I thought CODE was supposed to harass miners

seriously i can get behind loosing my pod because i was flying with a weapons timer, or because i was in a wardec, or loose a ship because i had overblinged or because it was a hauling ship full with valuable stuff.

but getting instalocked and blapped in the pod just after starting warp to the next gate is ■■■■■■■■. isnt there a way to report this people or something?

that’s not roleplay that’s plain griefer behavior, they even dare to invite me to chat to offer that stupid mining permit, i dont even have a Venture, if you’re gonna spam people with that stupid permit thing you should attack the ones spamming Athanors and mining fleets all over high sec not a simple passerby.

there’s no excuse to support this kind of behavior, this people have to get removed from the game permanently.


they’re not the griefers. you are. they play how it’s allowed and the only one spreadin’ grief here is you. take ya hate and shove it up your highknee. all ya’rr achievin’ is makin’ yaself a bigger target. there’s no excuse to support your kind of behavior and people like yaself need to be removed from the game.


Get used to it. CODE doesn’t give a damn about their role-playing. :wink: And just look how thin-skinned people respond if you call them out. :smile:


I’ve ganked people in pods just to teach them not to fly around in pods. They give you a free ship if you dock, use it.


Actually this is normal, this is how you play EVE; maybe you need to go back to WoW.


Code is just the fly that lands on you’re food, just there to annoy, treat them as you would a fly, it is the only existence they have.

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Where did this happen ?

We have talked about it many times and CCP would not budge on that. Sad thing. Better play something else where you can shoot back and are not lured into some crappy gameplay that encourages people being jerks to each other. A lot of MMO is like that sadly.

Something not adding-up here - if it was in hi-sec the attacker would have willingly forfeited their ship to Concord just to kill a pod - unless it was Suspect or something. Anywhere else it’s perfectly normal.

Ever wonder why this is so???
I think it is that way because most games lack narrative.

You died to a thrasher, which means that he couldnt insta-lock you. A thrasher with her fit and max 5 skills only has around 1k scan resolution. Of course, the likelihood that she has full 5 for all the necessary skills are unlikely, which means her scan resolution would be even less.

Which means that you are lying. You were afk or didnt instantly warp, and he caught you while you were not paying attention.

Yes, if you do not pay attention and afk, you will die.

Yes, it is your fault.

Yes, stop playing the victim. Pods are very hard to catch, if you are actually at the keyboard and instantly warp from being cloaked.

You are either lying to gain sympathy, or you are lying because you want people to send isk to you. Either way, your fault. Nothing wrong with this.


Well, if you dont fit weapons on your ship, big surprise, you cant shoot back.

Thats like saying “Hey, you cant shoot back in Call Of Duty if you run out of ammo! Sad that a lot of first person shooters are like that.”

Code doesn’t care about their ship loss, code has billions in their pockets, ship loss means nothing because most of their ships are just copy and paste so not much effort to replace.

You cant get instalocked if you only fly a pod streight from gate to gate… stop using autopilot and you dont get ganked

And yours arent because…?

I’ve been pod killed, when you’re sabo fit to hell insta locks are well instant.

I fit for the type of thing I may be doing, which changes from day to day, but code kinda does the same thing several times a day, not much to it.

no thats not pissible in a pod or in a shuttle xD you just ■■■■■■ up with the 60 second cloak timer or you was autopilot

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You are saying ganking a pod and a freighter are the same thing.

Also that you are poor.

I’m poor, and also still know their activities are copy paste.