New Mining barge and gone

It took me at least four months to get something together with a orca. And I finally got one and I finally got it together besides a few major components in it. Still not really knowing why but seeing a little guy from his little 14 months ship as a brand new capsuleer. came over looked over and looked at me and then went back and later I had a whole fleet of serpentine as people not the people are randomly like the the Astro mining community that you’re always with them if you don’t bother them they don’t bother you. I couldn’t move I couldn’t even do anything. So here I am with the loss of a chance I’m not supposed to be able to get it because of people who are too lazy or too stood stupid to go and work as hard as I did to get where I was is there an easier to attack I mean sit mining person was not committing any crimes against them is costly being badgered and pestered by cruisers from serpentinis.
I don’t think it’s very fair but I know I’m going to get criticized about my post. Because I haven’t gotten a chance to really make it work for me. and I’ve been on this Eve online for more than 2 years. And I’m not a new guy. IMG_20200314_182931|375x500


Sounds like you were mining in a system with a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in the system.

FOBs can spawn in any system (excluding Newbie systems) in highsec and lowsec(?), destroying one of these are difficult to say the least, if not utilizing the correct tactics and as long as it’s present in the system there will be random roaming fleets. They will attack and destroy any ship they find.

You can identify them by looking at them on Overview or D-scan, they will have a :diamonds: (not red, but grey/white) in their name.


Mining can do significant damage to your brain. Why can’t you just take drugs like all the normal kids?

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Know the feeling, blew up an Orca in 5 minutes - End of mining for me.
Didnt know that the npcs in belt pop up since playing eve the last time.

Some with a capital freighter, blew it up flying in 0.4 for the first time.
Sold all capital freighters then.

New to eve or long time away, one gets bulldozered in this game.
Probably just a matter of time until some idiot here makes another stupid comment,
eve is the game where all idiots gather in, eve is an insulting idiot collective.


Usually one screws up a billion to find out how things work in the game,
then one can decide to go further down a certain path or not…Or leave the game.

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So…you were flying a freighter the first time you went into lowsec?..and - surprise! - it got blown up…and you call others idiots? …mmkk…


Id love to know where EvE is advertised as a game where you cannot lose.

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I blame the current fad of idle clicker games.


Next time, build an Orca that has defenses and can fight. If I can build one that can take out 4 triglavians and 3 serpentis at the same time, without ever having the shields drop below 70%, so can you.

FOB fleets are different than your average belt rats and triglavians. Not that I disagree that his Orca couldn’t have been fitted more defensively.


Why should I work hard to be without Orca? I got mine from some guy who used it as a jetcan.


That the same complained a buddy of mine that also plays EVE had.

He works his butt of ingame to be able to afford the stuff he wants. I make one scam, ransom, the isk I made from merc stuff, or whatever and I make all the work he did vs my time and effort null and void.

I told him I don’t think about making isk… I play EVE to have fun, making isk is just a fun bonus of the crap I do. :slight_smile:


it’s a destroyer that pulled up behind me as the Astro mining must of took one out because I seen and collected a serpentina frigate with owners icon and name but it’s uncalled for to make a war on me if there is not a declaration, I could not move and get out of there, they sent a spy and to kill me, I know this because I was seen that idiot too, it was in Bourgenes if I spelled that right. and they were red the whole armata and the one that was spy on me was white. I was only one jump away from my station,

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I agree

because drugs dont make moon missions, BUZZ

You can fit an Orca to defend from that, but it costs… Sorry for your loss… I’ve been there and know exactly how it feels… It sucks…

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Then why do you?

I still don’t understand what the OP is talking about other than losing an Orca.


Does he think Serpentis are players?

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