Resource Wars. Where is CODE?

NPCs, better at Eve than what appears to be a fairly large percentage of highsec miners.


That may be the case.

But CODE mandate is against “bot-aspirants” and non-licensed mining of HS innocent rocks.
NPC pirates are the epitomy of bots, and they certainly wont be buying any mining licenses.


When Black Pedro said he monitors a wide spectrum of EVE media, I would assume that includes Reddit.

Sadly, we may be right.

While they could be considered to be bots as they’re software controlled, they are CCP sanctioned and there’s no denying the amusement factor of people losing expensive stuff to them.


A) I think its very hard to argue NPC pirates arent bots.
B) All entities in EVE, whether NPC or player, are sanctioned by CCP.
C) Good luck convincing an NPC to buy a CODE license.

To be fair there is some back and forth propaganda on Reddit, more than anywhere else for sure, but still not much and and it is rivalled in quantity by a steady dose of ‘Grr Code’, ‘Grr Wardecs’ and ‘Grr AFK cloaking’ threads. Mostly it is new players asking questions or people posting memes or links to videos. Actually, maybe some of the activity that used to be found on Eve blogs has moved to YouTube and I haven’t followed.

Regardless, the main point is that while at least highsec has Code and some other content generators inducing some emotions, there seems very little of consequence happening in nullsec to capture the imagination of the whole player base. Let’s hope all the rumours of war and false starts actually come to something and real war based on actual antipathy breaks out. It seems to me people are caring less about these invented faux skirmishes that change nothing about the universe and interest in the game is reflecting that.

I would agree with that assessment, and all it implies regarding the health of the game in NS.

I also agree its a crying shame that EVE blogging seems to have long passed its height.
Even the youtube content, which is largely footage of PvE, has lost its editorial element.

Twitch has some good content producers fortunately.
I regularly watch BjornBee, Zarvoxtoral and EVEScout.


I think that there needs to be a clear distinction between bot and NPC before continuing.

IMHO a bot represents an automated player; an NPC, by contrast, isn’t playing the game at all.

An NPC being part of the overall game design, a bot being a player character controlled by third party software via a game client.


I should probably spend more time consuming video content, but I find it a less natural to take in information, and also varies widely in quality.

Thanks for the names. I’ll check them out.


I find the difference immaterial.

Player based bots are as automated as NPCs automated by CCPs own internal systems.

That’s fair enough, I’m not saying that your opinion is wrong, nor that mine is not.

Either way, gankers vs any kind of npc is by definition PvE.


Those are three Twitch casters that are engaging, seriously committed to the game with three different focuses, and all engage with the community in the chat and ingame with players joining their projects.

BjornBee runs regular NS fleets as an accomplished FC.
Zarvoxtoral is largely a solo PvP player, but also occasionally runs interceptor fleets and other madness.
EVEScout, iirc, is the founder of Signal Cartel, and his stream is comfy as fk.

BjornBee is EU TMZ, Zarvoxtoral is AUS TMZ, and EVEScout is US TMZ.

I endorse each of these three Twitch streamers without any reservations. All three are fantastic at what they do in their own focus in EVE, and excellent entertainment for an EVE fan to watch in their downtime. I wish we had more of their caliber covering other areas of EVE.

Doapa, ofc, is a streamer beyond par whom covers major EVE conflicts when they occur, so we can watch them from the otherside of EVE or when offline from EVE to see the really big fights unfold.

I can only guess at the number of how many players these streamers alone have retained/attracted to this game, but its certainly in the hundreds atleast, probably in the thousands.


I’m not sure what you are looking for. It’s not like “grr Code” changes something about the universe either.

But we had a 4000 member alliance die to betrayal and split up among other null entities, FCON/Phoenix federated get evicted from their space and some pretty large fights between the GtG and DRF coallitions (as in supers being deployed in combat on both sides).

Jin’taan has some good informational videos about Null stuff. He’s a CSM member… and he has a pleasant voice so watching stuff from his channel isn’t hard work. Below is one of his vids.


By the way, what is actually the incentive to do Resource Wars? To laugh at CODE because catalyst cannot enter non-Gallente sites? The reward for doing it is pretty worthless.

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CODE crying about PvE content…PvE content that acts like PvP. This is better for everyone, yet OP is whinging about NPC’s? Dude, get a life

The OP is not serious, its a funny argument, using CODE’s own words, that asks them to “do something” about the “problem” of NPC miners.


Lol you guys are so ■■■■■■■ roleplay. You wrote a fictional code that you fly around highsec enforcing.

Thats cool and all, its just weird that you would deny it.


This right here


And Nullsec players own a virtual piece of ‘sov’ which they…fly around Nullsec enforcing. The Nullsec pilot and the Highsec pilot are both role-playing being a capsuleer in a fictional, virtual, and improbable, environment. As is every other player logged in to the client.

To that extent, we’re all role-playing our a***s off.

That’s cool and all; it’s just weird that the first poster doesn’t possess the ability to see it.


He was not serious. He was just role-playing a clueless blep