CODE thread

Just wanted to say. For those I conversed with in that topic. While I may have an issue with how they do things (CODE). That is NO excuse for what I said to some of you. I would like to make this an apology rather than a continuation. I made a mistake and wrongly associated anger with some of you. That was wrong of me. And for that I apologize.

I’d like to thank Falcon for reminding me the world is not as ■■■■■■ as it may seem. Small tiny actions make a difference.

That’s all I have. :sun_with_face:


o7 :grinning:

it’s just a game, where everyone wants to blow ya up and hug you tightly at the same time. one big happy family of space nerds. o7 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


brothers? always scrapping? :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry if there was anything I had said that made you upset. o7


I can count on one hand the amount of times someone’s apologised on the forums for angry ship toasting.

While I missed the context for this I’ll say good on you mate.
That thread™ often gets heated and it’s good to see some self awareness.





For my part I am guilty of a little stirring in that thread, rest assured I have been given the witches warning for one of my posts; which has since been edited because I missed one of yours that I should have read properly due to its nature.


pretty much :slight_smile: you should see us when we meet up, all hugs and laughs :slight_smile: and many a crazy story to tell :joy:


Also beer, it flows copiously.

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We all probably got riled up a bit in the other thread.

While the community at first might haze you a bit when they see a silly loss and an accompanying post that claims they will quit eve because of it, usually we are still very happy to try and help and give advice. We will usually relay that advice a bit more gently, if you are welcoming to the advice and constructive criticism.

In the end, eve is just a game about space pixels. Items in eve are meant to be expendable. See losses as an opportunity to learn.

Fly safe out there o7



There are a lot of forum cockroaches and professional ‘tough guys’ and we may fundamentally disagree with each other but we can all care for each other. Hope my tweet wasn’t an overreach. I’m glad you’re sticking around. :slight_smile:


Apology accepted.

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What I know is that attitude can change a lot, but I would stay away from EVE for now if I would be you, game is not equal to game, there are differences… This kind of thing that was in previous thread was not because of nothing.

Psychic health is important and its better to not strain it too much.

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All the best OP. It takes a big person to reflect on things.

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A thread full of people that would never, ever, ever apologize for the stupid ■■■■ they spew in here on a daily basis graciously accepting the apology of the guy they just finished destroying.

Only in EVE.


EVE Online… One can love it and play with it, but one cannot hug it, kiss it or lick it. It will only cut and hurt when you do - it’s like a razorblade, it’s a thing of beauty and sharpness.

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True. To be fair. Im usually very in control. But given recent health issues with heavy metal poisoning and swelling in the head. I’ve had periods of behavioural issues. They creep up. But I was under the impression I was all better after lengthy detox and check up.

I lost my ■■■■ more than I should so clearly there is still some healing for me to do mentally. This does not absolve me of what I said to people though. I take full responsibility for that.

I’ll take a break and heal proper then give this another shot.


We can’t ever stop reflecting. Its how we progress. Some people reach old age having never learned a single lesson of value. Others burn through them so fast they become something else entirely. It’s all just stages really. It’s how we grow.

I spend enough time looking at what others do in life that it would be hypocritical of me to ignore that which I do. :slight_smile:

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