CODE: From the Perspective of a Non-Miner

First, it was hard to classify this topic into a particular category. It could go in PvP, but the “victims” only like PvE. It could go into industrial, but the gankers aren’t much into industry, at least not as it relates to rocks. Maybe crime and punishment? The crime is illegal destruction of a ship in high sec, the punishment is the destruction of the offenders ship. No other crime is being committed though. So what exactly is CODE and where do they fit?

Well, their industry is syndicative in nature. They sell services to high-sec miners. What do they sell, you ask? According to The Code, a brilliantly hilarious, but deadly serious manifesto, CODE sells “Purpose, dignity, structure, order, guidance, leadership.” The price: 10 million isk. What does this get you? A permit to mine in High Sec for one year, subject to forfeit. Well…that is if you follow to the letter all of the rules that go along with your permit. (And even then, you are still at risk)

My favorite rule is: “Upon being suicide ganked, a miner should congratulate the ganker on his success. A “good fight” or “gf” in local is customary.”

I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that. If you haven’t read the entire manifesto, I encourage you to give it a whirl. Here is the link:

I don’t mine. I find it boring, but I do understand why miners might be upset by CODE. Personally, I think its absolutely brilliant and hilarious. It’s a horde of players that have found a way to extort “protection money” from players that just want to be left alone.

The problem with wanting to be left alone in Eve is that you can’t be left alone in Eve. It’s literally impossible. It’s a single server MMO, so you are never alone. Even if you are the only person in the system at the time. You are still not alone, because you are surrounded by more than 7,000 other systems, populated by 35,000 other people at any given moment.

To say you want to be left alone is to say to those other 35,000 people that you own the system, or the belt, or even the rock you are mining at that moment and that they are not aloud to interfere with you. Most of us completely ignore you and let you be, because we know you own nothing.

CODE has decided to give you what you want, only you have to pay them for the privilege. I think it’s funny as hell and it adds an awesome dynamic to an already deadly game.

Well played James 315. Well played…lol


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My cat does this, given her record of kills I’d hazard a guess that she’s vulture baiting; also the little bugger left a corpse in my shoe this morning.

As for the code, it’s a bit of basic common sense wrapped up in a deluge of pompous religiosity and overly flowery bad prose.


Thats what makes it so funny to read


James is dead, CODE is dead, CONCORD always wins.

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I’m glad to see you enjoyed, but I am afraid that some miners will try to trick you into thinking that the blog is “dead”. Check out the new blog:


I’m pretty sure if you do research you will find an area you can capitalize on. Just like the rest of EVE no one is everywhere, always.

Just don’t be an idiot.

Welcome to EVE. It’s a sandbox and people can play how they want. CODE likes to roleplay. Simple as that.

That is your massive error mate. Just go to Kamio and check who is ice mining there in at least 15 AFK Orca’s. I also know a number of other systems where CODE linked players multi-box mine out ice systems.

I stopped reading your garbage at that point because if you got that wrong, what value is the rest of it.

Its pish

God Bless CODE and thank you for keeping the bot Rattlesnakes down in Genesis.


So does CODE actually follow through on the protection part of a protection racket, or is it straight extortion?

No protection, no code, just a lame clump of weak PvPers looking for some way to pretend they’re doing something more significant in the game than picking completely safe targets to gank.

If one of their losers decides he wants to gank you, he’ll say your license check came back as invalid, whoops sorry. Or you broke a rule. Or you looked at him wrong.

Despite the fact that I have about as low an opinion of code trash as it’s possible to have, they are in fact playing by the rules, roleplaying when it suits them and just plain ganking when it doesn’t. They’re certainly no worse for the game than any number of other merc corps, wardec corps, farming corps, bot corps, or “farm null til the game dies” corps.

Kind of like a dead rotting skunk in the backyard, you just avoid them when you can, and if you can’t, just deal with the fact that the smell of having them near is gonna make you gag.


Wow, you did not hold back there. :slight_smile:

You should try to calm down.