[META] CODE as a controversial topic

Let’s have a central thread, to avoid ruining all the others. And let’s add a twist to it, to keep it more interesting and lasting.

This thread is not about CODE, but about the overreactions about them. Inevitably shall we talk about CODE, otherwise it’d lack content. :slight_smile:

If someone could link the CODE please? i’m on mobile. Thank you!

What do you think about the people who publicly call themselves CODE agents? What do you think about their behaviour? Do you think that they do a good thing, or do you hate them for behaving pretentous¹, pompous² and righteous³?

Some of you might have fallen victim to them already. Did they gank your ship, and destroy your pod as well? Did you lose implants? Did you argue with them on the forums, or live in local? Does their spouting in local bother you?

Do you want to tell them what you have to say about them, when they publicly declare themselves as the Knights of the New Order, who follow the Sovereign Leader and Saviour of Highsec, James 315?

Is there a greater goal behind ganking mining ships and freighters? How do you think did it affect culture and society?

Did you ever donate them money?

Are you going to pay ten million isk for your mining permit, which is valid for a whole year (!) and also (!) guarantees everyone around you, that you are a responsible capsuleer who doesn’t go Away From his Killing? (remember: cheaters get caught!)

Are you tired of seeing people complain about them, insulting them, and using them for derailing perfectly fine threads? Would you wish for a more friendly environment, without people hatefully expressing their often completely irrational, “negative” feelings about them and or what they do?

Thank you!

¹ attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.

² affectedly grand, solemn, or self-important - “a pompous ass who pretends he knows everything”

³ morally right or justifiable.


The only group of players actively trying to save Eve through sheer selfless, endlessly helpful and brave heroism in the face of the large swamp of undesirable bots/botaspirants running rampant in our game.

Our Saviour is so amazing!!! What a shining star for the wayward souls to follow.


Dude, don’t even.

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They need a clown car they can all pile out of. I’ll keep the popcorn handy for the free salt distribution, but reality is its a clown show.


Try as you might to contain the tears, every thread is inevitably going to become a New Order thread. It comes with being the most relevant alliance in the game.


CODE. provides meaningful content in highsec. If you didn’t know this or don’t believe me, just look at how often they are mentioned both in-game and on social media. They supposedly one of the reasons that Eve Online is dying. There are entire groups of people that devote their sad existence in this game to see their destruction and end (AG is baaaaaaaaad).

A lot of the attitude or “toxicity” that some of you complain about is simply frustration that CCP has continued to cater to both casuals and a safer Eve Online. I don’t classify an agents behavior as harassment or unhealthy for the game.


I just wish there was a tool that enabled them as players to do something about the rampant afk skill farms


CODE shill thread.

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CODE? Meaningless self-importance.


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OP tried masquerading for awhile, but blew his cover :smiley:


OP is a known alt of Solecist Project, (in)famous ganker.

You’re probably right about the OP being Solecist, and thus it must be said that Solecist had little love for CODE.

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Perhaps not love for CODE, but certainly love for attention.

Anyone who looks at the Code for any length of time sees it for what it is: a player-created, content-generating construct that puts players on either side of an imaginary battle in a virtual universe video game. One side claims something in the game and the other the enemy, and the others have to decide to either submit and/or join, rebel and take the other side, or just ignore the whole thing and use the existing game mechanics to sidestep the conflict.

It isn’t controversial in the slightest. It’s literally the very game play the designers of Eve online intended to go on their virtual world. Players organizing and banding together to fight other players for player-inspired reasons. That’s Eve Online.

The only controversy comes from two camps: 1) those who don’t understand the nature of the game and think they should be immune to player conflict unless they consent, or those that bring their persona and moral code into the game and have a real visceral reaction to unbalanced or unexpected player conflict, or 2) those that react to the pompous (and completely intentional) role-play engaged in by CODE. when they are doing their we-own-highsec-and-you-will-play-by-our-rules thing.

The first group are the ones that shouldn’t be playing Eve online. They hate ganking, 'pk’ing, gate camping, AFK cloaking - basically anything that could make them feel disempowered or the loser of a competitive fight. Their fragile egos can’t accept that it is even possible to lose or that they are the ones usually responsible for a loss, and blame everyone and everything else when something bad happens, or just fall back as “the game isn’t fair”. They can’t internalize that this is just a pretend video game and attach real value to imaginary assets. They are also in minority I think.

The majority of Eve players when asked your questions will give an answer that they hate CODE., but think suicide ganking for profit is ok and a valid part of the game. Whether they are being truthful in every case is open for debate, but generally I think it true that many, if not most, Eve players are fine with the piratical act of ganking for profit even if they (wrongly) look down upon it as an easy or unworthy activity. Therefore, their hate of the Code is a direct reaction to the pretentious bluster and claims of ownership and control rather than a dislike of CODE. just being a highsec criminal organization. This is, of course, what James 315 intentionally set out to do - to play the role of super-villain and to annoy people and it seems he has succeeded admirably.

So you have to give CODE. credit for at least generating some emotion out of the pretty cynical and apathetic modern Eve player-base. Not that the almost 50T in assets destroyed should be minimized - that is a significant amount of economic stimulation and motivation for industrialists to play the game.


No permit = no ship

But I suppose losing hundreds of millions or a couple of billions is easier than to pay 10m and be actively flying your stuff amirite?

I don’t think any other entity has gotten so much hate both ingame and on social media (especially social media)…

And no other entities got me this many death threats and other threats in the 3 years I’ve been playing… hell, every other game I ever played in my life aren’t even close to being this bad when combined :joy:


Funny how you’re behaving like that, yet claim they are, when they actually have a significantly bigger impact on things than you do.

You guys crack me up. :smiley: And last I checked, Solstice was the ganker, but some people are just whoring for attention, while blaming others. :slight_smile:

@Black_Pedro: Thank you for linking The Code, but could you please shorten your post at least a tiny bit? :slight_smile:

CODE only haves an impact on a small part of the population of a cult videogame unknown to 99.9% of mankind.

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TL:DR: Most players hate CODE. “for behaving pretentous, pompous and righteous”, not because they are criminals. This is also what CODE., or at least James 315 set out to do.

The Code wins again I guess, like always.


Riddle me this, Batman …

Q: What do you call The Supreme Protector of Halaima and Saviour of Highsec in Australia ?

A: A wanker

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