CODE Selling permits at rookie help

I hav been playing EVE for a few weeks and already now the “infamous” CODE, i dnt have problems with then perse but today i started a new chr for pvp, joined Rookie Help chat and there a guy by the name of Alleil Pollard was trying to scare newbros with threats and sell CODE permits, he refused to stop doing so, making up excuses as good as “Im not selling CODE permits just advertising then” “rookies need to now that without a permit they cant stay at HighSec because CODE owns it, im just helping then”
Im not sure thats something that shall be allowed in a chat designed to be of help to new arrivals to this game.

I dnt know if this is the correct place to post this so move it if needed and please excuse my English, not my main language.

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They have ISDs on Rookie Help. If there is any problem with it then they’ll sort it out.

And don’t worry about what should and shouldn’t be allowed. That’ll only give you some bad control issues. CODE. is just having fun and if anyone falls for it then it’s only the natural course of things in EVE.


No ISDs present at the moment that happened and worrying about what happens in rookie help is not gonna change, but just to be clear i have no problems with CODE weird extortion scheme if they keep it out of Rookie help chat.

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This is outrageous! Should we hand out pitchforks and torches?


So funny…

If you think it’s such a major issue then create a support ticket.

You could just laugh about it and while you’re on Rookie Chat could you also just tell others about scams in EVE and what the permit means and who CODE is. But sure, if you prefer to run to mama, by all means make a ticket.


Im already redacting a ticked not sure if thats gonna help but nothing los trying.

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If it makes you feel better it’s already helping with the real problem

honestly… especially if you have screenshots of this, one of the best people to pass it along too might actually be @James_315
from what i’ve seen, there are fairly strict codes of conduct even within code enforcement itself. one of the most common ones i’ve heard is “don’t do anything that is against ccp rules” which, ‘selling permits’ (totally not scamming cough) certainly is. even just “letting people know” sounds super iffy.

Do so but not for free, sell them pitchforks and torches for at least 50% Jita market price. :wink:


The only problem i see is the pathetic behavior of a pariah who was trying to sell his weird fantasies in a chat that is supposed to be for rookies help.

Ur trolling skills are meh but keep trying, if u put a lot more effort into it who knows maybe u can even amuse me :wink:


It makes you really mad doesn’t it? Care to share with us why?

You only think Rookie Chat needs to be a save space. The rest of the game however isn’t and the sooner new players understand what this game is about the more honest the first impressions by new players are.

To make Rookie Chat a save space, when the rest of the game isn’t, is a scam attempt on its own, because you’re trying to hide the unpleasant truth about EVE. It’s no paradise.

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Ima Wreckyou

Just by reading ur name i already know a lot about u maybe u should read my name carefully. And unless Alleil Pollard is an alt of urs and u hurt in ur cuore im dont get why all that passive aggressive bs.


U lately at rookie chat? Theres ppl who really try to help who tells to newbies about the PVP nature of EVE, no need for it to be a save space, but no need to be a place for scammers misleding new players either.


What do you know from my name? That I wreck you? He is not my alt and I don’t know him. I just find it very funny that it makes you mad someone would even mention mining permits in the rookie channel and make such a drama about it.

Kinda makes me wonder why you are so mad about it? Is it antimatter related?

Maybe he bought a permit from an impersonator and thus his Orca got ganked while AFK mining regardless of his permit purchase? :thinking:

He kinda sound like a goofus so it wouldn’t surprise me

Ima Wreckyou

Hmm… maybe theres a cultural diference that makes the meaning of “mad” really different for u and me plus my english is really bad, but for me being mad at things that must be killed with fire is not only normal it is even promoted in my country :wink:

Uriel the flame

To buy a permit u must be a children with no idea of what a mmo is… u thinki im a child? really?:blush:

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What I mean by mad is “you are butthurt”. Probably because someone shot your spaceship

That’s your opinion, but I’ve taken on a neutral position. Permits are no scams. If CODE. believes to own high-sec and as a result try to rent it out then it’s just fair play.

If this wasn’t allowed then why should your position be? You are trying to patronize new players as if they belonged to you. They may well be your new enemy, and not your new friend, and all you’re doing is trying to get on their good side.

One might as well argue that my own position, being neutral in the matter, shouldn’t be allowed. You think this would make any more sense?