CODE. is a bad thing

Some people think CODE. is a bad thing.

What do you think?

I think CODE, like anything that happens in highsec is irrelevant.


The New Order is, completely unironically, without a doubt and by all means, literally the last bastion of hope for those who prefer emergent, non-scripted, non-themeparky gameplay for the little guy and small corps alike.

  • In highsec you can’t get roflstomped by supers.
  • In highsec you aren’t living on islands full of (blue) friends, surrounded by mostly nothing.
  • In highsec you can’t just farm in almost perfect safety, the only thing keeping you from doing it being a single non-threatening name in local.
  • In highsec there is room and opportunity to be more than just the next worthless,
    farming renting trash/f1 button pusher.

While its impact is absolutely over-exaggerated both intentionally and unintentionally, it’s still literally the only place left to go if you want to actually enjoy the game in a way that’s going against the horrible, stupid mainstream.




Some people think botting and RMT in EVE should be allowed. There is a huge overlap between that group and those who dislike CODE.


CODE are largely opportunists, they prey in obvious areas, and they make carebrears cry. Truth is the largely go after low hanging fruit.

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CODE. and James 315 are the two best things that ever happened to EVE. Highsec is where the real game is played, the rest is irrelevant.


“CODE is the best thing since me.”
–Sliced Bread


I love what CODE as an organisation brings to EVE. I love that it gives new player corps stuff they can teach new players. I love that it brings emergence.

Now some clarification to avoid being insulted again: here my complete situation and where I come from so that some of you might understand my statements better.

I’m a Industrial player, I LOVE mining. I’m decidedly mine using a Hulk. I never AFK mine.
That would be kinda deadly and I don’t even know why people would even think why a sane ISK hunting miner would even consider flying a Hulk AFK …
I love flying a Hulk - its high risc, high reward decission.
I love when you get ganked and got away alive. I never once moaned when I lost one.
Thats why you take a big chunk of your increaded ISK revenue the Hulk gives you and invest it into several replacement hulks you jump into when you loose one. Thats part of the fun.

Now what I don’t like about CODE is what you get from some CODE guys when they are not within RPG. The stop afk mining, “you are dumb/stupid” allegations, the insults when they have NO idea who I am, why I’m even mainly mine. I never answer but that keeps getting to me each and every time and that makes CODE disappointing. Especially towards new players.
It gives them a completely wrong view of the whole EVE community. EVE players are not that elitist. Or maybe that has changed without me noticing it.
Sadly I lost a few players I tried to get into EVE. No not because of ganks … most even loved that, most joined for that. Sadly for a few this, lets call it elitist behavior, they questioned if a new player will ever be accepted into the EVE community.

I know that CODE can’t really police their players better but instead of driving new players away with insults and false allegations I would love if they keep doing what they do but instead of insulting and rubbing it in towards new players who don’t know better maybe to play nice. Chatting with them, giving hints what to do better and to clearly tell them: “Hey thats RPG we are doing. We bring action and content to the game. Situations where players can learn new mechanics and improve themselves.”
Alone the assumption that a new player HAS to know what CODE even is is … well let’s call it not very well thought of.

What personally riles me are allways the accusations that theres only the PVP way to play, that all high sec miners are dumb, that you are a bad player for deciding to even stay in high sec. Especially when you are with a few new players you try to get into eve and stuff like that is sprouted around.

I’m not a bitter player, I didn’t loose any ship in quite a long time. I was playing eve on and off since 2006. I saw HS LS and quite a bit of NS. Maybe thats why i know that generally CODE is a good thing for EVE if it weren’t for some “elitist” behaviors.

Sadly I’m living with a disablity which basically means to much stress could literally kill me.
So I do some small gank pvp whenever I’m really well but often have to stop playing eve just because of my health issues. I never complained once ingame about that because it has nothing to do with the game and I don’t expect to be handled in another way just because of that. I don’t mind dying. I don’t want changes to high sec to make it saver. I don’t want less ganks.

What makes me sad is that some players who sadly are often part of CODE keep harrassing (verbally) and insulting players like me who take the decission to do HS mining. Isn’t that part of what CCP proclaimes EVE to be. To be what you want to be, to do what you love? Why do I have to take insults and verbal harassment just because how I play EVE. Isn’t such a behavior short sighted and intolerant?
Sadly I don’t even have much choice what I can do in EVE. After every single PVP fleet I take part I can’t even play any game for several days. Just to much action ^^. I love PVP but well you take what you can handle. Sadly those insults get more to me than any death could ever do. I have enough money to replace ships for years, so shipkills are not that stressfull for me. Fast paced action thats what sadly kills me, literally.

What I would like is for CODE to go back on their real RPG elements. To keep doing what they do but to respect other players dessiccions how to play, not by not ganking but by not insulting or calling names, or by assuming someone is AFK playing eve just because he/she decided to mine in high sec.
Alone the statement that someone is AFK mining isn’t even RPG. We are all capsule players. A capsuleer can’t be AFK but maybe someone don’t even know what they are playing ingame.
If CODE wants to do that stuff better it should stop mixing RPG elements with RL issues which arn’t even proved.

Really bad it gets when some are even stating that someone is botting.
Since botting is forbidden even stating that a human is doing that would be an unproved accusation in an open public space. In some countries such a thing might be even illegal.
To include that into RPG makes absolutly no sense.
If someone assumes someone is botting they should report it to CCP. Public blaming and stating is harming the community since new players assumes the game is invested with bots and who wants to play such a game…

Well I hope I don’t get insulted again but well lets see if most players can get through their inhibitions and assumptions, can take a seat at the table, grab a beer and try to bring their opinions without insulting.

David aka Elasia Kilasuga


Really? You mean against you as a player or against the in-game mining profession? Do you have an example?

