I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ganking in Highsec. It’s allowed by the rules. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the permit / extortion racket either, as that’s allowed. Going above and beyond these activities to then attempt to induce anger on the part of the person behind the computer for the purpose of making fun of them on the blog, though? Playing people’s emotions to make them quit the game? Are these things good sportsmanship, metagaming and okay behavior?

I’ll introduce myself briefly. I’m a former CODE. CEO, recruiter and ganker. I was in the New Order for more than 2 years and the CODE. alliance for 6 months or so and recently renounced both. My wake-up call that got me out of the roleplay was admittedly when an alliancemate accepted CEO from a CODE. corp I had founded and given to someone else to run, booting everyone and taking it out of the alliance. I retook the corp with shares and have now disbanded it. So … perhaps I’m salty, disgusted … whatever. But, this all really has got me thinking back on my reasons for doing what I used to do.

I hadn’t been playing Eve lately and had mostly stopped ganking when I originally quit CODE. more than a month ago. For a good two years on and off, though, I was a ganker and have been featured in many minerbumping blog stories. I have a lot of critics in CODE. now, but none can deny that I was, at one time, accomplished in getting salt from people, intimidating carebears and the like.

Thing is, though all us agents always said there is a huge difference between what we do in-game and IRL , it just so happens that I am someone who also has clinical issues with narcissism and some cruel and abusive tendencies IRL. These past two years, I was in a bad position in life - depressed and unemployed. There are normal suicide ganks in Highsec after which it’s understood that it’s just a game and you let it go, but that’s not what we did in the New Order. We’d then proceed to mail the victim and use any and all methods to emotionally manipulate them into giving us material to make fun of them for.

It’s a bit cruel, and when I did these things, it really did fuel my own narcissistic needs and give me a sense of importance I lacked in life. What appealed even more to the narcissist in me was that suicide ganking is actually very risk free. The ships used are cheap and considered ammo, so failing a gank generates very little int he way of measurable loss the way losing more traditional pvp fights does on zkill, etc. Once you learn the basic mechanics of flying around as a -10 and matching up your dps to the target’s EHP, ganking is actually pretty easy and hard to fail at.

Anyway, now that I’ve recently left the indoctrinated mindset of the Code, it really does occur to me that I’ve likely done much messed up stuff to other humans just to feed off them. Not the shooting or the ganking, but there are legitimately people I’ve made quit the game. I can’t really say if others in CODE. are like me (even though I have made claims with some drunken, salty alliance mails recently), but I can honestly say that this was part of what fueled my zest for the New Order.

If what I did was wrong, well, all I can do is apologize for my cruelty and bullying and to at least be honest about how I was very wrong for a long time. In my real life I’ve made many embarassing, public stands against bullying and abuse, and it’s likely I’ve just refused to recognize the same behavior in myself here in New Eden. All I can do is be honest and try to be a better person.


Excellent policy



This comes as no surprise.

Eve is for sociopaths and CODE is for people who can’t get away with bullying IRL.


You know, I used to hear these arguments a lot and laughed them off, but I think you’re right. There really is something to this. It’s amazing that I really did have myself a bit brainwashed to not see the obvious. The human mind is weird. Mine is, at least.

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I have few ganking alts, I’ve done it for the fun, sometimes the loot, but I can’t say that I am evil IRL, it’s a game where this is allowed, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

As long as it’s not against the EULA, anybody can do it. Those who complain can either learn to avoid gankers or join them. Simple as that. I’ve been killed more than once and it was my own fault, not anyone else’s.

Fly dangerous o7

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Like I say. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the ganking or even the permit extortion racket, which is similar to trying to control territory in areas other than Highsec. It’s the above and beyond salt-farming and making fun of people on the blog I’m questioning. And I’m not questioning if it violates rules … just… is it right, is it normal and healthy?

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I sincerely hope life will get better for you soon.




Thanks. I recently got a job and access to medical treatment, so they are.


Of course it is. This is what Eve is all about.

That isn’t what the Code is about I am afraid. In fact, that is what carebears try do when they lash out with the hateful slurs that are so prominently featured on minerbumping.com. We all have our own motivations for playing this video game, but trying to hurt the other human behind the keyboard by exploding their imaginary spaceships isn’t a very healthy or sustainable way to play this game in my opinion.

