NPC's Gank more Miners than Code

Who are they again? Are they even hiring more members?

Long ago we use to see them in just about every system in Hisec and you would know if Code. had just been out at a belt by the amount of Concord ships on the belts.

It saddens me to see them die off as in the end they were doing a fine task at keeping our belts bot free and helping keep the prices at a level that makes it worth the effect to the industrialist to purchase our ore.

Who will step up and take on the slackness that this past week Code. seem to have left.

Orca’s afk out on ice belts with bellies full of ice no doubt.

Call out for Code. We need you? Where are you?

Answer your darn mail…(edit) answered via direct chat in game.


If you only sent a mail to James it may take a while as he is very busy being the Saviour of Highsec. Maybe you could forward it to others in the alliance so we can see what todays drama is about.


I had sent a mail to my licence issuer and also addressed to the system enforcer if you must know.

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Iceacid, I think it is time for you to invest in New Order shares.


Xeux, the fee I must pay is 100 million isk a week and this week is due.

I think it would be great to perhaps receive some shares, are you able to issue them then Xeux?

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If you’re getting ganked by:

:diamonds:NPCs, they may come from either NPC Mining Fleet Operations, or aggressive NPCs from an NPC Forward Operating Base that’s located within the system. Mining Fleet Operation NPCs will defend their Miners and Haulers. FOBs will actively seek out and aggress player ships on most celestials (gates, pocos, moons, belts, etc.).

Triglavians, you’re located in an Empire space system that’s either being invaded by Triglavians, or nearby such constellations. They’ll attack players who sit around too long.

Drifters, then you’re probably in a system with either an active and aggressed Unidentified Wormhole, Observatory, or other wormhole. These are fairly uncommon compared to the above two.

Faction Police, this may arise because 1) you’re transporting illegal goods, 2) your standing is sufficiently low to trigger police attacks, 3) you’re in a rival faction warfare system, 4) etc.

Concord, you’ve aggressed someone illegal (i.e. not a properly declared war or duel) while in a High security system.

They’re still around, just because you don’t personally see it doesn’t mean they’re not still active.

As much as that video was entertaining, it doesn’t offer not one iota of proof about how that Alliance is what it boasts out to be.

Please scrap that jagon on npc’s in your response as we all know if we were to include Concord into the mix the scale would be tilted even more towards NPC’s. (Yes, some Code. pilots secretly are living double lives and some even enjoy mining.)

Want real proof that Code. had been slacking? Read up on their website about “Kills of the Week” blog.
Is it really that slow over there in New Halaima? That the attention has been focused more on freighters than miners?

Then there is
I invite you to find Code on this page.

If those self proclaimed enforcers want to continue to push miners around with their mining licences for then how about they start enforcing their own members also to relearn that so called Halaima Code of Conduct!!!

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It doesn’t purport to be proof of anything. I don’t know why you would take it as such.

Then why link it? It shows that the Orca Pilot who was baited by one other and who also didn’t carry any deployable mobile micro jump units or didn’t use.

You mentioned Orcas mining Ice. So I linked a recent video showcasing CODE. killing such a thing. Why did you make that comment in the first place?

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The reason is that sort of one on one pvp is just as common with non code pilots and not really focused on what Code. does best. /did best…

I mean, yeah?

Turns out CODE. is a roleplaying corporation with actual humans on the other end. They can only dedicate as much time and effort into patrolling highsec belts of a video game as their lives allow them to do so. And sometimes they like variety in their gameplay and certain members enjoy engaging in different activities. Wow. Who knew?

Wow, that is so funny it hurts.

You’re free to join them and volunteer your time to make your claim true, you know.

Why join them when you can control them?

I don’t even understand what Frostpacker is trying to say.


Have you tried sending ISK instead of just demands?

All will soon be revealed.

as above

If you are trying to hire CODE as a merc group to take out your competition, they won’t do it. I’ve tried…

They might, if you were willing to get a catalyst and lead the charge.