Had anyone started to notice that Code. is becoming more Snuggly?

After spending a few moments over on zKill I couldn’t help notice the Long Green Snuggly Line increasing.

I think they could revisit their mission statement and get their head out of the latest Highsec Miner Grab Bags of late!

Focus on what really matters like improving that Green Snuggly Line.

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CODE. has always been very snuggly yes! Just because they are the most elite PvPers in EVE, which nobody can deny, doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a nice snuggle. Who doesn’t really?

In fact, they may be the most elite snugglers around.


For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow (pause), which nobody can deny

Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny

For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow (pause), which nobody can deny!

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Code’s mission statement is to help hisec miners and make hisec better for everyone involved. This is completely in sync with us being snuggly. After all, we are the best friend of the miner.


I would even say the Code is the miner’s only friend.


Yes yes elite pvpers … Shooting ventures.:woozy_face:


If youve lost a Venture to a gank thats highly careless.

Im not sure its wise to want a larger vessel if you cant look after the free ones.


You assume too much. Who said I lost a venture?

You seem to believe a Venture was shot. Proof?

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I will make it simple … " Elite pvpers … shooting miners" I placed back the word miners instead of ventures, a word meant to give a meaning of easy fights or fights against unarmed ships. Hard to understand I know.

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Why are the miners allowing themselves to be shot?

And can you provide an example of an unarmed miner?


If you don’t know that industry ships don’t fit for combat, I won’t be the one teaching you. Do some search on forums. Maybe you find a battle venture fit, but they arent a threat to such good pvpers I think?

Im afraid its you that isnt following whats happening.

Drones are an armament.

Why are you bothered that a miner let himself lose his ship?

Are you this fussed about health & safety in your own workplace?


My workplace is very healthy! Not worried about that. Only concerned when people call a group by elite pvpers when all they fight is easy prey

Well I think it would be more practical to teach the prey how not to be so easy.


I don’t care if they are easy or keep dying… as a capsuleer, dying itself is learning, but yes people telling things that is not true :upside_down_face:

So why do you take issue with an organisation that tells people on their website hoe they operate and the best way to avoid being operated upon?

Its almost like you want miners to be shot


Wich issue? Will make it simple again:
A : group x are elite pvpers.
B: (me) no they are not, they only shoot unarmed and untrained pilots.

Issue , Wich? Just telling facts

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code is dying, probably the boredom of bot like activities



Given the majority of kills are not Ventures, there is no evidence to support this claim.

As for Elite PvP, well it means as much as “Delicious New Recipe” or “Super Great Value”; its subjective.