Code Gank Fleet Wrecked Whilst AFK

Title says it all…

Thx ganst949 for the original post.

(Would have linked sooner but was marching on ANZAC Day.)


lol a small blow to CODE but funny nonetheless. Well done!

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CODE being AFK? Sacrilege! :scream:

If this is true and they were AFK … I am shocked shocked what has become of CODE. Really well done exhibiting the cancer that eats certain things from withing. :smiley:

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oh no codes been defeated. pack it up guys


I heard Loyalanon is long gone, its true isn’t it. He was one of the last die-hard cucks after James315 sold the joint.

A husk of its former self. Young spotty billy-lids now living off old cucks reputations.

Should have bought a permit.


Is this what happens when you park your car without paying a parking fee? :rofl:

Would be interesting to check his bio if his own permit was up to date. Some of these Codies bought their permits years ago, with no current licence to farm freighters.

Excellent point Sindara.


“If a miner does not wish to purchase a mining indulgence, he may still be granted a one-day reprieve, if he is able to correctly answer the Supreme Protector’s Questions Three.”

Buy a permit, and respect the CODE.

Waiting to see if this will make it onto the front page of


throws a peanut to the lost monkey without an organ-grinder

Well done Xoo, James315 sold the biz years ago. Better reskill mate.

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It’s a simple mantra. And an even simpler question. Why do you approve of it?

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Does this mean CODE gankers now need to fear getting destroyed by CODE gankers if they go AFK in a way that violates the code? :thinking:


You tell these noobs, you undock you are in a PvP environment.:roll_eyes:

Always… Cucks

You sound butthurt, where did CODE. touch you miner?


Who runs the third party minerbumping site then - or is this all just another reincarnation of the Dread Pirate Roberts?

Why do you keep linking old teenager music in your posts? I think i’m missing something.


Dom is best placed to answer your question, he bought and owned the Alliance for a time.

Found a special Rapper just for you, sure his music will reach out and touch Keno’s soul.

How do I do it? I channel my inner Huelsenbeck, picture a floating fish turning slowly in the air, then starting with the 1st letter of your name combined with the letter ‘a’ ( repeating the construction once ) - ‘Ka Ka’, I run through the alphabet until I return to ‘Da Da’.

Some may say its just pearls before swine.

I luv your Reddit buthurt comment: “how does it 'scream multibroadcasting’?”

The best Codie buthurt comment was: “Whats your INgame name?!!!”, like Null sec members take you guys seriously.:rofl:

Codie tears best tears.