I was also a CODE. space bully

I also don’t think there is anything wrong with ganking. I don’t think there is an issue with permits. I do however, see an issue with ‘salt farming’. There is also a LOT of TOS and even IRL law breaking ■■■■ that needs to be addressed that Ward never addressed, mainly with 1 person in particular. First of all, the actions I have taken against CODE:

  1. This is impossible to prove, but I had prior knowledge of James 315 quitting as early as January. I also knew Aiko was going to try to usurp the alliance. I formulated a scam to drain the New Order Treasury, and was partially successful. For every legitimate killmail I would send for SRP, I would send at least 2 duplicates of KMs I already got SRP for. I did this with Tornados, and Moas. I did the math, and I had made around 25-40 billion fraudulently with this. I never even got a mail from James 315 asking if I had made a mistake sending them. He probably didn’t even open the mails, just saw the fake number.
  2. I declared war on CODE and caused around 1.85 billion in damage, while losing nothing myself. zkillboard dot com/war/ 685334/ I started by taking out their abandoned citadel, and they started to cry when I informed minerbumping of this. They RF’d my citadel when I was asleep, and they completely failed to RF it again. Aaaarrggg (who originally RF’d it) lied about IRL stuff. I know this because he was ganking the whole time he said he was ‘in a meeting’ and ‘couldn’t fight’. All they managed to field was a shitfit Abaddon, which died to the citadel in 45 seconds.

On June 24, 2020, it happened. James quit the game. I immediately recognized [www.james315 dot space as Aiko’s writing style, and knew what I predicted had came true. CODE. was split in half while I was in it and openly AG’d and spoke out against Aiko. There was a part that supported Aiko and hated me, and a part that supported me and hated Aiko. They would AG each other and have skirmishes. While the majority supported Aiko, it was definitely a vocal and strong minority. What all started this, however, was the Kelroth incident. This is what truely happened.

Kelroth got ganked in Amarr by Mc Iovin for 15 billion. https://zkillboard dot com/kill /80760734/. 2 days later, he AG’d me (killed my looter) for 800 million. I decided to message all of their previous gank victims in the last 30 days and ask them to make the kill rights available to me so I could kill them. One of those, was Kelroth. He messaged me saying he wanted to do more. I accepted, and he said something along the lines of ‘I want to make sure you’re not his alt. Pod him [with the KR] and give me the corpse, and I will pay you 1 billion.’ Iovin tried to bait me and completely failed, resulting in me getting the corpse. I contracted it to Kelroth for 1 billion, and he accepted within 5 minutes. He told me to get on voice chat. After about an hour, he then gave me around 25 billion in injectors to ‘get me into a Moros’. The next day, I got a message from ‘Toke Norgard’. This is a real Kelroth alt. The name is what he thought was the real-life name of Iovin. He basically said that he had an idea to get Iovin perma banned. He decided on his own to spam racial slurs, death threats, and addresses he thought were Iovins into Amarr local. He was banned from EVE within 15 minutes, but that was his plan all along. He immediately filed a ticket saying that Iovin broke into his house and stole his laptop, killed his dog (WTF), and transferred all his items onto his account, and he saw he was banned and wanted Iovin banned and him unbanned. They asked for a police report, and Kelroth swore at support. He asked for his money back and got $800 of the $25000 he said he spent on EVE. (remember this is what HE told me, and all I can verify is that Kelroth was banned). He told me to get on voice when I contacted him. He was obviously drunk, slurring words, etc. When I got on comms, some other guy was there, which was Aiko but I didn’t know this at the time. He said he spent $20,000 on plex to ‘get all his stuff back’, and had given it to Aiko (While it’s a lie that he gave it all to Aiko, whats not a lie is that Aiko coerced him into buying it. He gave it away to Amarr local.) . He made it clear that Aiko told him to do this. While he was saying this, I could hear his GF/wife (don’t know) saying she was leaving him, that it wasn’t his money, and he was going to court. I immediately said (not knowing the other guy on comms was Aiko) that it breaks TOS and Aiko can get permabanned for that. He didn’t seem to care. This is the first blatant TOS violation of Aiko. No action was ever taken against Aiko. I filed a ticket reporting Toke Norgard for ban evasion, so he couldn’t spend more money. He was banned within 30 minutes. I never heard anything else from Kelroth. I don’t know if he is still alive, and I highly doubt it.

