Code. are kittens compared to those Triglavians

Code had gotten soft, cute and fluffy just like a box of kittens. They’re not the Code. of the past that placed Wardecs onto Moon Mining operations anymore. Code. totally fail to have a single Wardec on any Corporation.

Not surprised to see the search result that read; "CODE. is not currently involved in any wars.

Night after night many cargo vessels slip under the radar jumping past Uedama. Now compare that with to the Invasion systems every ship gets attacked. (without good standing)

Code. use to be scary ally cats but those tom cats of the past had moved on and what is left is a new batch of kittens meowing in a leaderless fleet.

Seem familiars?

James 315 declared that we won.


CODE. are kittens compared to those Triglavians!

You can tell that from the ratio of tear threads on these forums! Sure, there are still plenty of CODE./ganking threads (I’m posting in one!) as one would expect from the most relevant player group in the game, but it’s clear CCP has been doing the lion’s share of tear extraction this summer. Players crying about CODE. threads are outnumbered by players crying about Triglavian threads significantly.

CCP is showing CODE. how it is done! They are using their dev hack powers to put the pain on the carebears and saferbears of New Eden in a way CODE. only can dream of. The Trigs have over three-fold the ISK destruction than CODE. this month, making CODE. indeed look like playful kittens when it comes to destroying player assets.


CCP modelled the trigs on our Agents and their actions. We won


rubs nipples

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I’d rather be a cute CODE. kitten, rather than a fat krusty crab rat.


I dream of a day when the highsec miners ask CCP to empower other players to gank them, rather than relying on boring triglavian NPCs.

I flew through a Triglavian minor victory system today and there was a big orca fleet out mining. These people just cannot help themselves.

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That day would not be considered a good day when miners team up with the likes of them Code. Kittens.

Absolutely nothing would get done as for the whole time out on the belt the miners would be afk looking up youtube videos of kittens.

Ganking bots OP.

They are immune to concord, don’t have to replace their losses and they don’t even loot your wrecks, they are ganking purely for the lulz.

Be careful what you wish for, bears.

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Fax mate

Be sure to click play 0/

Raznaborg Damavik wants to know your location.

Tell him that I am on blue ice today as there is a current market buy order requesting 8668 @ 165k per

The problem with CODE. is the extortion and scamming aspect of it. At least with NPCs you know what to expect. They follow rules.

CODE has this fake code of conduct, acting like a mafia demanding protection money for a “permit” that half of them don’t even honor. I work in insurance… I know how to read a contract that is designed to screw you over. CODE will extort you for money and then still blow you up whenever they feel like it and justify it with some loophole in their code. They are just plain old gankers with a built in scam.

The scam is the part that is a problem, and is the part that makes people want to quit the game. It almost wouldnt be a big deal if you could even remotely count on them to follow their own rules.

On a lot of CODE posts I see people jumping in about how code makes the game better by discouraging “boring play”… my answer to that is who are you to tell someone else what’s boring? Clearly the dude who has been mining in a minimized window while he does homework for the past year was enjoying himself until a bunch of con artists got together and decided to make him eat sand.

Post your lossmail, please.

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With Code. you have a choice to say no. The NPC’s are CCP. Take a look at the bounty changes that are coming in November. Can you say that you know what to expect for those changes?

The rest of your comment is way off topic and this thread didn’t have to be bumped as the Triglavian Invasions are changed as content is now different. This comment you make should be on it’s own post and I hope this thread gets closed as it is considered old news. (Note; Code had since been wardecced) so again please stop bumping with off topic personal agendas.

I will forgive you only if you reply with Code are Kittens and add sparkles for the underline.


Yeah, but…Kittens!

OMG so frigging adorable <3 <3 <3

You clearly havent read it

Enjoying himself doing something other than playing the game, so who cares if he gets popped?


Wars are for people who are afraid of CONCORD

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