I like CODE. They are one of the few groups that make the game seem “alive” to me. They are, imo, non-npc pirates, travelling the pixel seas, laying waste to all around them.

I haven’t always liked witnessing their interactions, in game, because there have been situations that were extreme (to me), but that’s life…digital and real.

On the whole though, CODE. and it’s “agents”, and those like them, add a dimension, a verisimilitude, that enhances my experience of EVE in ways that kept me playing, initially, and keep me playing now.

In my opinion a game is only as good as it’s “bad guys” and CODE. are great “bad guys”.


they come around but they never come close to

I don’t take notes. But I’m reading the forum now since 2 days to get up 2 speed since it was a while while i was gone due to my medical condition. I’m back a month now and what I see while browsing the forum wants me to throw up, literally. I read insults left and right. New players get laughed at for legitimate questions. On technical questions CODE players sproud RPG where it has absolutly no place, where it’s obviosly misunderstood and totally wrongly placed. On the plus note I see Code players giving good tips and help too. But why the first? It’s not helpful. When CODE wants to improve the game and I clearly believe that that is what the intention is some stuff has to stop.


I still would like to have some examples of what you are talking about. The CODE. players I encountered where always extremely kind and helpful while the miners where generally extremely toxic and vile.


CODE is lie. If you getting shoot by them you simply play game wrong. For my 4 years career in EVE (3 years as miner) spend 95% of time in hisec I was ganked only once and only by leaving mi exhumer for few hours in space.

At least such topic keeps salt stream going.

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I clearly stated “some” CODE players.

I mine with a whole fleet in a new player coorporation with about 10-15 players. Maybe one or two react badly on a gank. The other 8-13 react like they should: "How can we improve? What did we do wrong? How can we protect ourselves? How should a protection detail be set up?

Alone the assumption that " ‘the’ miners where generally extremly toxic and vile."
That not what I see and generalisation on it is what makes it bad.
There are bad apples on all sides, thats something I think we can both totally agree on right?

But well if you really want some prove let me scroll through the threads here again and I’ll give you some examples in a PM on what IS really bad and counterproductive to improve EVE as a whole.
I can’t give you ingame examples. I’m not that petty that I open tickets or even save local on some of that stuff.

But from what I see CODE tries to improve EVE by bringing RPG into the MIX. But words like bots, AFK mining should NEVER even be mentioned. Thats out of character, unproven and has noting to do with RPG. And it’s especially hurtfull if its not even true. Those words don’t attack the ingame character but the player behind the screen with unproven allegations which often don’t even make any sense at all.

Edited for grammar, sorry about my bad english, I can’t play eve right now and are quite stuffed with medication. My sense to fetch errors is quite limited right now.


Well my mistake, the forum doesn’t have a PM function at least I can’t find any.
The forum isn’t the best place for such a table talk anyway. Maybe someone should open a discord server for that. You can’t really keep a good conversation in a forum.

If you want one example we could talk about lets use this thread:

No insults in this one (still searching for the one i read yesterday which was FULL of it).

In the above post you clearly see where more harm could have come to eve than help.
The player clearly didnt understood some things like cloaking, insta warp bookmarks and docking in general.
The first answer he got was a CODE RPG answer he clearly couldn’t understand, containing a treat without any explanation or help whatsoever.
A few players answered him, helped him to show what he didn’t understood, what he did wrong and how he could improve. In between a lot of more RPG, in this case we could even clearly state those as troll posts since it was clear at that point the the player didn’t even understood the RPG of the first CODE answer.
A lot of further explanation posts later the player showed what he learned. In between even one Code player who understood there might be better results to approach that topic with real helpfull answers.
The post got closed. Thankfully the player allready had his answers which helped him become a better EVE player.

So why the first unhelpfull CODE answer on that post to a player who just wanted some things to be clarified.

Another situation ingame I experienced a few days back.
A new player (not in my Corp this time) got can flipped and well he did what you propably assume. He got killed because he counterflipped.
That in itself was OK and even helpfull because the player got to learn from that because I described what he did wrong and how he should handle such situation. The point here is what the CODE player did:
He didn’t help the new player (in first mining frigate with fits, his sole money investment he had to that point in eve i later learned).
He called the new player a dumbass, literally baited him, laughed at the new player and went on his merrit live after stating the standard Code messages. No explanations, no help, no nothing.

Thats not what improves EVE. Thats behavior what destroyes eve. This new player wasn’t petty didn’t even complain in local. All he did was asking in local what happened. He clearly didn’t even understood what exactly happened. What he got for that was being insulted and laughed at.
I went to a convo with the player and set him up with cheap new mining ship and about an hour instructiuons into eve basics. Turned out it was quite a nice player who was playing since 2 days and was just learning the basics.

The gank was fine and helpfull, the reaction of this CODE player shamefull and I really hate even being in a Community with someone behaving like that to a new player.

But thats not what Code allways does!
Just to clearly state that here another example which I loved.

A Code player ganked a Retriever Pilot sitting in his for him proud first mining barge - you might guessed it, it wasn’t even fully fitted. No Tank no nothing. No sec stuff like prepositioning for warp out, you get the gist.
The Retriever player dies and while he did answer in local he didnt insult, he asked what he can do to prevent such ganks in the future. He was kinda bummed that he lost his first pretty expensive ship.
What he got from the CODE player in this case? Explanations in local what he did wrong. How he can improve. And even an invite to gank with him to learn how its done.

That helps EVE!

The OP clearly asked what we thought about CODE. So I hope these 2 examples show why I love but sadly why I hate CODE too and why some things they do clearly harm EVE instead of helping.


Yep my thoughts exactly. We need a highsec filter

What do you mean by highsec filter?