!

Please elaborate.

You have been added as a contact
From: Aiko Danuja
Sent: 2022.03.27 01:26

Aiko Danuja has added you as a contact with Bad Standing.

illegal miner, refuses to pay

Dear Princess Aiko,

It brings me great pleasure to receive such standing from a superior goddess and I am honored to be even concidered to be added onto your contact list. o7

If I may discuss with you about any miss placed funds, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly in game or on this thread.

Your unworthy miner

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Mining ‘permits’ are basically a mafia style protection racket…with absolutely zero guarantee that you will actually be protected. The permit sellers have no genuine authority. And on top of that, there is the irony that the permit holder is paying towards the very crooks who threatening his livelihood. I refuse to buy any permit ( not that I mine much anyway )…as a matter of principle. If anyone ever approaches me demanding I buy a permit…I will in no uncertain terms tell them where they can shove it.

That sounds very insidious. Someone should stop these people.

Please close this thread if needed as I just received my permit and currently I hold no complaints with that in game chat channel.

Congratulations on your decision to become a legal citizen of my security space!

                 I support Aiko Danuja and the New Order©
                 I follow the Aiko Danuja Code of Conduct™ 
                    =LONG LIVE LADY AIKO=
                            ★MINING PERMIT★
              ** IssueD: 2022/Mar/27 Expires: 2023/Mar/28**
                Saviourette: Princess Aiko Danuja 

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I mean, EvE does have rules about starting threads to troll…

Did you mean roleplay?

This actually happened, I needed to express my concern with the level of service and if I had not said anything then I would not be safe mining without a permit.

Everyone knows highsec is our Princess birthright.

It is written in the lore!

Closing at the polite request of OP