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Calm down…

You do know that it’s only applicable and funny when someone is being salty? Saying it just to say it anytime a SAFETY. guy posts here shows how pathetic your needs are to get back at the gankers.

inb4 "calm down…"

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Another CODE dog, I think i’d respect you all more if you were just honest, you like ganking players who can’t fight back, haulers,miners and explorers, its not about saving Hi-sec or teaching anyone a lesson you bully smaller kids for their lunch money.

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Dear Diary… I died again

It’s not that bad funny how you never see them in low sec though like they might be afraid of actual PvPers

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Is that where the real pvp’ers are at? Lowsec? Interesting.

have you never been?



Love that song, but I do not understand your two word point with a possibly satirical video which is actually about inclusion.


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image image image

This is one of my favorite masterpiece of so many she has graced us with:

The SAFETY. alliance Aiko is in is also for inclusion, I hear.

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ah see explaining that may put your point across easier, since you could be referencing care bears feeling safe in Hi-Sec, which I put at most likely, or gankers can gank because “We can dance if we want to”, instead you reference information not readily available and isnt that just another part of CODE and Jamie313’s manifesto?


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@Aiko_Danuja I think you have to write a blog about this forum thread now. Threadception!

It’s just really relaxing to dunk miners.

Since everyone im the game has the same opportunities, they don’t technically are small kids who can’t fight back, but they chose tho play like they are.


see that I’m fine with, do it for fun to relax more the power to you, I’m really just against how “certain” groups treat them, or justify it behind flawed logic on how they are wrong to mine so we need to teach them, but if you flipped the script and said your ganking is wrong and not how you play and all gankers must conform to Juroks anti-ganking code you rightly tell me to jog on. so keep it up, it makes the game interesting I could just do without the propaganda.

They are wrong to mine, and we do need to teach them.

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no you think it’s wrong, you can do what you want. do you consider industry wrong? or playing the market?

Do you consider making isk with no risk at all ok?