Why buy any ships to solo mine in?

I have an Orca. I can’t fly it without getting ganked. I have multiple Hulks on multiple accounts that I can’t fly; they will just get popped. “Hi Sec” is a meaningless term. You cannot play this game solo, even with multiple accounts. If you can, can someone tell me how? I don’t want to be rich; I just want to sit in a Hi Sec belt and mine in peace.
If you say I need to be a member of a Corp/Alliance, then you have War Decs to deal with. Can you play solo in this game anymore?
And no, I don’t want to AFK. I want to use my 3 accounts to do some well-choreographed mining in Hi Sec.
If someone can tell me where I am safe to mine, I will, for real, give them a mining barge.

Orca mining HS will not get you ganked if you know where to mine


High-sec PvP griefing is getting absolutely out of control. CCP needs to do something about it ASAP, or the few remaining players are going to leave, and they’ll have to shut down the server.


Tell me where in high sec a group of 3 with two hulks and an Orca or safe from being ganked? The percentage chance are lower in some places than others but I would argue if I mined 8 hours a day I would have at least one of my ships popped in 2 days.
I just don’t feel safe. Why should I invest my time to be on edge every time I undock and head for the belts?

This has turned into a rant against the current state of soloing in Eve. Not a game to solo a game to hang out with your friends and kill stuff.

Oh not the Hulks they are the magnet.
Uedama solo Orca Mining is where I last mined in Maggie!

@Dirt_Farmer That’s really unlucky. Or maybe not ?

Here’s my chuckle moment (sorry) while thinking about your post. Your orca died today in LOWSEC (Arton), not “Hi Sec”. Orcas, are rarely attacked in HS space if there is no wardec.
And a corp that has no structures cannot be wardec’d.

If you need any sort of help trying to figure out how to use the map data and other intel data to find a reasonably safe mining spot in HiSec space, safe enough to mine solo with a hulk, shout.

If you insist on mining near a major trade hub, then you can’t be helped …


Yes I did something very stupid today. I do not deny that. I also lost a Dominix at the same time. I spent more time watching’s videos and google how to be safe and all of my research turned up you are not.
I have 3 more orcas and many hulks I accumulated over the years.
I spend both time and money to have the best.

If you think I am bitter about the kill mail I just received I am not. That was actually fun. I deserved it and honestly had more fun than I should have.

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I don’t care about ISK I care about having fun. Getting popped in Hi Sec is not fun. Getting popped trying to take 2 jumps in Low Sec is pretty much guarantied and therefor planned for. I PVP (not really I suck) is low and Mine in Hi that is the meaning of Hi sec. High Security.
And I do apologize for taking time to mention this. It really does not matter to anyone other than me.

You need to have faith in a higher power.


Good !
There are more than a few low-traffic regions with huge hisec portions. and where known ganking outfits are rarely active (not enough traffic for them to make it worthwhile to move their operations). Those regions tend to be “not in the northern half” of the New Eden map. The names of the pirate corps active in hisec are very easy to find.

Logistics will only be a challenge if you desperately seek easy access to Jita :smiley:

I’ve mined in hisec solo in every type of mining ship and used porpoises and orcas, mostly solo, and quite often jetcan mining. I’ve never been ganked while mining solo in hisec in a decade. But I don’t afk, and I do follow the standard safety rules. After all, HiSec, for a nullsec pilot, is spooky space - too many weird rules :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I will give it a try. I have used some really backwater places myself and If I can afford to do stupid stuff don’t know why I should care about it going wrong.
Ty for your comments!


Do you have any quiet places you might recommend?

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NO “Hi Sec” Detected

i cant see other losses in HS with Hulks and Orcas … why do you lie and tells everybody you get ganked everywhere but the only losses out there are your losses in LS ? oO

never understand such Stu.pid ppl like you


I hear that places where people pay rent to go mining rarely have the sound of weapon fire. So those are very quiet. Time for a little adventure, Aiko

I agree. It’s so bad that I’m considering moving out to safer and far less populated places like NPC Nullsec for my 10 account mining operation. For example, I’ve never heard of any miners getting ganked in Curse. That’s where I am planning on moving my operation, and if anyone tries to stop me I have a button that will disconnect my modem so I can just petition the loss in a ticket to support.


But how will you get tritanium, eh ? Ever thought of that ? Trit must flow ! And HS pvp has its rights !!

Lol… I mine in Stacmon/Slays to annoy Eve Uni… Noones even yellow boxed my Orca xD

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Meaning there is a police force CONCORD to destroy the ship that attacks you in 0.5 space and above. It doesnt mean you are safe.


You are supposed to join PH, live in a blue bubble mining in nullsec and never have any future beyond your own slavery. Thats the intent of the issues you face. I agree with you but I also know what reality is.

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