Obviously Aiko would be banned right? I sent the recording and my writeup as a ticket and… Voice recordings can’t be used as evidence. Nothing I can do.

Here is where IRL laws get broken, if they wern’t already. They were joking about me in the CODE discord, saying that ‘they forced Kelroth’s wife into sexual bondage’ (read:raped), and they were going to beat me up IRL. All of this wasn’t true, but still against the law to say. I was already banned fom the discord, it was my friend that told me about this. I don’t have the screenshots because I figured nothing could be done.

This is what CODE does, and has done. And it’s because Aiko tought people to do this, and scams all new CODE agents that fall for it. They tried to scam Ebb Eto and IronRod Kami. They scammed VictorStark Stark.

JihadSwarm Declares WAR on Molea Stuff like this defines AIko. He used to hide it, but doesn’t bother to anymore.

This is what I wanted to say. Interstellar RepoWoman and aiva ganki used to be my most used CODE alts (if anyone is curious). I dont see how this doesn’t break TOS and the law. But that is CCP for you.

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Nobody cares, miner.

it breaks TOS

{citation needed}

Scamming idiots for large amounts of ISK is not a TOS violation.

All of this wasn’t true, but still against the law to say.

{citation needed}

For threats to be a crime they need to be credible, not obvious nonsense. And it sounds like this was nothing more than tasteless jokes.


Your frozen corpse belongs inside a jar stored inside a forgotten interstellar hanger.


this would be a major TOS violation.


Okay, setting aside the accusations you’re making here, can you please explain to me what’s up with these?

Why are you posting with this “dot” weirdness instead of the actual links? Do you just not know how to format one properly?


Miners like you disgust me.


It’s something that used to be done a lot more in the olden days to hide information from site owners (you can tell which links people are coming to your site from).

I’m not sure why he is doing it here though.


Can you cite the TOS on this?


I can confirm that I made it rain in Amarr, and a lot of players are very happy with me.

:moneybag: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :moneybag:


Thanks for educating me.

@Jerry_Falcone I would like to know this as well.


However, scams that affect areas outside of the game may not be tolerated in the same manner, such as, but not limited to:
Scams that encourage the mark to purchase PLEX in order to acquire the ISK/Items

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Key point: may not be. I see nothing here that should be considered unacceptable. And IMO it’s pretty sad that people here are whining about how the poor victim was abused instead of celebrating the scammer for a successful scam of an idiot. What has happened to EVE’s culture?


since you are being nitpicky read the whole thing

I can also confirm that I have voice recordings in which Sievert Solutions attempted to scam Kelroth out of 400 billion isk, his voice squeaking with outrage and desperation as Kelroth announces that he has purchased $20’000 in PLEX and will donate it all to Princess Aiko and the people of Amarr.

I quote now from the transcript:

Sievert Solutions [voice squeaking]: No! No! Give the PLEX to meeeeereeeeee! Noooo! Don’t give it to Princess Aiko! Kelroth please!!!

I can confirm that I used this money to purchase the CODE. alliance and am now the most powerful person in New Eden. Glory to me! I can’t wait to tell you the story on my NEW BLOG:



code trash is still trash, no matter who is running it.

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I found a video that provides a nice TL;DR of OP’s story.

That was very nice @Prion_Solutions! Thank you!


Thank you for the citation. It seems Aiko could possibly be in violation of the TOS, but I’m taking these accusations with a grain of salt.

Kelroth…good grief, if that’s what actually happened to the guy I’m having a lot of difficulty feeling sympathy for him. Pity, definitely, but I think this might be one of the rare situations where “You should have known better!” is actually a valid response.

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Well yes, but has anyone from CODE ever denied that they are trash?

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That’s what his wife said



because it won’t let me post with moe than 2 links