Pirate activity in belts increased?

I am frustrated to the point of rage quitting forever.

For the past few months since I started playing eve again, I have been happily mining in HiSec.

I had worked my way up to an orca on my main and a procurer on my alt and was content. I don’t PvP, I don’t do any of the missions, I just wanted to mine.

I put up with the occasional Rat attack because it was worth it and I could weather them nicely.

But in the past week every belt I have jumped in to entire fleets have instantly appeared and wiped me out. Time and Time again!!! And it’s in seconds.

I have now lost everything to these repeated pack attacks and cannot afford a venture let alone another orca.

I would understand if these were occasional and random but this isn’t. This is malicious and calculated.

And it was literally every belt I go to. In any sector. I arrive at a belt and instantly 10 - 12 pirate ships warp in and kill me.

As you can imagine I have burnt through all the ISK I had made in previous months replacing my stuff in a week!

What has changed. Why are they always there? I am guessing others aren’t experiencing this or there would be an uproar. It’s literally to the point I cannot leave the station, so where is the fun in that?

Are those „pirate“ ships you are talking about NPC ships or players who are ganking you? What ship types are they flying? In which systems?

Sounds like there is a pirate FOB in your system https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Forward_Operating_Base

You can confirm by checking the agency - encounters tab - pirate strongholds.

They won’t leave the system they spawn in so you only need to mine next door until the FOB is destroyed or despawns.


Ah Feck! Yes there is a base in the system :frowning:

Look like I need a new home

They’re temporary and no system in highsec is immune. A number of people farm them for ISK so they’ usually don’t last long and they will despawn naturally and move to another system after a while if not destroyed.

Get in the habit of checking the agency - it will show any FOBs within several jumps and plan your mining accordingly.


Thanks for this just joined again and got two of my smaller warships blown up do to this. was totally unaware of this change. Been gone from the game to long I guess.

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