Resource Wars. Where is CODE?

As the new AI miners violate most of The Code - in fact the only points they don’t violate are related to communication, since they bot so hard that they don’t ever communicate with anyone or anything - when can we expect James 315 to address this issue? Helpless miners, many of whom bought indulgences, are powerless in face of these new robotic harvesters stripping belts with ruthless efficiency.

James 315, you wear the mantle of The Saviour of Highsec. Will you abandon your children in their darkest hour?


CODE are dying.

Monthly history is the important part…

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Both the FOB and the NPC miners in the belts are too strong for CODE to handle because they fight back, and that’s unfair.


Did you actually look at the monthly history or are you just posting a link you did not read? Your own alliance did 1/10 of the ISK damage we did this very month, so if CODE. is dying, how extremely dead is yours?

The Code is about players and not about NPC. We are not into that RP thing and could not care less if some NPC mines your belts.


More like The Problem Of EVE Online :ccpguard:

Which part? The part that shows as of now (November 22), CODE. has destroyed 1.41T this month which means the alliance is on pace to have one of its most destructive ever. It probably won’t be the record, but certainly will be among the best and probably highest total in about 2 years.

Dracvlad, I know you like to push this narrative for some reason, but you should probably do it when the data at least can be construed to support what you say. Like during the summer lull when all activity drops. That’s usually when people claim ‘Eve is dying’ so it would also be a good time to cry ’ CODE. is dying’ and have a downward trending line to point at. End of August would have been a perfect time this year. As of now, when you draw a trend line (extrapolating the rest of this month) you get this:


As for the OP, have you ever read the Code? Let me quote the opening paragraph:

There’s no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization. As Saviour of Highsec, I am the leader of the civilizing forces. Highsec miners may say they come for the ice and ore, but I give them what they really need: Purpose, dignity, structure, order, guidance, leadership. They ask what I am “saving” them from. I save the miners from themselves.

The purpose of the Code isn’t to “save” miners from inconsequential and easy-to-deal-with NPCs. It’s to save them from themselves and their worst inclinations. It’s to make them better Eve players, and better people in general. To challenge them and guide them, not to make their game easier.

I think you need to spend some more time reading the Code, and less time posting on these forums.


You are ISK tanking your killboard stats, how droll…

We are so dead we have dropped all our sov and our citadels have been blown up, go look and you will see it…

As Max Singularity VI, firstofhisname, spacepope (pbuh) points out - we are all engaged in RP just by playing EvE, sorry.

…and “your” belts, Ima? *tsk tsk *


Well it is quite easy to see, in terms of comparing 2017 to 2016 on the number of ganks, all but one month had a reduction compared to the previous year.

ISK value is meaningless in terms of the underlying reason that CODE exists which is miner ganking… You can see the impact when your freighter gankers are taking breaks. I repeat my comment, to me CODE is not especially in good health.

Sigh. Highsec is declining in population perhaps, but CODE. is trucking along as ever, with 80-100 PvP characters active each week according to zKill as it has been for as long as I can remember:


I know the CODE. alliance is one of the most relevant alliances in New Eden - the most relevant by far if you normalize by player number - and one of the few interesting things to talk about in this game, but do we really need another active thread about the Code? I think it would be nice for once if you talked about your nullsec adventures since people keep telling me that is somehow an important part of New Eden but I so rarely hear anything about that sector of space on these forums other than the odd whine about how it isn’t safe enough because someone can keep their name in local via AFK cloaking.

Actually, I find it a little worrying about that state of the game that all people want to talk about on these forums is the New Order of Highsec and the Code.


A substantial part of that is veiled CODE shill threads.

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Of course it is.


I am referring to the barge and exhumer numbers and their reducing hisec coverage, you may not have noticed it, but others have.

In terms of nullsec CAOD was muted a long time ago, and there are other forums and news sites that deal with nullsec and are full of content.

EDIT: AFK cloaky camping has a negative affect on newer players who operate in nullsec, old players with multiple options just laugh at it.

Are there? If something is dying it is the Eve blog-o-sphere and media sites. Crossing Zebras is a shadow of its former self barely producing any content, and while EveNews24 is trying to re-invent itself, it has devolved into irrelevance. The INN is going strong still, but almost every prominent Eve blogger of recent years has gone silent or near silent.

I pay attention to the Eve media and I couldn’t tell you much of anything about what is happening in nullsec between various groups with the last interesting thing being The Judge putting a stake through the heart of his alliance. No wait, I also know that FCON is or has fail-cascaded. Activity numbers show the game isn’t dying and I occasionally catch wind of one small group engaging in another meaningless consensual skirmish with another group, but certainly it seems that very little of relevance is happening out there and there seems to be no interest in discussing any of that supposedly important stuff on these forums.

It’s all CODE. this and Code that. That’s fine and all especially given the profound effect the Code has had on the capsuleers of New Eden, but for once I’d like someone to have a passionate discussion about something happening in nullsec. The closest to that is people complaining the Goons farm too much, which is pretty weak I have to say.

I don’t necessarily blame the players, but I am worried that the game has some serious problems with lethargy. CCP really needs to shake things up before everyone falls asleep.

No, you’re right, barge/exhumer kills are indeed down. But so are the number of highsec miners. Significantly. In fact highsec activity is down like 40% in the last two years making targets harder and harder to find.

Given that highsec miners can only be ganked if they exist, it is expected that these numbers will go down, and some gankers might switch to other classes of targets. I’ve spent many an evening wandering the backwaters of highsec looking for targets only to find empty systems and empty belts. I don’t mind though, I find it relaxing and take personal satisfaction in knowing that James 315’s precious asteroids are safe and untouched by non-compliant miners.

I guess you could even say such a decline is proof that the Code is reshaping the face of highsec and achieving the stated goal. Now, I think we don’t have the data to prove that, but when we reach full compliance highsec will every much look like the direction we are heading as there will be very few barges and exhumers in need of being ganked.


I suppose the logical deduction, is that nothing worth talking about is happening in NS.
I guess that too, is what you are driving at.

Exchanging with you is always fun, I rather enjoyed this post, in fact you made me laugh out loud.

Fraternity will shake up nullsec, their development in TQ is very interesting for the game as a whole, I think the AU TZ will soon be changed to the CH TZ based on the way they are going…

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I agree. Rarely have I read a post by Black Pedro that I cannot find truth in.
Truly a gentleman and one of the best contributors to this board we have.


I would agree with that totally.


Awww. Thanks guys. The feeling is mutual.

Since this is Eve though, there is a chance you are saying nice things just to throw me off my game. I’m still going to keep an eye on you two.



There is plenty of discussion.

It’s on Reddit though. CO2’s “Judgement Day” barely got a mention on here. Null was prett quiet until a few months ago. Now it’s kind of becoming a bloody free-for-all. But that sort of discussion on these forums died some time ago apparently.

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