I’m glad you have arrived at some self-awareness and seem to be on the way to a better place. I think I can characterize Eve as a mature game, with themes and gameplay that can be difficult for some people. Maybe Eve and its immersive gameplay helped you arrive at this new self-awareness, or maybe it hindered you from getting to a more happy state sooner, but regardless, it seems you have found yourself some. It’s not my place to tell you how to spend your leisure time, but you should also reflect on whether Eve is a good fit for your personality or is hindering you from being the person you want to be.

That’s all we can do! Have fun where ever you end up, in New Eden or beyond.



@Knowledgeminer, you seem to be following the path my my renouncement of CODE. Thought I’d tag you.

First, thanks for sharing, and glad to hear things are looking up.

Also, the more I read these threads and the more I get into EVE, I think this is an important distinction of which people should be cognizant. You can do a lot of stuff in EVE, and sure, a lot of that stuff will make people complain. For the most part, those complaints are totally unwarranted–I’ve not played terribly long but even I can recognize that things like ganking and gatecamping are perfectly legitimate ways to play the game. Those activities in and of themselves aren’t at all an indication that someone is a nasty person.

But there are certain types of griefing that, although doable in the game and not in violation of any official rule, still make the griefer a right pile of dross. Gank away, but there’s no need to be a total ■■■■■■■ tool about it.


Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Ganking is fair-game and fun. Permits and other scams, even? Sure! Finding the most angry people sending you profanities and doing everything you can by yourself and with others helping to get them more angry, so you can put it on a blog and make fun of them? Maybe not. And yes, this is what we all did at CODE. It’s like standard operating procedure.

Such a long tear post when a simple “gf” to Aiko would have sufficed.


gf Aiko


For clarity, this is all OOC but I didn’t.

You’ve flown with me, Ward. You said yourself that I always try to be nice. I mean, I always try to be a good person which is different but I guess the sentiment is the same.

Anyway, I sent the mails like everyone else did. I got things published by James on minerbumping. Did I ever try to make a player angry? No. I have plenty of examples of where I tried to give them advice on what to do in the game or how to improve their fits, how to use D-scan and the overview to avoid getting ganked, to align out for quick warp outs.

You see, the difference (it seems, anyway - I don’t want to speak for you) is that I was roleplaying a character that believed that she was trying to improve New Eden and, by your own admission, you were using the Code to either fuel, quell or release your own inner demons.

I am glad that you are getting help and that your life is on track. I’m also glad you’ve left CODE. behind as it seems to have been a really negative thing in your life. Something which I feel bad for being a part of.

If posting anti-CODE. stuff on the forums is helping your recovery, cool. Keep on keeping on. I worry that it isn’t and this is you trying to get back at those who have publicly made you look bad and that is definitely not going to help any issues you have.

o7 Ward. Hopefully will see you in space one day.


Good job. Wish you all the best in your new job and with your health.

That said, I used to gank miners before I retired and became just a bitter forum PvPer and I always just did it for fun. Also the part about the “not real PvP” and “easy” is on you, for me ganking was a simple means to an end, to steer up trouble. This toon, which is my main, warped in with the gankers in a Venture or something and looted the wrecks into an Orca. Miners got mad, got some ships with guns and came back for revenge. The rest of that story is on my killboard, It was always something different. The point was I played against other humans and that made the whole experience always new and exciting as you never know what happens next. And yes I got my teeth kicked in more than once.

In the end, EVE is what you make of it. It is a sandbox with lots and lots of potential and if you do something you consider easy or “lame” then that is your own fault. Just play to have fun.




Nope. He just stated that he did it for the salt. Salt farming is done by bullies who thrives on other peoples misery. That is what a bully does.

Just because it doesn’t break the EULA doesn’t make it less bullying.

Bullying IRL is not illegal either, so you condone that too I guess. You are a nice person.


Nice attitude OP, also after a year in the other side of CODE’s weapons, I learned a lot. I met some people who where nice even if they destroyed my ships, I met some nice people who where roleplaying a dickhead, also I met some real nasty agents, I mean IRL, who just collect salt and feel good on others misery( emotionally speaking) . I think agents who roleplay in threads are sick people, it’s ooc, and I think they forgot the boundaries between the game toon and themselves. Example of that is agents roleplaying endlessly allways off topic, is there a need for this? If your goal is to collect salt maybe, but I dare those people admit it.

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